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Feldman Guidance re: Impediments To Fair Housing Somerville, MA


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Feldman, director of the Community Access Project, Somerville was asked to provide guidance to the City of Somerville, which needed to update the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing ("AI). Feldman has been regularly encouraging the City of Somerville, since 2006, to meaningfully include the largest low-income minority- persons with disAbilities.

(the writer's guidance is in blue; the City's questions are in black.)

Then the City of Somerville staffer did not incorporate this guidance- which represents hours of volunteer labor by an engaged citizen! Instead, he used the City's prior boilerplate, which ignorantly assumes that people with disAbilities either require supportive housing; or, are perfectly fine being only channeled to live in "elderly/disabled public housing units, should one become available.

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