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Crotcheting project


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Crotcheting project

  1. 1. Crotcheting project
  2. 2. Meet the subjects..
  3. 3. In situ:
  4. 4. Side view, back view:
  5. 5. I decided to crotchet coverings for small teddies and stuffed toys. Ilike all things small and cute and there has always been at least onesmall stuffed toy next to my bed for as long as I can remember. I wasnot very enthusiastic about the project so I needed some motivation toget myself working. Crocheting covers for something I liked seemed toprovide a solution. I also wanted to do something a little unconventionaland unexpected, something that would hopefully put a smile on a fewfaces. I was not very excited about this project because I did not even knowhow to crotchet let alone crotchet a cover for something. I really hopedthe project would be canceled or something but after waiting a whileand seeing that there might be no way out of this I decided to make aplan. Seeing as I am not very good at waiting around for people to teachme how to do things; I decided to buy a crotchet needle and some wool,get my hands working and take it from there. My first efforts werepure frustration, I almost gave up but I was more scared of the thoughtof getting a 0 for this project so I decided to stick it out and was verysuccessful fortunately. My other challenge was that I was too slow tomake anything substantial, so I resolved to give the project as muchtime as possible. I managed to finish on time and I actually ended upunable to stop crocheting for a while. I can actually honestly say Iended up enjoying the project and thank you Mark, for the opportunityto learn something new.
  6. 6. Thank you