volume, lines,space etc


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volume, lines,space etc

  1. 1. I think form and volume when I look at this sink.. The design evokes a terrific sense of volume.. There is also a bit of a sense of shape as well.. Shape plays quite a major part in the design. Of course the materials used also play a part in bringing out this effect..The 2 following images also bring out form…
  2. 2. These2 pictures are echoing the previous one..again there is a great sense of volume and the shape plays a part.
  3. 3. Somehow there is a feeling of space in this picture. I think what creates that effect is the colors that are used mainly and the reflections.. The white steps reflect on the lime wall…there is also an element of transparency which enhances the feel of a lot of space ..
  4. 4. The line in this shelf is what attracted me to it…The designer makes use of curvy lines, creating a rather a shape with a rather organic feel.. It has a bit of a dramatic effect because the very top has a traditional shelf look. then suddenly there is this really, very curvy line. and the circle at the bottom is also not traditional in that you would usually see a rectangle or square.. The self’s shape could actually be described as a figure of 8 from one angle. very effective use of line and shape..
  5. 5. I like this picture particularly because the designs show more than one concept. The first thing I thought when I looked at it was line because of the length of the buildings.. then I thought no…its form..especially when I looked at the buildings on the far right..Then again there is an element of shape that comes into play…main one is line though..followed very closely by volume..
  6. 6. This is irrevocably volume…there is a definite sense of volume as you look at it.. You can almost ‘feel’ the way its so round n curvy..there is also a sense of shape.organic shape..
  7. 7. I think shape is what is most outstanding in this picture..line also plays a small part..the shape is curvy..actualy almost ‘angly-curvy’ because the curve goes so sharp as to almost become an angle..The base of the recliner dominates the picture because the line it has is so dramatic..
  8. 8. I like! Interesting shelf… There is a sense of volume that jumps out because of the ‘bulge’ near the bottom..then again shape is so striking because the rectangular shape is repeated so many times..in a way that makes the line in the picture jump out at yout..Nice mixture of organic and geometric shape and line..
  9. 9. Curvy lines are used in this picture to in a fascinating way that creates volume..and shape..
  10. 10. I think shape when I look at this picture..The shape of the bed contrast nicely with the shape of the bed stands…One could also argue that its volume but I think it’s the shape and the material used that creates a sense of volume..rectangular volume…
  11. 11. Definitely shape here…albeit interesting shape.. Its straight then curved..the curves definitely stivk out more tham the straight bits..I would say its organic shape..
  12. 12. I would say shape and volume for this one…Maily shae though..It’s a chair and this is the back of it..but it feels as though it’s a “full frog” The shape creates a false sense of volume..
  13. 13. I think its space for this one..its what strikes me the most..There is jus the feeling of space..I suppose the colour chosen for the walls contributes…and the positioning and size of the furniture in the room..
  14. 14. Volume is what strikes me most in this picture.. The shape and the lines in it are what creates such a sense of volume..the way the lines are straight at some point then curve just a little bit create such a sense of volume because it feels as though the shape actually has a curve when in actual fact its comprised of straight lines..
  15. 16. Charming house by the sea-side…Its obviously shape for this one..The designer used an interesting mixture of angles and curves, straight lines and curved lines to create an unusual shape for the house..I would say its mainly organic lines..
  16. 17. This is the insid of a “rolling” house..Ther is a definite sense of volume…it feels so round..definitetly not full though..but its not exactly dispresing space either..The shapes inside ‘break’ the monotony of the feeling of such ‘roundness..’
  17. 18. A sense of space is created in each of the pictures.. Empty space…There is is nothing for miles…The mountains are also in the background..Im sure the colours and tone used for the different elements of the picture contribute. The use of generally neutral, muted (in tone) colours for the background serve to make;for the example the mountains look far away and then the tone of the white on the dwelling structure is a bit bright and makes it stick out..all this heightening the ‘space’ effect..
  18. 19. The shape of the building is intriguing. It is organics.. and it is comprised of curvy lines with rather sharp points at times.. The feeling of space-empty space is very present around the shape of the building. The effect is reminiscent of tents in a bit of a desolate place…
  19. 20. Empty space again…this time its created by how the two subjects in the picture relate to each other…The ocean and the sky…they are so far apart…and the colour in the picture is so neutral so again the choice of colours and their tone affect the overall effect of empty space..
  20. 21. A sense of volume is created by the wooden jars in the fore front..you can realy feel the roundness..this effect is caused by the cylinrical shape of the jars mainly..