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  1. 1. Sun Microsystems, Inc. Recommendations Posted on Linked In Sorted by Reporting or Organizational Structure
  2. 2. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Direct Managers Mark Ellinger, Sales Director, Sun Microsystems “While at Sun Microsystems I hired Eileen to become our Region Executive assistant. Eileen quickly became the single "go to" person both in the Region and with respect to the Office Management responsibilities. Eileen's work ethic and proficiency is outstanding. Eileen managed many Director level reporting and office management responsibilities directly for myself and the entire team. She could always be counted on to ensure a very professional reporting capability across the Sun various business groups. I would strongly support Eileen in any of her future career opportunities.” Samad Ali, Sales Operations Director, Sun Microsystems “There are a few people that you can always count on. Eileen is one of them. Whenever there is a task that must get done, Eileen gets it done on time and with the highest quality. Eileen possesses the rare skill of effectively working with remote virtual teams. In her last role she supported a team of 200+ professionals and 8 managers. For these managers, she was not only responsible for administrative tasks such as expense management and travel but she also supported the sales reporting and analytical requirements for a $1.0 Billion Global Business Unit. She also managed the Global Business Unit Website and took pride in helping create a document repository to retain organizational memory. She takes pride in working independently, is diligent about continuous improvement and has taken several soft skills courses to improve her effectiveness. Eileen has a track record of being a loyal, efficient, and effective and will quickly become a valuable member any team.”
  3. 3. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Indirect Managers Mark Rissmiller, Client Executive, Sun Microsystems “I would like to recommend Eileen Delaney. Eileen is the best executive assistant or senior administrator I have ever worked with in my career. In the 5 years I have known her she went from working with 1 Client Executive in financial services sales to supporting up to 8 client executives and managers. Eileen provided assistance with presentations, financial numbers, travel planning for individuals, group meetings formulation and planning, as well as Sun financial systems assistance by generating PO's, Check requests and much more. Her knowledge of Sun and all the Sun tools in addition to industry tools was extremely valuable. She did not just know these things but she excelled in their use. Eileen proved to be very diligent. A task could be requested, a priority given and she would get the work done when she said she could. So her dependability was excellent. Eileen also was well organized which helped all her managers. She kept archives of presentations, forecasts, and other files for each person and could actually find them when needed! She also provided reminders of reporting that was due for weekly and monthly requirements for the sales area. Overall Eileen was the consummate professional. She was trustworthy with private information and provided assistance to many more people than just the sales managers. She would be a huge asset to an organization and would accept ever increasing roles of responsibility. She is very missed at Sun Microsystems at this very moment! Mark D. Rissmiller Sun Client Executive for Bank of America” Larry Kreitzer, Regional Executive, Sun Microsystems “In a word, Eileen is second to none. Eileen is a conscientious professional who routinely goes beyond the boundary of her job description in an effort to contribute to the success of the organization. Eileen delivers administrative support/operational support/sales support/field support with passion and enthusiasm. Eileen has superior organizational skills, pays close attention to details, is proactive, and brings creative thinking to every situation she is involved in. A positive/can do/will do attitude is critical to success in today's business environment and Eileen comes to work with all three every day. Eileen would be an asset to any organization looking for top performers. I am one of many who personally miss the huge contribution Eileen made to the Sun Microsystems organization.”4
  4. 4. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Indirect Managers Irwin Morrisey, Client Executive Director, Sun Microsystems “Eileen has supported my organization for several years and she was an extremely valuable member of the team. She is a dedicated and highly skilled individual and I would recommend her to any organization that is looking for a professional in every sense of the word. I manage a very demanding and dynamic organization with a lot of last minute requests. She is extremely capable of handling multiple tasks, everything from planning meetings, presentations, financial reporting and travel arrangements. I can say that no one virtually supports a team better than Eileen. She is a true professional and she is truly missed.” Bob Singsank, Regional Executive, Sun Microsystems “While Eileen and I only worked together for nine months, I quickly found that no matter what I came to her with she would get it done quickly and accurately the first time. Whether it be helping me set up my forecasting files and procedures or booking travel (of which I did a lot), it simply got done. I was impressed with how easily and effectively she worked with me and my team, despite the fact that we've never met face to face. Everything we did was done remotely via email and the phone...and it worked well, due largely to Eileen's easy, positive communication style. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again any time.” Peter Orr, Services Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen over the past 5 years in various capacities from direct to indirect support. Eileen is a professional in the office administrative role. She has an excellent "tools" skill set , organizational skills, project orientation and is results oriented. It would be a pleasure to work with Eileen again and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any office administration or executive assistance role.”
  5. 5. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Indirect Managers Peter Green, ADM/CE, Sun Microsystems “I have worked in the IT industry for over 40 years and Eileen is by far the best Area Operations and Field Support professional I've worked with during that time. Eileen is dedicated, diligent and exceptionally precise in her daily assignments and objectives. Proactive in all her duties Eileen was instrumental in uncovering and correcting several operational issues in our sales reporting system. She was instrumental in elevating field requirements and requested modifications as well as tracking to make sure they were done. Eileen was the fields 'go to' person and advocate for many more issues than she was responsible for, making her one of the most valuable, well respected and enjoyable people on our collective team(s). I hope to work with Eileen again one day soon.” Lisa Danzer, Regional Systems Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was the Administrative Assistant for my group when I called on Bank of America. She is very organized, professional and a terrific team player. She was responsible for weekly forecasts, scheduling and administrative details for a very busy group. She consistently exceeded the expectations of the role and was a very pleasant person to work with.” Randy Hulse, Client Solutions Manager, Sun Microsystems “I had the privilege of working with Eileen while being part of a cross-organizational Account Team in support of the Financial Services market vertical at Sun Microsystems. Her attention to detail in helping coordinate the activities of senior client management enabled us to win significant business and exceed the financial goals set for us by the company. Bringing both organizational and business savvy, Eileen would be a tremendous asset to any organization.” Arsalan Saljoughy, Area Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a well-organized and effective Executive Assistant whose help has been instrumental to increased productivity of my team over the years. Eileen is always available for ad-hoc requests, knowledgeable about the work flow and sales process and willing to help the team at every juncture. She has been a pleasure to work with at Sun.”
  6. 6. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Cross Functional LOB Jonathan Schiff, Global Services Executive, Sun Microsystems, Inc “Eileen has been an integral member of our account team. As Executive Administrator for a global sales group, Eileen provided valuable coordination and logistical support for many of our marketing initiatives and programs. Additionally, she delivered critical operational support which allowed the rest of us to focus our efforts on the customer. Eileen worked seamlessly across functional lines of business to break through barriers and enable professional and productive collaboration.” Ken Shelton, Partner Development Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a detail-oriented professional who is able to see (& negotiate ) both the forest and the trees. She was my trainer on a very little-understood reporting system and she did so with patience and expertise. She was always the "Go-To" person for features, functions, and referrals to process owners that no one else knew about. Eileen was the one person to go to when you needed an answer, any answer. If she did not know the answer, she knew who did. Always a pleasure to work with.” Ed Gandarillas, US Technical Sales Manager - Insurance and Banking, Sun Microsystems “I've worked with Eileen for over 8 years in multiple capacities and have always appreciated her hard work, dedication and professionalism. Over the years I have interacted with Eileen as a Sun Consultant, Practice Manager and then as US Technical Sales Manager for Financial Services. Eileen always provided excellent assistance and was eager to lend a hand regardless of the situation. It has been a pleasure to know her. I recommend Eileen without reservation. Best Regards - Fernando E Gandarillas” Richard Dowling, Storage Sales manager, Financial Services Area, Sun Microsystems “Eileen, is a detailed and energetic worker who helped me transition into a new role at Sun managing storage sales for Sun's Financial Services, Communications and State and Local Government regions. Whenever I needed help with operational aspects of the job she was willing to step in and get the job done. I would highly recommend her for an operational position.”
  7. 7. Recommendations - Sun Executives - Cross Functional LOB Colleen Nicastro, Sales Operations Manager, Sun Microsystems “I have always been impressed with Eileen's commitment, attention to detail and integrity. Eileen is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. It was not only a pleasure, but an honor to work with Eileen.” Dane Sidi, Manager, Americas Deal Desk, Sun Microsystems “Eileen and I worked together on a broad variety of issues in support of the Sun sales force. She was a person I would regularly rely on, someone who was both extremely hard working and knowledgeable. Eileen always committed 100% to assist me on any issue where I needed either her knowledge of how to get things done, and/or to roll up her sleeves to help in a needed effort that was often a fire drill. Any organization she joins will greatly benefit from her abilities and work ethic.” Irene Bigos, Director, North America Marketing, Sun Microsystems "I've worked with Eileen Delaney at Sun Microsystems for the past 7 years. She's been extremely responsive to all of my team's requests and as the Area's Siebel Super User supported both data entry and ongoing CRM efforts. Her work is thorough and accurate, and is coupled with a great work ethic. She would be an asset to any organization seeking an experienced Executive Assistant." Ruth Anne Ares, Manager, Sun Microsystems “Working across organizations can be a challenge. Eileen was an integral part of a team with which I worked regularly and she made challenging situations easier, always providing the professional support required. She made things happen, and I always appreciated working with her for her reliability, consistency, and can-do attitude.”
  8. 8. Recommendations – Sun Executives - King of Prussia Don Lepp, CE National Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems/GSO Americas “While Eileen never worked for me directly, I had the opportunity to see her execute her responsibilities quite regularly as I frequented the office space in King of Prussia, PA where she worked and I communicated with her on various work related topics or activities over 6 + years. Eileen is very conscientious and diligent in performing the tasks of her position. She steps up and takes a leadership role when needed as evidenced by her ability to assure office operations flowed efficiently and requirements for the office staff were met. Eileen is a focused person who follows through on the tasks she is given and always in a timely manner. She respects a management organization structure and company code of ethics but has her own managerial type courage to make decisions and take actions as needed even if not always the most popular decision..Eileen cares as she goes above and beyond on activities for the good of the office team and others outside of the team. This was evidenced by her initiative in planning, coordinating, motivating and leading activities for the Toys for Tots program on behalf of an entire office staff. I know from a former management peer whom she did report to directly that Eileen was a trusted and valuable asset to him in the running of the office operation. Eileen gives you 120% every day in her work ethic and is a person to be counted on to get the job done.” Jeff McQuaid, Regional Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems “I worked with Eileen in Sun's King of Prussia office. Though we did not work in the same area we were in related organizations at Sun. Eileen also was involved in other office support functions for which I was directly responsible. I found Eileen extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable and willing to go the extra step to ensure various activities or problems were concluded and resolved quickly and professionally. Eileen is someone who can step into a leadership role and use her knowledge, talents and ability to persuade to get action. I enjoyed working with Eileen, appreciated her help and support, and found her a valuable asset to the organization in our interactions working together at Sun.”
  9. 9. Recommendations – Sun Executives - King of Prussia Lou Ann Hunt, Regional Executive/District Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was a great combination of talent, knowledge, energy and dedication as a field admin at our Philadelphia sales office. While Eileen never reported directly to me, her contributions were felt and appreciated well beyond her assigned scope. She would be a strong asset to any organization as she brings senior skills and a willingness to jump in and learn anything not already in her broad repertoire.” Debbie Shryock, Regional Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was key to Sun's King of Prussia Sustaining Management Team when I was in the lead role. She's quick to understand challenges and focused on resolution. Eileen is articulate and detail oriented. She provides outstanding administrative support and would be an asset to any organization that was in need of assistance.” Donna Rubin, Sr. Director Strategy & Marketing, Sun Microsystems “As a Sr. Director at Sun Microsystems, I had the pleasure of working with Eileen for the past nine years on the King of Prussia Sustaining Management Team -- [King of Prussia office manager functions (SMT ) ] and also as part of the Financial Services organization. Eileen performs her job with a high degree of professionalism. Her dependability, excellent work ethic, and "open door" policy made her the resource of choice not only for her “assigned team” but also for the entire King of Prussia office. Any organization would benefit from having Eileen on their team.”
  10. 10. Recommendations – Sun Executives - King of Prussia John Karwoski, Six Sigma Black Belt, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is that rare person that can handle more than her fair share of work-related tasks, volunteer to take on more, and still find time to assist others. She was on the bleeding edge of many applications and systems, with all the challenges that brings, yet still maintained a high degree of composure and professionalism, all the more impressive given that Eileen's peers, management and extended team were, for the most part, not in the same physical office. Most of us work in virtual or remote teams, yet Eileen went out of her way to organize local events around the holidays, fiscal year end, and so on, to ensure that we all were in touch. She also reached out to the local community with volunteer efforts. She tackles problems with a tenacity not usually seen, and any organization looking for an executive assistant that can handle anything would be well served with Eileen.” Venkat Kilambi, Client Solutions Manager, Sun Microsystems “I have worked with Eileen at Sun for several years. Eileen is a very dedicated individual who is very efficient at doing her job and ensuring that all the details get looked after. Her vigilance in such matters has helped to run and manage the office environment efficiently. She has also worked on outside charitable causes and helped to promote these when possible. Eileen is dedicated and loyal to her job and colleagues. I have no hesitation in recommending Eileen to similar jobs in any organization.” Tony Tedesco, Engagement Manager, Sun Microsystems “I would strongly recommend Eileen for any type of administrative position. I worked with Eileen for over 5 years, and I can confidently say that she is extremely efficient, hard working, committed to excellence, and always helpful. I joined Sun well after Eileen, and I can’t begin to say how helpful she was to me when it came to learning my way around Sun's systems and applications. She would always take the time to explain how things worked and how to navigate through the many different systems and services. If a company is looking for someone that they can depend on, please consider Eileen. She will be an asset to your organization”
  11. 11. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Direct Support April Blasier Beckman, Senior Account Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc “Eileen was the BEST Executive Assistant I have had in my professional career. Efficient, Articulate, Team Player, Well Respected are just a few of the qualities she possesses. She is a get it done type of person and not afraid of challenges or changes within an organization. I worked with Eileen for 5 years and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.” Gary Goltz, Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “I know Eileen Delaney very well from working at Sun Microsystems. While there, she handled the duties as the senior administrator for the Financial Services Region, supporting some of the largest customers that Sun has. The sales group that she supported, is a fast paced and dynamic organization that requires quick turn around to complex issues and problems. Often, reports/projects are requested on short notice and are required to look professional as they are used with senior management. Eileen always performed her work with a sense of urgency to the task at hand and we were assured the job would be done correctly the first time. Always prompt and courteous-even during some of the most challenging moments! Eileen is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in hiring her in any administrative role. You can't find better support anywhere. Respectfully submitted, Gary Goltz Sales Account Exec” Carl Cook, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “I had the distinct pleasure of working with Eileen for almost two years while being in FSA and being part of the team that covered Bank Of America. Eileen made a very difficult job seem easy by her organizational skills and her knowledge of software applications. She was an instrumental part of the Bank of America team, and me personally, as she provided me with a tremendous amount of help and support through those two years. I can't say enough of what a valuable addition she was. In closing, I want to add that Eileen is extremely dedicated, has a tremendously strong "Can Do" attitude and is a real pleasure to work with. Thank you, Carl Cook”
  12. 12. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Direct Support Len Lopenzina, Senior Account Executive -- Citigroup North America, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a well-organized and effective Executive Assistant whose help has been instrumental to increased productivity of myself and the rest of the Citigroup team. I have had the pleasure of working with Eileen for the past 4 years. Eileen is always available for ad-hoc requests, knowledgeable about the work flow and sales process and willing to help the team at every juncture. Her knowledge of our administrative tools( some very complex) made her the go to person. Many times her peers went to her for advice, and coaching. She has been a pleasure to work with at Sun.” Kamal Hoon, Senior Account Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen supported our group for over 2 years. Scrupulous attention to detail and commitment to follow-up were two of her most remarkable attributes. She demonstrated a can-do attitude and ensured completion of tasks she took up. She could be always be counted on to ensure everyone on the team was aware of deliverables and completion deadlines. Eileen would be an asset to any organization seeking a strong administrative resource.” Nicholas Zarra, Account Exec, Sun “Eileen is a detail-oriented and highly efficient Executive Assistant and Support resource. In my 3+ years of relying on her for support she proved to be extremely effective. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future and gladly recommend her to any organization looking to fill a similar role.” Larry Orwin, Regional Director, Sun Microsystems “Eileen supported my efforts in a remote location at Sun. She is very detailed oriented and was very responsive, always willing to help and find answers to questions. Eileen is a real team player and would make an excellent addition to any team that she is on.” Naresh Persaud, product manager, Sun “I highly recommend Eileen. She was always available and responsive in providing reporting and field sales support.”
  13. 13. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Direct Support David Astorina, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen in the many different roles I had at Sun. Eileen was always eager to help make things happen. As the Administrator for my manager when I was a Systems Engineer, she helped me get issues resolved fast. When I was a Program Manager, she helped me connect with people important to my projects. Eileen knows everybody and is well respected. She had the unique ability to help you avoid jumping through hoops, because she could usually connect you with the executive that had the authority to get things done. Eileen is unusually dedicated and will be an asset to any organization!” Bob Defendis, Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “I have worked with Eileen for the past 5 years. Eileen is a self-driven professional that works well as an individual or part of a team. During her career, she has been noted for her exemplary performance. I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel for the dedication and support that she has shown me. I am confident that Eileen would be an asset to your organization and bring value to your company. Please contact me with any questions. Regards, Bob Defendis U.S. Client Executive Sun Microsystems robert.defendis@sun 609-922-4435” Arthur Friedman, Product Sales Specialist, Sun Microsystems “I have had the pleasure of working with Eileen for over 7 years. She is always extremely responsive and excellent answering follow ups. Eileen is detailed oriented and very dedicated to making sure everything gets done properly. She is extremely knowledgeable on Sun's Sales tools and always has the answers to the tough questions regarding their use. Eileen would be a strong asset to any organization.” Maria Buoy, Account Executive – Merrill Lynch, Sun Microsystems “I worked with Eileen at Sun and have always appreciated her hard work, dedication and professionalism. She is creative and resourceful; always able to successfully complete a project no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. Eileen is smart, committed and a team player on whom all of us could reliably count.” Steven Schick, Global Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a highly effective professional that elevates the performance of everyone with whom she works. She is dedicated to her responsibilities and thorough in her execution of all matters necessary to accomplish the job at hand.”
  14. 14. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Direct Support Tom Higgins, Global Client Executive, SUN MICROSYSTEMS “Eileen is four P's to the nth degree! Proficient in her knowledge and execution of her duties - Precise, not wasting time or energy for herself or those supported - Punctual, delivering all required information and deliverables on, or before, time, and - Professional in her dealings with all personnel she came into contact with her. It would be pleasure to work with her at any time and hope I will.” Paul Schlueter, Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was very instrumental in helping our team manage our day to day operations. She was exceptionally responsive with assistance, new our systems very well, and acted as a single contact point for our operations needs. Most importantly, she worked well as an extended team member, was pleasant to work with, and went above and beyond expectations. Strong recommendations from me....” Robin Stubbs, Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a machine! Anyone who values dedication, persistence, and a willingness to help solve problems should hire Eileen! She is diligent, thorough and a pleasure to work with!” Peter Burnett, Senior Client Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a great Executive Assistant, she knows exactly what needs to be done, when and how it needs to be done. She was always prompt, clear and precise in her requests and provided help and guidance quickly and efficiently when needed. I worked with Eileen for about a year and have no hesitation in recommending Eileen to future employers.” Heidi Hoppenfeld, Senior Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a results oriented individual and can always be counted on for quick turnaround and follow-through. She was a valued team member at Sun.”
  15. 15. Recommendations - Sun Sales – Direct Support Nils Schroder, Senior Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “One of the challenges that executive assistants face on a regular basis, is the unique requests that they receive from the field personnel they support. I found that no matter what type of support issue I had, Eileen always provided an accurate, timely and thorough response to that issue. I could always count on her going the extra mile to assist in my sales efforts.” Pat Carroll, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Although I only worked with Eileen for the past year, I quickly grew to respect and appreciate her capabilities and knowledge. She helped me understand the new organization, and the processes and ground rules. Eileen was able to either answer a question outright or know who to go to for a resolution. Her attitude was always positive and infectious. She would be a very valuable addition to any team.” Jay Gleason, Global Account Exec., Sun Microsystems “Eileen and I worked in the same Sun Office when I was first hired by Sun. I soon found out that Eileen was huge resource for everything inside Sun. She was great with all of the Sun software programs, and helped me many times when I was stuck. As far as being organized, that is an understatement! She was on top of everything that was her responsibility. She was a results oriented, team player in a very stressful environment. Eileen would also take the initiative to share extremely useful information with the rest of her team, to help us all be more effective. I would highly recommend Eileen as a great addition to any team.” Gary Blandino, Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “While I worked at Sun, Eileen was always helpful in deciphering the way to best use the internal Sun tools and clarifying our sales processes. gary blandino” Don J. Baker, Account Manager - Sun Microsystems “Eileen and I worked together at Sun Microsystems. As our region's exec assistant, she was always available and helpful in guiding me thru the trials & tribulations of Sun tools, processes, policies, etc ...”
  16. 16. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Indirect or King of Prussia Ian T. Gomes, Territory Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc “Eileen has always been the "consummate professional" in all of her responsibilities. Her communication skills are one of her most notable skills. She always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help anyone in need. In her position at Sun she has had to organize various activities and she has always excelled in this arena as well. Eileen would be an extremely important and valuable asset to anyone looking to bring her into their organization !!!” Ken Faw, Sales Rep, Sun Microsystems “Although we worked for separate business units in the King of Prussia office over the past 8 years, I was able to observe Eileen as she performed her role managing the office support functions for which she was responsible. Eileen was always extremely helpful and very supportive in this role. She was always willing to take the extra step to help with questions pertaining to any of our office productivity tools. Eileen demonstrated that she can assume a leadership role, use her knowledge, talents and ability to get resolution to a problem. I enjoyed working with Eileen, appreciated her help and support. Eileen would be valuable asset to any organization.” John Ford, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen & I have worked together in the Sun King of Prussia office for the past 9 years. While I did not have dealings with Eileen at an organizational level, I did find her to be an excellent resource for information within the KoP office, always willing to share knowledge and help employees in need. She organized numerous morale boosting events over the years, which were always fun and extremely appreciated by the Sun KoP office. Eileen is a dedicated professional with excellent communication skills. She will be an asset to any organization.”
  17. 17. Recommendations - Sun Sales - Indirect or King of Prussia Michael Marotta, Strategic Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen was an outstanding executive assistant at Sun. In her role, she needed to help Sun employees that were part of a virtual team, spread out across the Northeast US. Eileen always made us feel like we were part of a tight-knit community, keeping us on track and in touch. She would be an outstanding asset to any sales or marketing team.” Robert Kotz, Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “I had the opportunity to work with Eileen for many years during my tenure at Sun. She was one of those people that everyone spoke highly about, was always reliable and possessed the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right the first time. Her pleasant demeanor and professionalism made her a rare find. Anyone who is lucky enough to have her on their team can rest assured they will have a dedicated and respected employee.” Vince McGuirl, Sales Representative, Sun Microsystems “It was a pleasure working with Eileen! She was always very informative and responsive. She was very dedicated to her job and possesses very strong organizational skills. I would highly recommend her as an Executive Assistant.” Joan Band, Senior Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was a pleasure to work with at Sun Microsystems. She was always available to assist .she has a strong sense of commitment to her position and colleagues. I recommend Eileen as an asset to any office in their quest for an administrator.”
  18. 18. Recommendations - Sun Services - Indirect or King of Prussia Tina Caldara, Global Client Services Executive, SUN Microsystems “It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Eileen at Sun Microsystems. Her positive, "can do" attitude was refreshing, and she always made a point of going above-and-beyond what was expected of her. She helped to un-complicate many tortuous Sales policies, procedures, instructions, tools, and requirements that had the potential to take time away from selling. Whenever I got a Email from Eileen, I knew it contained information that was important and relevant to my job at Sun. She is certainly going to be missed, but she will be a great asset wherever she goes, and successful in whatever she does!” Brooke Stolper, Services Client Executive, Sun Microsystems “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen during her 8 years at Sun. She was always very professional in her dealings and expertly handled all of the questions, issues, etc that came her way. Eileen was a great resource for everybody in the office as she was always willing to share her extensive knowledge, provide direction and give support wherever possible. She is quick to identify upcoming issues and acts proactively to avoid problems or delays. Eileen is extremely dedicated and very conscientious and always willing to go above and beyond whatever is expected and she would be an asset to any organization.” Amanda Ngo, Services Client Executive, Sun Microsystems (colleague) “Eileen was an excellent source of information and guidance for the entire Financial Services team at Sun. Her work assisted us in keeping organized and on-track with company wide initiatives. Further, her upbeat attitude is contagious and inspired many to go the extra mile.” Carol Tramontana, Services Sales Rep, Sun Microsystems “Eileen and I worked in the KoP office in different capacities. Eileen was always available to assist with any problems or issues, even though she didn't support me. Whether it was a Sun tool question, facilities problem or enjoying the planned events she coordinated, she excelled in any project she was given or volunteered for. Because of her integrity and professionalism, she would be a great asset to any organization.” Lynn Rafdal, Services Sales Rep, Sun Microsystems “Eileen's work ethic and attention to detail helped me many times in working with the complex Sun processes and business rules. As a Sales Rep, her assistance was invaluable in making sure our work flowed smoothly and quotes and orders were generated and booked on a timely basis. Eileen would be an asset to any company or organization. Sincerely, Lynn Rafdal”
  19. 19. Recommendations - Sun Services, Software - Indirect or KoP John Ronga, Managed Services Sales, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen Delaney is the perfect example of a professional. Whatever odd or out of scope question I asked her, if she didn't have an answer--she found the answer or pointed me in the right direction. Organized, always positive and knowledgeable, Eileen was a pleasure to work with and I would heartily recommend her for any position she felt she could take on, because she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to accomplish.” Brian McKie, Strategic Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a great, upbeat employee. She is always a pleasure to work with and is always willing to help out with requests in a timely manner. Eileen's work demonstrates her attention to detail. I highly recommend Eileen!” Stephane Petit,, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is excellent to work with. Knowledgeable and very quick when responding with an answer. She has a broad skill set and provided us with invaluable support for the time I worked. I highly recommend Eileen.” Terry Seymour, Account Executive-FSA Software LOB, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen was extremely responsive and helpful in walking me through many of Sun's processes and procedures including her Siebel expertise and Sun policies. She always responded in a cheerful and generous manner, and was quick to correct any inconsistencies those policies may have created. I am grateful to Eileen for all of her fine work on my behalf. terry Seymour” Brian Struble, SOA / BI Technical Specialist, Sun Microsystems “I would like to highly recommend Eileen for her professional and highly-reliable expertise in supporting the interactions of a large and distributed sales team within Sun Microsystems Financial Services Team.”
  20. 20. Recommendations - Sun Storage – King of Prussia Careyann Farrell, Storage Account Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was an integral part of the fabric that consisted of the backbone of administration and facility operations. With her legacy of experience and tenure at SUN, Eileen was a valuable resource for company policy and procedures. Eileen is a strong asset to any Executive in need of strong Administrative Support and management. With years of experience, a dynamic and charismatic personality and the willingness to go above and beyond she would be a wonderful addition to any organization that values dedicated employees.” John Pachioli, Storage Account Executive, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a dedicated hardworking employee who no matter how busy she was always found time to assist with questions or concerns I had. Her door was always open and she was always more than happy to lend assistance. She also coordinated many events for the folks at the SUN King of Prussia office that allowed us to develop more of a personal relationship with our colleagues. There were many people that reported out of the King of Prussia office and some you never had a chance to meet and she made an effort for all of us to make a connection with one another. She was also involved in community outreach for SUN such as Toys for Tots. Eileen made my transition at SUN very comfortable.” Dave Pruyn, Senior Storage Sales Representative, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen has supported has two teams that I was aligned with during my tenure at Sun. I have had the good fortune to experience a very competent professional who always adds value to her team. I would strongly recommend Eileen.” Robert Creighton, Storage Sales Engineer, Sun Microsystems “I came to rely on Eileen's help during the integration of StorageTek into SUN. The company cultures were quite different and Eileen's assistance was fundamental to my transition. Though we were several time zones apart, I came to expect Eileen to be the first to respond to my (seeming continual) requests clarification and support. She was invariably clear, concise and responsive. There seemed little she didn't know and on the rare occasions she needed further help, she quickly found and disseminated that information, typically in a cheerful and friendly manner. I believe Eileen would be an extremely valuable administrative asset to any sales organization, particularly in these days of geographically dispersed teams and remote electronic communication and collaboration.”
  21. 21. Recommendations - Sun Architects, Engineers - Indirect Zvadia Hibshoosh, Architect, Sun Microsystems “I knew Eileen for several years at Sun Microsystems Inc.. Eileen is a very dedicated, knowledgeable, diligent and capable executive assistant. I could always count on Eileen in all administrative and process matters. She was always eager to help everyone and displayed phenomenal initiative in keeping the group informed. In addition, she voluntarily initiated various morale boosting activities that made a difference. It has truly been a pleasure working with her.” Jeff Savit, Principal Engineer, Sun Microsystems “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen in a number of occasions related to industry and customer events and Sun initiatives. On every occasion Eileen was an integral part of the team providing professional support in key and highly visible situations. She served as a key, and reliable asset.” Michael Berish, Consulting Systems Engineer, SUN STK “Eileen is a dedicated professional who gives 110% in everything she does. Her work ethic is second to none and is always there to lend a helping hand. She would certainly be an asset to any company.” Paul Byers, Consulting Systems Engineer, Sun Microsystems / Storage Technology (STK) “Eileen was always willing to go above and beyond the role to support us in the field. Helping to organize, support and administrate the account team she always ensured we had the tools and information to be successful” Paul Kirtland, Senior Systems Engineer, Sun Microsystems “Eileen has, on countless occasions, helped me. She frequently saw better ways to do things shared her insights with the team. Her input was always welcome and helpful.”
  22. 22. Recommendations - Sun Architects, Engineers – King of Prussia Bruce Pellegrino, Systems Engineering - Enterprise Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Although I worked in a different group from Eileen, we also seemed to work together on office issues. Eileen always stepped across organization boundaries for the benefit of everyone in the office. Eileen is a tireless worker, always going the extra mile to make sure every detail and issue is resolved in an appropriate and timely manner. Thanks Eileen for every thing you did for all of us in King of Prussia.” James Helmstetter, System Engineer, Sun Microsystems “I worked with Eileen for about 9 years out of Sun's King of Prussia Office. If ever I had an issue with office environment or corporate requirements I knew I could always go to Eileen and she could get it resolved. Her door was always open and upon entering her office you were always welcome. Even if you had a problem.” Bruce Sing, IT Architect, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was an essential part of business and office operations when I worked in the King of Prussia office. She was always one of the go-to people you could depend on to get help in the office.” Chris Platt, Consulting Engineer, Sun Microsystems “Eileen helped me out in many ways as I was a field employee with rare circumstances to be in the office Eileen was well versed in internal process and procedures and communicated information diligently that was timely and important. I typically got advanced notice of corporate events or news than what my peers in the field and not in an office received.” Dushyant Pathak, Systems Support Engineer, Sun Microsystems “Eileen Delaney is hard working individual and puts in 110% on every task. Even though I have not worked directly with her, I was always influenced by her in one way or another. Whenever there was a company event/get together or other activities in the Sun King of Prussia office, everyone would ask who arranged this, this is great event, and I would hear "It was Eileen". I am sure whatever her next assignment is, she'll do a fantastic job...”
  23. 23. Recommendations - Sun Operations - Indirect Juanita Lee, Program Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc “I enjoyed working with Eileen. She was very detailed oriented, ensuring my team was always kept up to date with the most current organizational changes. Always participated on the Superuser forums and training requirements to be current with any process or tools updates. One of the most efficient, knowledgeable and helpful CRM Superusers I have ever worked with.” Jing Mowry, Program Manager, Sun Microsystems “I worked with Eileen in Sun Microsystems on CRM project for over five years. As one of the super users of the tool, Eileen was responsible for helping sales reps maintaining the tool and generating weekly reports, along with a lot of other things. She is very knowledgeable in her field and she works very hard to make sure to get things done. She's always willing to help out others on her team or the super user community. She is great to work with” Julia Hull, Program Manager, Sun Microsystems "During the years I worked with Eileen Delaney at Sun Microsystems, she was a star performer! She contributed to the big picture and always exceeded expectations. I always appreciated Eileen's reliability, when my team would task Eileen with a very short turnaround time, she always delivered on time. Eileen's competence also stood out as well. When tasked with a project, Eileen understood the requirements and provided exactly what was expected. I would highly recommend Eileen for a position, she is a true asset and value to any team!" Patty Law, Program/Project Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen Delaney on a continuous initiative during my employment at Sun Microsystems, Inc. This initiative dealt with CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Eileen is a very intelligent, efficient and extremely dedicated employee. Always helpful and knowledgeable when I needed assistance, Eileen would be a "first responder" before the CRM support team chimed in to answer questions. Although I am located on the west coast and Eileen on the east coast distance and time zones did not matter. Any company considering hiring Eileen would definitely reap the benefits of her dedication and enthusiasm for getting the job done !!! Patty Law”
  24. 24. Recommendations - Sun Operations, Legal - Indirect Judy Chastain, Deal Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a self-starter who excels at multi-tasking. She is very results-oriented, following tasks through to completion with an appropriate sense of urgency. She communicates effectively both up and down the chain of command. In addition to be efficient and effective, Eileen is pleasant to work with.” George Heinzelman, PMP, Operations / Program / Project Manager, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a detail oriented person and great team player. I would highly recommend her for her professionalism and reliability. It was a great pleasure working with her.” Lynn Huonker, Sr. Counsel, Sun Microsystems “Eileen assisted in keeping our business running smoothly and she helped us through the trials & tribulations of Sun tools, processes, and policies. As a new hire, she assisted in making my transition to Sun much easier. Eileen expertly coordinated holiday events to celebrate the seasons and Sun's successes. Her strong work ethic set an example for everyone. Eileen further demonstrates her value by creating networks on Linkedin so that colleagues can network and connect in a simple and convenient manner. I highly recommend Eileen Delaney. She is an organized and highly efficient partner who is vital in keeping business running smoothly.”
  25. 25. Recommendations - Sun Global - Indirect Darren Hornett, Account Director, Sun Microsystems “I had the pleasure of working with Eileen for over 3 years which was always a pleasure. Her professionalism and attention to detail was always of the highest order. She is consistent and results driven with the knack of knowing how to prioritize project activities to deliver the desired end-state. I would have no hesitation of recommending Eileen.” Rob Woolley, UK Sales Manager - Services Practice - Finance Sector, Sun Microsystems “Eileen was the pivotal person in connecting the various Global Banking groups in Sun and making sure that those connections and team spirit globally thrived within the group. Persistent but polite in her diligence in collecting team information to report throughout the group, she was invaluable to my team and I. I would not hesitate in recommending Eileen and for a global support role.” Zena Cheng, Industry Development - FSI - APAC & GC, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is a detail oriented person, great supporter and team player. Her support had made bridged many of our internal communication and made corporate life easier.”
  26. 26. Recommendations - Sun SuperUsers, Administrative Peers Janelle McClure, Site Services Coordinator “I have had the privilege of working with Eileen Delaney for the past 9 years. Eileen currently maintains the role of Region Administrative Assistant for the Financial Services Area group. Eileen always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help out where needed. She has always shared her knowledge and was a mentor to me when I first started with the company. I know that I can always go to Eileen for assistance, guidance and support. Eileen has organized several volunteer opportunities as well as social events for the office. She is diligent when it comes to rally people to participate and bringing everyone together as a team. Eileen has been the glue that has held our office together. She would be a great asset for any office environment. Best Regards, Janelle T McClure” Mary Lou Giovetti, Field Admin, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is very diligent and pays great attention to detail. She's always pleasant and ready to lend a hand or answer questions. She would be an asset to any company.” Angela Thomas, Business Technologist, Sun Microsystems “Eileen Delaney has been very supported of the CRM Super User community. She is always willing to lend a hand in clarifying procedures and resolving problems. She is a stellar team player. Eileen's contribution will add value to any team lucky enough to have her.”
  27. 27. Recommendations - Sun SuperUsers, Administrative Peers Sophon Ros-Sills, Regional Sales Support Rep, Sun Microsystems “Eileen is very helpful when I had questions concerning CRM/Siebel forecasting tool. She answered my questions promptly which enabled me to respond back to my manager in a timely manner. She is resourceful, dependable, and a great colleague. Thank you for creating the groups on LinkedIn...much appreciated. Sophon” Marilia Reinhard, Region Sales Support Rep & Super User, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Eileen is recommended as a great friend and co-worker! She is very pleasant to work with, the calm in the middle of a storm, always bright and cheerful and full of knowledge. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, very accurate, organized and a joy! Eileen would be an asset to any company! :-) Kindly, Marilia Reinhard” Corrine Dreisbach, Business Analyst, Sun Microsystems Eileen Delaney is one of the most organized, prompt and persistent people I have had the pleasure of working with at Sun. She is a very efficient communicator and it is evident in my numerous encounters with her that she takes great pride in a job well done and ensuring that her 'customer' and team mates are well cared for and promptly addressed. Eileen would be a valuable asset to any team