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  1. 1. <ul><li>COLOR PRESENTATION </li></ul>
  2. 2. This flower has a really vibrant pint pink…Its very hot shade of looks almost red..Interestingly it looks as though the yellow center of the flower makes the pink in the middle look more red..the striking little lines of white (the veins) also contribute to this effect.. Then when converted to black and white you can see more clearly how the color is more vibrant in the middle..then it fades towards the edges of the can see the differing shades more clearly..
  3. 3. Beautiful picture…The blend of solid colors and reflective ones creates a striking contrast..The sunset’s reflection in the clouds and in the water looks more striking because of the areas of solid black..The orangish red and pink looks more vibrant next to the black and again the black in the picture stands out more becase of the brighter colours.. Fittingly thecolours in the fore of the picture are niether dark nor vibrant…balances the scene beautifuly in harmony with the time of day..
  4. 4. <ul><li>There is an interesting mixture of soft and vibrant shades of colors in this picture..The most vibrant color being the green of the hill and yet its not a “hot” color, it just has a really vibrant tone when compared to the soft shade of the blue in the clouds..The slight mixture of white and blue in this picture serves a s a striking contrast to the strong color of dirt and the fields.. </li></ul>
  5. 5. I wanted to compare the pink against two different backgrounds. It looks brighter somehow against the red.. It has a purplish tinge.. When against the blue it looks hotter and brighter.
  6. 6. Black and white.. Not actually considered colors. they make a striking contrast when put together because they are so opposite.. and this case is no exception. I picked this picture because it draws 2 opposite together to create a startling and yet harmonious contrast..
  7. 7. Most of the colors in this picture are warm or hot.. This enhances the scene’s attraction…the tree trunks have a dull color as compared to everything else.. the road also has a rather cold color and this serves to create a striking contrast with the vibrant oranges and reds of the leaves
  8. 8. This is some sort of color spiral and its attractive because of the vibrancy of the colors but it sort of repulses one because the colors are all very vibrant whether they are cold or hot colors. there is no harmony of tone at all.
  9. 9. There is a very pleasing balance of color to this picture. its easy on the eye somehow.. Mainly cold colors are used in varying tones and hues that blend to produce a pleasing effect.
  10. 10. Red and green always have a pleasing effect when put together..In this case the focal point is the only full leaf that is shown..Its dominant color is a very vibrant red with a little bit of green in the middle which makes the red look rather orangish when compared to the red on the leaves that have more green..
  11. 11. Its interesting to note the effects of different colors on each other and the same colors in black and white.. Take the pink in the blue for example.. it looks hotter than the pink with the red triangle in it.. And in grayscale you can see the different tones more clearly..
  12. 12. The number of vibrant colors on one bird drew my eye.. There are so many vibrant colors.. whether warm or cold.. its unusual to see this many bright colors on one bird.. somehow the whole picture is pleasing to the eye though despite the number of bright colors.. I think this is because of the “colors of the water” around the bird.. The areas of solid green and effective green do the trick..
  13. 13. <ul><li>Effect of the color on the appearance of the shoe’s design </li></ul>I love shoes so this caught my attention…I like how the similarity of the style unifies the shoes and makes them a pair and how the different colors give each shoe some individuality..The use of neutral colors and vibrant ones has a nice effect..The blue on the shoe to the left stands out more because its against a neutral color..The blue wouldn’t look as brilliant if it was against the pink for example…the same goes for the pink and white..
  14. 14. Nothing like brillant colors in nature to make one appreciate color…The brilliance of the reds and orange in this picture is realy quite eye catching..The color reflecting in the water enhances the picture and the color of sky that is reflecting in the water provides a nice break from the hot colors..The green and red leaves of the trees complement each other as well..
  15. 15. Bit of a boring picture at first..I picked it because I was curious a s to why it looks so boring.. After analyzing a bit one can come to appreciate how the bright , almost sparkling white-blue color of the river makes the brown color of the soil look more dull and drab and more like a dirty brown color.. And the opposite is also true..if the river was surrounded by brilliant colors it probably wouldn’t stick out as much ..
  16. 16. The amount of pink in this picture makes it rater boring…the use of colors is almost totally monochrome..You only notice after a while that the tone of pink used on the right of the picture is softer and cooler when compared to that on the right but the fact that its mainly pink begins to make it boring to look at..
  17. 17. This is more or less self-explanatory..Somehow when something or some color is against a cool background its easier to reda o to see.. I suppose this is because cool colors tend to be easier on the eye than hot colors..
  18. 18. Its interesting to note the difference in tone and the color contrasts in this picture..The pepper has a very hot red color and the cool green of the apples increases this..The apples look greener..its interesting to note that the apples closest to the red pepper don’t have as much yellowish tinge that the apples far from the pepper seem to have..
  19. 19. The combination of hot and cold with colors with a vibrant tone are what drew me to this and blue sort of blend because they are both bright colors and the warmer orange serves to brighten up the picture..
  20. 20. The vibrant colors here drew my attention..they are almost all cold colors but the infusion of a bit of yellow, the varying clarity and tones make the picture interesting to me..
  21. 21. I like how color in this particular picture really differentiates between young and old skin..  The mother’s coloring has a tinge of red which is made more evident by the fact that its next to the little boy whose skin has very little red and has a clearer color..
  22. 22. END…