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  • Valentine basket : to put all their valentines
  • Final final thematic unit

    1. 1. Thematic Unit on Valentine’s Day Grade Level : 3rd Grade
    2. 2. Valenti ne’s Day Relation ships
    3. 3. English Language Arts ♥ Read a passage about who St. Valentine was ♥ Reading passages on the recipes of how to make a chocolate cake and cupcakes ♥ Read Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores by Barbara Samuels ♥ Write Valentine's Day poems to loved ones ♥ Word search or crossword puzzles on Valentine’s Day
    4. 4. Social Studies ♥ Learn who St. Valentine was, where he was from and find it on the world map ♥ Discuss the symbolism behind the heart shape and cupid in different cultures ♥ Learn how different cultures celebrate the Valentine’s Day ♥ Research the origins of Valentine's Day in different culture in the school computer lab
    5. 5. Science ♥ Significant role of our heart in our body ♥ Measuring the heart rates when relaxing & after exercising ♥ Comparing and contrasting the heart rates after an exercise
    6. 6. Math ♥ Learn about symmetry & reflection by using the heart shaped cut-outs ♥ Create bar graph, line graph, pie charts using given sets of heart rates ♥ Word problems of buying gifts and cards for their loved ones by using the concept of money ♥ Identifying the patterns by using the symbols of the Valentine’s Day
    7. 7. Art ♥ Create Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly in the nursing home and for their loved ones ♥ Create Valentine’s Day gift bags by using plain paper bags ♥ Make Valentine baskets ♥ Learn how to draw a rose and paint it using watercolor paint
    8. 8. Media / Technology ♥ Use the computer in school to type up the poems they have written and add pictures on the paper ♥ BrainPOP video on the heart under the Health section ♥ Charlie Brown’ Valentine’s Day movie ♥ Watch Lady & The Tramp & The Aristocats
    9. 9. Supporting Materials Poetry : Valentine poems / selected by Myra Cohn Livingston ; illustrated by Patience Brewster Video : Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia Nonfiction : Celebrate Valentine's Day by Carolyn Otto Celebrate Valentine's Day watch?v=VUhn7SRUoZo
    10. 10. Field Trip ♥ A Broadway show , Wicked, in Manhattan by school bus ♥ Visit a nursing home and spread the love to the elderly by singing Valentine’s Day songs & distributing the Valentine’s Day cards that are created in class
    11. 11. I want my students to realize that Valentine’s Day is NOT just celebrated within lovers. But it is a day to show and share love with others! By : Ei Ei Education