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METRO ID Newsletter

  1. 1. PRTESOL’s M et r o ID METRO Bayamón, Carolina, Cataño, Corozal, Dorado, Guaynabo, Naranjito, Río Piedras, San Juan, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, Trujillo Alto, Vega Alta, Vega Baja A Message from the President September 2008 Dr. Naomi Vega Nieves Inside this issue: PRTESOL Metro Chapter has worked very hard to organize activities for its members and use communication technology to keep you informed. We created a new website,  Message from, with the invaluable help of Dr Eric Otero. And a new email the president address was also established, If you have not received emails from us  Meet the Board then we probably do not have your current email address. Please email us with your new address. members We are very proud of the two very successful activities that we held last semester: the Symposium on the Integration of Technology in the ESL Classroom and the Storytelling Contest. We had  Metro Update excellent participation and attendance. The Storytelling Contest was especially a new exciting and  Storytelling rewarding experience for the participant teachers, students and their parents. Contest  13th Annual Our last activity for the year is our annual conference on Saturday, October 18, 2008. I hope you Conference are making plans to attend because it promises to be an exciting professional development experience. Please send in your pre-registration before October 10 so that you can be eligible to  Join TESOL! participate in a raffle to get the PRTESOL November convention free (worth $150). Everyone will  Membership receive certificates with contact hours. Some highlights of the Metro conference are, a Research application Roundtable, and four intensive two-hour interactive workshops on researched-based strategies and the latest technology for more effective teaching. The Research Roundtable will be led by a panel of distinguished colleagues who will present a variety of research paradigms and projects. Then all the participants will share their research or ask questions and network in small groups. All the details and the registration forms are in this newsletter. We look forward to greeting you on that day. Mark your Calendars! Lastly, I want to remind you to renew your PRTESOL membership since most Metro Chapter 35th PRTESOL Annual memberships have expired recently or will expire in October 2008. As you all know PRTESOL is Convention and carrying out a membership campaign and if you recruit 10 members your membership is free. Exhibit Please recruit those ten English educators. PRTESOL is your professional organization. Gran Meliá PR Resort The Metro Board and myself have tried our very best to serve our members and we hope that our chapter continues to strengthen and grow; it depends on your participation. Nov. 21—22, 2008 Many Blessings throughout this academic year. Meet the 2008 Board Members Naomi Vega Nieves President Mark Wekander Vice-President Brenda Cámara Past Pres./Secretary Elsie de Jesús Treasurer Josué Alejandro University Rep. Wanda Billoch Private School Rep. Emma Rosa Mejias Elem. School Rep./Membership Sec. Wanda Ramírez Member at Large Milagros Rodríguez Member at Large (Not shown in picture: Prof. Milagros Rodríguez, Dr. Josué Alejandro)
  2. 2. METRO UPDATE A brief overview of this year’s events 3rd Symposium on the Integration of Technology in the ESL Classroom PRTESOL Metro Chapterhad the opportunity to co-sponsor together with Sacred Heart University a fine symposium on the integration of technology. In this event, which was held on April 16, 2008, participants shared the activities and research that are taking place in Puerto Rico ESL classrooms. Storytelling Contest On April 18, 2008 PRTESOL Metro Chapter held its 1st Storytelling Contest at the Sacred Heart University. The event was an amazing success. Participants (students and teachers) came from Robinson School, Colegio Congregación Mita, Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas, and Luis Muñoz Rivera, Julián Blanco, S. U. Adolfo García, John F. Kennedy schools. Kudos for great coordination and team work! We are looking forward to seeing more members and schools participating next year. PRTESOL METRO CHAPTER’s 13th Annual Conference Research and Innovative Practices in ESL Mark your calendars to attend this conference that will be held at Sacred Heart University in Santurce, “Sala de la Facultad” (located on Barat Building). The schedule will be as follows: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Registration, Breakfast, Exhibitors 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. First Concurrent Sessions and Research Roundtable 11:00 a.m. – 12 m. Lunch and Raffle 12:00 m. - 2:00 p.m. Second Concurrent Sessions 2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Farewell and Raffle ESL Research Round Table Panelists: Dr. Loretta Collins (UPR- Río Piedras), Dr. María Antonia Irizarri (UPR- Río Piedras), Dr. Evelyn Lugo, (UNE), Dr. Maritza Sostre (UPR-Bayamón), and Dr. Milagros Martínez (UPR- Bayamón). The panelists will explain their research project and research method. Then they will join the round tables for an exchange of ideas. Participants will be able to hear about the experience of researchers and talk to them personally in small groups to ask questions and receive answers from each panelist or each other. A great opportunity for master’s level and doctoral level students to participate in a round table on research that will go beyond institutional boundaries. Concurrent Sessions Plan on attending two of the following workshops to be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.  Title: quot;iLearningquot;: Use of iPod as a tool in the ESL classroom. Presenter: Amarilys González This workshop is an introduction to podcasting. Participants will learn the basics for developing podcasts to be used in the teaching learning process. Teachers will receive a step by step guide to create podcasts.  Title: Differentiated Instruction- One size doesn’t fit all Presenter: Elsie De Jesus In most classrooms we have a diversity of students with different academic abilities and learning styles. We can meet their needs by differentiating instruction. In this workshop you will be provided with the knowledge and skills to implement effective strategies to meet the needs of your students and improve student achievement.  Title: Digital Storytelling Presenter: Eileen Hernández Digital storytelling is the modern and technological expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Participants of this workshop will learn how create a digital story using the program moviemaker. The presenter will show how you can use it in the classroom as a powerful instructional tool to have your students retell and create stories.  Title: Fun Writing Activities: Presenter: Crucita Orama Presentation of activities that will engage your students in talking, listening, reading and writing English. The students will have fun while learning, and therefore be more interested in their English class.
  3. 3. Puerto Rico TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages MEMBERSHIP FORM ? NEW ? RENEWAL NAME: ________________________________________ Member ID # _____________ Last (Names) First Middle Initial MAILING _____________________________ HOME PHONE: ____________ ADDRESS _____________________________ CELL PHONE: _____________ _____________________________ E-MAIL: _______________@________ Town Country Zip Code WORK/STUDY : ?Public ? Private CURRENT LEVEL : PLACE: _______________________________ ____ Elementary _______________________________ ____ Secondary _______________________________ ____ Higher Education Town Country Zip Code ____ Administration ____ Other (please specify) TELEPHONE(S): _______________________ ________________ FAX: _________________ CHAPTER: MEMBERSHIP FEES (Please check the rate that applies to you.) ONE YEAR ____ CAGUAS ____ EASTERN ? REGULAR $25 ____ METRO ____ NORTHERN ? FULL TIME STUDENT * $20 ____ SOUTHERN ____ WESTERN ? RETIRED $20 PAYMENT : ? INSTITUTION ** $30 _____ CHECK _____ MONEY ORDER _____ CASH (No cash through * Rate for full-time student only, undergraduate 12 credits or the mail, please) more, graduate 6 credits or more. A copy of the present class program is required with membership form. ** This fee entitles institutions to mailings only. Referred by ___________________________ MAIL TO: PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY PUERTO RICO TESOL Membership List: ________________ P. O. BOX 366828 Membership Card Sent Date: _______ SAN JUAN, PR 00936-6828 Check No. _____________ Date: _______________ Banking Institution: ______________ * A $10.00 fee will be charged for each returned check. Revised form 2008/mr