Rl listing-presentation powerpoint 5-27-11


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Why you would want to list your home with a Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate Professional

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Rl listing-presentation powerpoint 5-27-11

  1. 1. A Global Network of <br />Real Estate Professionals<br />Real Living is a full-service, international real estate franchise company with a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at helping brokers, agents and their clients successfully navigate through the home buying and selling processes.<br />Since its founding more than half a century ago, Real Living has maintained a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the real estate industry. <br />In 2009, Real Living was purchased byBrookfield Residential Property Services. They merged GMAC Real Estate under the Real Living brand and now represent more than 400 offices throughout the United States and Internationally.<br />Real Living<br />10,000 Sales Professionals<br />$15 Billion Annual Sales Volume<br />Brookfield RPS<br />1,200 Employees Worldwide<br />$32 Billion Real Estate Enterprise<br />
  2. 2. The History of<br />Real Living Real Estate<br />Real Living Lifestyles <br />Joins Real Living<br />2011<br />
  3. 3. San Diego Office Locations<br />Carlsbad Village<br />Address: 355 Carlsbad Village Drive<br />Carlsbad, CA 92008<br />Carlsbad Faire<br />Address: 300 Carlsbad Village Drive <br />Carlsbad, CA 92008<br />Carmel Valley / La Jolla<br />Address: 11155 East Ocean Air Dr.<br />San Diego, CA 92130<br />Escondido<br />Address: 100 South Escondido Blvd.<br />Escondido, CA. 92025<br />Fairbanks Ranch / Rancho Santa Fe<br />Address: 16236 San Dieguito Road, Bldg. 4<br />Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067<br />La Costa / Encinitas<br />Address: 1905 Calle Barcelona, Suite 230<br />Carlsbad, CA 92009<br />Rancho Bernardo<br />Address: 16789 Bernardo Center Drive<br />San Diego CA 92128<br />Solana Beach / Del Mar<br />Address: 125 Lomas Santa Fe Dr.<br />Solana Beach, CA 92075<br />
  4. 4. International and Luxury <br />Real Estate Services<br />The key to high end and global real estate marketsis having the right connections.<br />Elegant Homes by Real Living represents an international network of top agents and Brookfield Global Relocation Services is the leader in worldwide relocation management.<br />Now members of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, Real Living Lifestyles is a part of the most comprehensive luxury real estate network in the world. <br />
  5. 5. Premier Service®<br />Delivers Satisfaction <br />The Premier Service Promise<br /><ul><li>Listen to your needs. I will deliver a service experience based on your needs and desires.
  6. 6. Establish clear expectations.I will explain the roles I play and how we will work together.
  7. 7. Commit to a plan. I will design a plan to deliver on those expectations.
  8. 8. Perform the service.I will deliver on my commitment.
  9. 9. Solicit your feedback. You will be asked to complete a survey which will be used to measure and evaluate my performance.</li></li></ul><li>96% National Satisfaction Rating<br />Thousands of completed surveys say our customers value our service. 96% of them say they are satisfied or very satisfied with our services, and 94% would refer us to a friend.<br />Through the annual National Association of Realtors Profile of Buyers and Sellers we are able to compare ourselves against a national average.<br />Our rating is far above the industry satisfaction rating. While the NAR survey does employ slightly different language, the results speak for themselves.<br />
  10. 10. Integrated Real Estate Services<br />To sell your home, you need more than ads and signs.  Real Living Lifestyles supports our real estate agents with advanced sales and marketing tools.  <br />We guide clients through a smooth and professional sales process, using the best resources in the industry to sell homes quickly and for the best price.<br />Our highly trained, licensed Realtor®’s will…<br /><ul><li>Provide an accurate estimate of what your home is currently worth
  11. 11. Listen to your unique needs and set realistic sales goals
  12. 12. Prepare your home to sell with value-based home staging
  13. 13. Showcase your home with professional photography and videos
  14. 14. Produce high end marketing material for online and offline advertising
  15. 15. Expose your home to millions of potential buyers
  16. 16. Qualify interested buyers, take offers and provide objective advice
  17. 17. Negotiate for the highest sales price and the most favorable terms
  18. 18. Lead the transaction process efficiently and ethically
  19. 19. Be available to answer any of your questions and offer you the counsel you need</li></li></ul><li>Pricing your Home to Sell<br />Listing your home at the right price is crucial to its eventual sale. <br />If you want to sell quickly, your asking price should be very near the value.<br />If your home is listed at a price that is above market value, you will miss out on prospective buyers who would otherwise be prime candidates to purchase your home. If you list at a price that is below market value, you will ultimately sell for a price that is not the optimum value for your home.<br />By pricing your property at market value, you expose it to a much greater percentage of prospective buyers. This increases your chances for a sale while ensuring a final sale price that properly reflects the market value of your home.  Generally, the price should not exceed the value by more than 5% or potential buyers may not even make offers.<br />Here are a few things to keep in mind about pricing:<br /><ul><li>Realistic pricing will achieve maximum price in a reasonable time.
  20. 20. Your cost or profit desire is irrelevant; the market determines the price.
  21. 21. The cost of improvements are almost always more than the added value.
  22. 22. Houses that remain on the market for a long time do not get shown.
  23. 23. A house that is priced right from the beginning achieves the highest proceeds.</li></li></ul><li>The Pricing Factors<br />Price is Influenced by Several Factors<br />Location<br /><ul><li>Proximity to area amenities, schools and destinations
  24. 24. Access to major highways and public transportation</li></ul>Property Condition<br /><ul><li>Structural and mechanical systems
  25. 25. Curb appeal and décor
  26. 26. Staging for sale</li></ul>Market Condition<br /><ul><li>Interest rates and financing options
  27. 27. Competition from other homes
  28. 28. Economy and consumer confidence</li></li></ul><li>Sell your Home at the Right Time<br />Interest in your home is highest during the first few<br />weeks it is on the market.<br />A property attracts the most attention, excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed on the market.<br />Improper pricing at the initial listing misses out on this peak interest period and may result in your property languishing on the market. This may lead to a below market value sale price, or, even worse, no sale at all.<br />Timing the Sale of  Your Home<br />
  29. 29. Reach more buyers with <br />better marketing<br />Information Sources Used by Buyers of Previously Owned Homes<br />Composition of Home Buyers<br />Median Age – 39 years<br />Median Household Income – $73,100 <br />
  30. 30. Our Marketing Strategy<br />The world is constantly moving and changing.  And, when it comes to how people communicate, that is especially true.<br />That’s why Real Living Lifestyles uses 360˚ Marketing, a dynamic program that gives properties incredible exposure over a wide variety of popular media.<br />The strategy involves creating a high quality message about each property and professionally presenting it to millions of buyers through their preferred media.<br />360˚ Marketing uses an integrated mix of Print, Digital and Active marketing solutions.<br />
  31. 31. 30 Day Marketing Calendar<br />Homes generate the most interest when they are first listed for sale, so we hit the ground running.  Within days your agent will produce property photos and tours, design marketing material and write engaging ads about your home.<br />Effective marketing campaigns follow a calendar of planned activities.<br />In this Sample of a 30 Day Marketing Plan, you can see how we efficiently share the news about your home being for sale in a multi-media campaign.<br />
  32. 32. Real Media Productions<br />Today’s homeowners overwhelmingly report that photos and videos are the most important features they use when searching for a home. Together, they can increase the perceived value of a property by nearly 20%.<br />Real Living Lifestyles is the only real estate brokerage in California with our own multimedia production company and local green screen studio. Our team of videographers supports agents with everything from professional photography to full motion video.<br />We use video to make your virtual tours stand out from the competition and attract more attention from home buyers on the top 5 video sharing sites.<br />
  33. 33. A real presence online<br />Real Living Lifestyles websites are cutting edge. With a global reach and hyperlocal focus, our internet presence uses an advanced online marketing strategy to showcase your home to buyers actively searching for similar properties.<br />Local site: RLLifestyles.com<br />National site: RealLiving.com<br />+ tens of thousands of broker sites throughout the world<br />
  34. 34. /RLLIFESTYLES<br />Harness the Power of Social Media with Real Living Lifestyles. From keyword rich blog posts to high impact tours on YouTube, our agents know how to use social networking sites to drive more traffic to your home.<br />
  35. 35. Better Information, better buyers<br />Hyper local, <br />real-time data on every community in San Diego<br />Buyers make more educated purchase decisions when they are given better information about the local market <br />
  36. 36. Complete Listing Syndication<br />Real Living Lifestyles uses a strategic internet marketing campaign and the latest real estate technology to place your home at the fingertips of millions of potential buyers. <br />Our listings are syndicated to tens of thousands of websites, optimized for search engines and regularly refreshed with new photos and engaging headlines.<br />
  37. 37. LISTING REPORTS<br />Track listing syndication withdetailed reports and live updates on your home’s online exposure.<br />
  38. 38. Reach Buyers on-the-go<br />Homebuyers use mobile phones to search for properties, watch home and neighborhood tours, and locate open houses. Real Living Lifestyles optimizes every one of our listings so that buyers can find your home from their smart phone. <br />We use a combination of mobile property websites, instant text message responses and Quick Response (QR) codes to reach buyers on-the-go. <br />
  39. 39. Open Houses<br />Before buyers purchase a home, they need to walk through it and picture themselves living in it. National surveys show that roughly 50 percent of buyers used Open Houses as a source in locating their new home. <br />I will work with you through the process of preparing your home for the event. I will promote your open house online, in print and through personal networking.<br />
  40. 40. Print Marketing<br />Print is NOT dead…but it is different.  Using print media well in 2011 is about high quality material going to highly targeted prospects.  <br />That can mean running a beautiful ad in a niche publication or distributing Property Brochures with stunning photography and key property features to select buyers.<br />
  41. 41. Email Marketing <br />Everything Electronic: <br />eCards,eNewsletters, eMails<br />
  42. 42. Direct mail marketing<br />Custom postcards and letters sent directly to the hands of neighbors, key prospects and real estate agents…with a Twist.<br />Real Living Lifestyles uses technology to make traditional mail marketing more impactful and generate greater response.<br /><ul><li>Quick Response (QR) codes that open property websites and videos
  43. 43. Geo-Mapping technology with trackable response codes
  44. 44. Personalized messages to target high prospect buyers</li>