Music Magazines Codes and Conventions


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Music Magazines Codes and Conventions

  2. 2. Biggest boldest text Self promotion Blur background enhances image Neat sell lines Very simple layout ‘free’ -Only bright colour – attracts attention Eye contactpersonal – uses and grat No barcode because free Classy font
  3. 3. Shows it is a monthly issue Large image taking up 2/3 page – main feature of mag Very simplistic subtle Fun image – intriguing Minimal text – same font Chronological order Small title of mag in bottom corner
  4. 4. First letter of title in different font and size Pull quote in centre of article – gives theme of article and attracts reader – same colour as larger first letter Unusual font interesting Blue toned images Collage of images unusual All different sizes – neat but imperfect Blue/grey colour scheme
  5. 5. Colour scheme yellow black white Date/price Encourages purchase – limited Overlapping well known mag Dark/bold – stands out – main feature Direct quote encourages purchase – insight into article Neat/orderly Several sell lines to encourage purchase
  6. 6. Helps readers easily find favourite band Large bold title – advertising article Self promotion. “save over £45” – great deal – advertised in yellow – grabs attention Shows mag is published weekly Subheadings make mag easy to navigate Arrow encourages reader to turn page and read more – advertises page in mag
  7. 7. Very simple and neat Pull quote Eye contact – makes article feel personal – uses and grat Insight into article conten ts Drop cap –makes it clear where article begins Black and white - indie
  8. 8. Good valueencourages purchase Overlapping – don’t need to see whole title to know name Plain blurred background “Exclusively”make audience think mojo have upper hand Cover more crowded than the other mags I looked at Sophisticated photo – all black Peach black and white colour scheme Highlighted sell lines – stand out
  9. 9. Title of mag at top Orange text grabs attention – attention drawn to titles Very neat and layed out well 2 images suggest they are the 2 main articles Insight into article Orange/grey/black colour scheme Plain font
  10. 10. What article is about “be there now” in gold – stands out more Pull quote Text and image blend neatly Very large/bold first letter Neat layout of text Dark – white writing stands out Concert picture – personal as if you were there
  11. 11. Older target audience Overlapping – well known mag Black and white image on plain bg – image stand out ‘BEATLES’ largest font besides title – iconic well known band Very simple Eye contact – uses and grat Pull quote – snippet of article encourages purchase – wanting to read more Only gold on cover – stand out Red white black colour scheme
  12. 12. Issue numbershows how long mag has been running “NOW!”demanding but also intriguing Neat and orderly text Q’s colour scheme (red) present on contents page also Pictures have red page numers on them – advertising articles with pictures not words Minimal text Very visual
  13. 13. minimalisti c 50% picture 50% text No title just her name Very sexual image. Eye contact – person al – uses grat B+W Classy The Large red “L” attracts most attentio n – red house theme Black white red colour scheme Neat layout of text collums Very small logo
  14. 14. Simple layout Only cover with proper background Eye contact – uses and grat Largest font – most important Logo in centre of cover Neat sell line list No specific colour scheme Action shot – personal- as if you were there Very bright and loud
  15. 15. Issue number and magazine title Page number and title in bold and slight insight into each article White text stands out on darker bg Pull quote intriquing Dressed very classy Black and white image – smart and sophisticate d Very plain and simple layout
  16. 16. Text and image separate Mainly image – 2/3 of page Very dark Action shot – eye contac t– uses and grat Name of musician being intervie wed Basic Insight into article Neat columns Black and white – vintage interesting classy