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ADA Section 508

  1. 1. ADA Section 508: Accessibility(Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508) Eileen Chen S
  2. 2. Do you know how many people with disabilities live in the U.S.? Figure1: The U.S. Flag
  3. 3. 2010 Disability Status Disability Status DisabilityCountry Total As a pct. Disability No Disability of total U.S. 304,287,836 36,354,712 267,933,124 11.9%There are more than 36 million people with disabilitiesliving in the U.S.. This means that 12% of thepopulation has a disability.
  4. 4. 2011 CaliforniaAnnual Disability Statistic Compendium State California Total 36,815,569 Disability 3,640,092 No Disability 33,175,477 Disability As a pct. of total 9.9% In California, the population for people with disabilities isFigure 2: The Map of the U.S.. more than 3 million sixGraphic image by Eileen Chen hundred thousand.
  5. 5. What is the definition of disability ?
  6. 6. Disability is …“A physical or mental condition that limits a persons movements, senses, or activities.”
  7. 7. The types of disability may include:S Blindness and visual S Learning disability impairments S Mobility impairmentS Speech or language impairments S Dysgraphia – difficulty in writing or using a mouseS Hearing impaired S Mental illnessS Physical disability trategies/Disability/
  8. 8. As people increase relying on electronics andinformation technologies, accessibility ofonline information is important. However, thereare many people who are suffering fromconditions that affect their use of onlinematerials and access to the web.
  9. 9. Questions?S How can education/educators make a difference when there is a huge population of people who are affected by disabilities?S What can educators do to help all students succeed in school by using the level of technology?
  10. 10. Accessibility and Usability for California Community CollegesSince 1996, California Community CollegeSystems have been working to assureaccessibility and usability of all college coursesfor students with disabilities.
  11. 11. Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508S ADA Section 508 is a set of standards to insure that online materials and websites are fully accessible for all students with or without disabilities.
  12. 12. The sets of standard for ADA Section 508 include: S
  13. 13. For videos and audios S Visual content has audio description.S Synchronized captions or transcripts. Title: Keeping Web Accessibility in Mind
  14. 14. For still imagesS A sighted student might quickly understand what content will be by seeing the image, but students with visually impaired can’t. So, the images have to be described as HTML tags called Alt Tags and including the long descriptions to describe the images. S Example: [[File:: usmap.png|thumb |160px |alt=The Map of the U.S.|[[Map: The Map of the U.S.]] by [[Eileen Chen]].]] Content: In California, the population for people with disabilities is more than 3 million six hundred thousand.
  15. 15. For PDF documentsS Searchable text file - not a scanned image of printed materials.S Structural elements, including images, have tags.S Language is specified.S A guide is included.
  16. 16. Keyboard AccessS Having keyboard shortcut and adding keyboard access to application. Make sure that all tasks can be completed through the keyboard. Users won’t rely on a mouse or a roll-over to get the content.
  17. 17. Provide text for non-text content (including pictures and audio)S All graphics and visual elements must have text description that a screen reader is able to read.S All videos and audios must have a caption transcript.S Captions are readable.
  18. 18. For color contrastS Contrast different colors of background and text - when you overlap two colors, you want it easy to see what you have in the text. Black background and white text
  19. 19. For PresentationS Any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation.
  20. 20. Web AccessibilityS Every link and media must have a tag when input the content to the website.S Pictures have purpose to help provide understanding to all students.S Accessibility of non-HTML content, like PDF and Microsoft. Ensure students with/without disabilities are able to complete all of the forms.S Allows users to skip navigation on each page and jump to the content.S Clean and organized that the contents are readable.S Header! Header! Title! Title!
  21. 21. SolutionsFor people who are blind or have low visionS Access to the keyboard.S Screen reader (ex. JAWS – Job Access With Speech) in connection with the Internet. The user will hear what is being displayed on the screen.
  22. 22. Solutions For people who can’t hearS Text.S Graphics images.S Videos and audios need to captions.
  23. 23. What a school can dofor educators to meet Section 508 requirements? S
  24. 24. The School can have a tech specialist to train and provide guidelines for its employees in order to meet the requirements of Section 508. S
  25. 25. An example of a checklist Standards Purpose Solution Yes/No NotesWeb-based *For people with *Screen readers *devices cantechnology and vision impairments. will read whats on "read" the textinformation a computer on the screen.(1194.22) screen.Web-based *For people with *Verbal tags. *Identity thetechnology and vision impairments. graphics andinformation format.(1194.22)Web-based *A verbal descriptor *Text and for graphics andinformation images(1194.22)Video or *Ensure access to *Captioning.Multimedia people with hearing *VideoProducts disabilities. description.(1194.24)
  26. 26. How to make sure students have equal access to educational opportunity? S
  27. 27. S When instructors prepare online materials, they should be sure to provide accessibility in all of their assignments; especially those that are posted on the web.S Let’s make technology more accessible and allow all students to have access to online materials and technology regardless if students have disabilities or not.S Working in the field of education, educators are not only suppose to support the standard of Section 508, they want to see that students can have an equal opportunity to access the same type of information and technology, and they also want to see students succeed in school and actively participate in the society.
  28. 28. Contact us Welcome to contact us if anyone needs assistance withDistance Learning, ADA Section 508, presentation, and technique Support. Topic / Link Contact Telphone Distance Learning dl@college 650-000-0000 ADA Section 508 ada@college 650-000-0001 Technique Support techsupport@college 650-000-0002 Others others@college 650-000-0003
  29. 29. ConclusionEducators would like to follow the Law of ADA Section 508, respect each individual’s need, offer an equal opportunity to everyone, and make online documents/websites fully accessible to all students with or without disabilities.
  30. 30. References
  31. 31. Thank You!