2011 PRTESOL Convention Preliminary Program


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2011 PRTESOL Convention Preliminary Program

  1. 1. 38th Annual Convention Integrating Ethics, Values and Life Skills in the Teaching of English Preliminary Program TITLE OF PRESENTATIONS PRESENTER NAME SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY/ORGANIZATIONTwo Different Speech Communities in PuertoRico: An ethnographic study about social class Jannette Hermina University of Mexicoand children learning English in public andprivate schools of the islandSay No to Illegal Downloads, go for free stuff! Universidad de Puerto Rico, AguadillaHow to find FREE educational materials and /or Hiramys Santiago Campussoftware applications online Universidad de Puerto Rico, AguadillaCyber Bullying: What, Where, Who? Mary Moore de Reece CampusBuilding Academic Vocabulary Using Spanish – Luis Rosado & University of ArlingtonEnglish Cognates Prof. Lydia Morris Universidad InterAmericana, GuayamaBullying: It Was Undercover Jean Pazo CampusThe Cuenca/ Chicago Project: Promoting Global K. McInerney & Saint Xavier UniversityCitizenship, Literacies and Collaboration M.OdenwelderTeaching Values Through Gaming: Jenga, Missile Johansen Quijano University of TexasCommand, and MMORPGsWhat National Geographic Can Do For Your Caitlin Driscoll Heinle Cengage LearningClassroom Asuncion Rodriguez de Sala, High School,Integrating Values in Teaching Miguel Camacho Guayanilla, PRTESOL BoardUse of Social Media for Language Learning: Joseph Terantino Kennesaw State UniversityExploring Students’ Ethical Decision Making Ramon DiazGaining Consistency in Grading ESL Writing via Linda Fellag and Community College of PhiladelphiaE-Norming Girija Nagaswami
  2. 2. Six Traits of Writing: Building a Caring Kerry Leone Sadlier - Language Arts ConsultantCommunity of WritersBuilding Brain Fitness and Learning Capacity for Education Consultant for Scientific Pam ClemonStudents-FIT BRAINS DO LEARN BETTER! Learning CorporationWhat’s Your EQ?: Emotional Intelligence and Patricia Szasz Monterey Institute of Int’l StudiesEffective Program Administration Kathleen McInerneyThe Cuenca/Chicago Project: Promoting Global and Saint Xavier UniversityCitizenship, Literacies and Collaboration Mark Odenwelder“Pay it Forward”: Motivating ESL Students to University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Lisa Ortiz-GuzmánBecome Agents of Change (Graduate Student/MAEE Candidate) Scholastic Inc. Educational & SalesCreating a Bully-Free Classroom Miguel Meléndez ConsultantThe Importance of The Social-Emotional Scholastic Inc. Educational & Training Glanda HurtadoSpectrum in Early Childhood Education Specialist LAS Links™, A Comprehensive Language Juan Reyneri and CTB/McGraw-Hill Proficiency System Stephanie Seemann New York City Dept. of Education, Brooklyn College,“Read the Labels” Debra Freeman Kingsborough Community College, St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NYLearning Strategies and Performance Auburn University Benjamin J. SchwartzDifferences among ESL Learners Carmen Milagros University of Puerto Rico,Reading and Writing about the Coqui Torres-Rivera Humacao Campus
  3. 3. Universidad del Este, Dr. Evelyn LugoThe Experience of Understanding by Design Carolina Campus Morales University de Puerto Rico,Curriculum is the Teacher’s tool: Dr. Ricardo Molina Cayey CampusIntegration, Integration, Integration Castrillón Universidad de Puerto Rico, BayamonTo publish or not to publish: a question of ethics Petra E. Avillan-Leon Campusor a cultural issue Rosita L. Rivera, CathyEthics and the Design of a Needs Analysis in an Mazak, Kimberly University of Puerto Rico, MayaguezESL College Santiago, & Claudia Campus HerbasWhat National Geographic Can Do For Your Heinle Cengage Learning Caitlin DriscollClassroom