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  1. 1. C L Happiness Cycle C L
  2. 2. get involved at Patient Pathway Treatment session for a dialysis user in Wigan Renal Unit WRU Stage 1: Arriving at the unit, procedures prior to entering the treatment area. help design the best Stage 2: Entering the treatment area, and receiving their dialysis treatment. possible care experience Stage 3: Post treatment experience, waiting for transport. When their bed and “When patients arrive early, we feel “The beds, are machine is ready they under pressure, we try to do our the most are called through to the best; but sometimes it feels not uncomfortable thing renal unit, when they good enough,it can be upsetting” you can imagine” The patient sits in the enter they wash their waiting area by the hands. They go straight Senior staff nurse dialysis patient main entrance and to the ward. waits to be called through to the renal They are then on unit. They take any books The patient then dialysis for their required Some of them enter or dvd’s from the receives their routine amount of time. During the building through As they enter the “library” they may checks and tests and They go through this time they can read, the main door ward they are want for during their they are linked up to their goals with watch TV, listen to “Entrance B” weighed so their treatment session. their dialysis machine by the consultant music. Sometimes, they target weight can be a nurse do quizzes, or bingo calculated etc.. The dialysisers arrive at Boston House for their treatment session via hospital transport or on their own accord. Start Patients who have difficulty walking go through a side door, which is opened via an intercom system. This entrance takes them directly into the renal unit corridor. Finish They sit down if there is a free seat and wait in After their required The patient washes the corridor/waiting area amount of time their hands as they are to be called through to they are taken off now within the Renal the ward by a nurse. their machine by a Unit. The weighed again nurse. to see if they have If the patient has lost their excess “If we could go on the machines responded well to their fluid straight away it would be ok” treatment, they leave the renal unit and wait in the dialysis patient waiting are by the main door for transport, or leave themselves straight away.