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LUXURIOUS Apartments near golf cource Bansko Bulgaria


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LUXURIOUS Apartments near golf cource Bansko Bulgaria

  1. 1. No Ordinary Investment A couple basic investment questions to save you a little time and help you get straight to the point; Has Edeland Ridge the potential to do better than other European investments? We believe so. This project is created to serve the growing number of golf, ski and spa holiday makers or home owners driven by quality and seeking a super lifestyle at affordable prices. The cost of holidaying in Bulgaria trails behind other similar destinations elsewhere in Europe, so the overall picture on this investment looks strong and safe. Has Edeland Ridge the potential for real capital appreciation and will it become an attractive resale? For a development so well connected to golf and skiing, we believe our properties are very well priced to begin with and not easily imitated. Has Edeland Ridge the potential to be a real all year round investment? If you mean; “can it be rented for 12 months of the year”, the answer is no. However it has the potential for up to double the rental period of properties on the Black Sea Coast that rely on the summer season alone. Has Edeland Ridge the right people behind it to make it a long-term success? We believe so although this is hard to prove. We’re a company that appreciates and has migrated towards building only prestigious developments with clear investment advantages. This is our profession. We are architects. We are planners. We are engineers. We are owners. Finding this combination is rare. Turkey Greece
  2. 2. No Ordinary Location A beautiful alpine town nestled in the Pirin Mountains; Bansko is the newest and fastest developing Bulgarian ski resort, comparable with the best of the Europeans. Founded in the 10th century on the site of an old Thracian settlement, Bansko is rich in culture and ancient history having preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival. The region’s administrative centre Razlog, also preserving the old Thracian culture, is located in close proximity to the resort, just 6km away. From Sofia International Airport you are less than two and a half hours drive from Bansko and Razlog. Plovdiv, the second largest Bulgarian city, is two hours away and Blagoevgrad town, a student’s hub and modern shopping destination is less than 30 minutes drive. What is more, Greece is only an hours drive; a great alternative for a family excursion or a romantic weekend break. Edeland Ridge awaits the adventurous; an adventure within reach. No Ordinary Property Imagine as you reach the steepest part of an ascent to almost 1000 metres, the road begins to level and the view opens to your right. Snow capped peaks rise sharply from the even terrain and reach high into the sharp evening air. Freshly fallen snow forms channels in the road as you approach your new home. Welcome to Razlog. Welcome to Edeland Ridge Golf and Spa Resort. Pronounced and angular, Edeland Ridge coexists beautifully with its environment. The low rise structure, classic alpine architectural style and magnificent mountainous landscapes will leave a lasting impression.
  3. 3. No Ordinary Property It’s a property deliberately placed where three stunning mountain ranges meet, where the climate, soil and topography formed the foundations of a futuristic and attractive lifestyle. A lifestyle that we have designed and enhanced for you. Your future property investment draws its strength and stability from four undeniably strong lifestyle anchors. PIRIN NATIONAL PARk N YOuR FuTuRE PROPERTY IS LOCATED NEAR:  Golf - at the main entrance to an 18 hole golf course  Ski - at the foot of the greatest ski resort in Eastern Europe.  Spa - within the private grounds of a luxury 5 star hotel, spa and wellness centre  Nature - at the gateway to Pirin National Park This impressive five story development consists of four main semi-detached buildings and will be built in two phases. Construction of phase I is to begin in 2008 and is due to be completed on 1 December 2009. The developers are offering a full range of properties including studios, duplexes, one and two bedroom apartments. As part of phase II a five star Edeland Ridge Hotel is to be built. This luxury lodge will offer an exceptional Spa & Wellness complex, modern conference halls and business center equipped with the latest technologies. The overall high quality of this development is complemented by the construction materials used, namely Austrian bricks and German window frames and each property is designed in absolute accordance with all FTO requirements.
  4. 4. No Ordinary Interiors We expect that your future tenants’ stay at Edeland Ridge will be a comfortable and satisfying one. Edeland Ridge will become a place your tenants will associate with the good things in life. A visit to Edeland Ridge will nurture an undeniable desire to return. Edeland Ridge is a lifestyle to be experienced………and shared.
  5. 5. No Ordinary Facilities For relaxation or an adrenalin rush, for business or pleasure, for adults or children, Edeland Ridge has something for you. The development is planned to be built on a 16,000 sq m plot. That’s an area equal to approximately two and a half international soccer pitches and hosts what can be only described as an industry of health and beauty treatments, leisure sports and culinary delights. Watch a film in the cinema, take a swim in the pool or go to the gym. Plunge into the jacuzzi, take a massage or enjoy an evening meal. Let the kids loose in the playground, a game of volleyball or skating on the ice rink. Brilliantly serving holidaying families and couples, this development will also cater for the active businessman with several conference halls and a business centre located in the development’s five star hotel. All buildings are complete with:  Personal storage for ski and golf equipment  Elevator and large staircase Edeland Ridge is a privately run development. Access will be given to owners and guests only. SPA & WELLNESS CENTRE GENERAL SERVICES  Turkish, Roman and Steam baths  Parking lots  Sauna  Individual lockers for ski and golf  Solarium equipment for every apartment  Jacuzzi  security 24h  Massage rooms  reception 24h  Aroma therapy  and golf rental service Ski  Balneologycal mud therapy  Shuttle bus transport to Bansko ski lift BAR & RESTAuRANTS LEISuRE  restaurants 2  Volleyball, basketball and badminton  Cocktail bar playgrounds  skating rink Ice  Children’s playground BuSINESS  Indoor children club  Business centre and  Cinema conference halls  Indoor pool  Function halls  Fitness centre
  6. 6. Golfing in Bulgaria Golf is the fastest developing sport in the world and is getting very big in Bulgaria too. The country’s balanced climate and natural scenic beauty are much appreciated by golf players. What is more, world renowned golfers like Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Ian Woosnam, have designed some of Bulgaria’s best courses, bringing expertise and high international standards. The opening up of Bulgaria to the lucrative golfing market will be good news for those with properties on or near the proposed courses. At this point Edeland Ridge’s district is the leading destination with the largest number of golf projects in Bulgaria. So far seven signature golf courses are in development near Razlog town by local and foreign investors. Some of the projects have already been put into implementation, while others are still developing. Edeland Ridge is perfectly located at the entrance of “Pirin Golf Holidays Club”. This major 18 hole golf course is spread over the 900 decares Betolovoto site in Razlog. Designed by Ian Woosman, its construction is almost complete. The second major 18 hole golf project, “Pirin Golf and Country Club”, is situated on the 780 decares Tsarnako-Betlovoto site in Razlog. It is planned to be completed in three years. The third project developed in cooperation with Razlog Municipality, “kulinoto Ski & Golf Razlog”. It will offer both, golf and ski facilities as well as other and sport opportunities. Along side for the 18 hole golf course, the investors plan to construct a ski centre with 59 km of ski slopes and a 20 km long lift system. Four villages in Razlog Municipality will also have golf courses; the sites are located in Dobarsko, Godlevo, Gorno Draglishte and Dolno Draglishte. All these locations are within close proximity to the Edeland Ridge development. GOLF QuOTATIONS “I like Bulgaria very much. The climate suits me best and I believe that golf has a great future here and soon it will become a very popular sport. Bulgaria is going to have one of the best golf courses in the world.” Gary Player World-famous golf player, winner of golf’s Grand Slam “I am here to create world-class facilities with respect towards nature, which will promote the game of golf and tourism in Bulgaria!” Ian Woosman World-famous golf player
  7. 7. Skiing in Bansko Over the past few years Bulgaria has earned a reputation as one of Europe’s most popular ski destinations especially for those seeking a more affordable alternative to the Alpine resorts. Bulgaria’s best ski resort, Bansko, is modern and attractive, located only 6km from Edeland Ridge in the Pirin Mountains. Dramatic mountain views, excellent ski facilities and a striking 65km of groomed ski pistes are just some of the resort’s attributes. Being so far south, Bansko is one of the sunniest and warmest ski resorts offering the longest season and the best snow coverage. The ski resort has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few years, as:  400 000 tourists visited Bansko in 2004,  750 000 tourists visited Bansko in 2005,  Over 2 000 000 tourists visited Bansko last season. Looking ahead to the upcoming winter season, the resort is ready to welcome at least 10% more tourists. Bansko property market has generated a lot of interest from foreign investors. This, together with the growth of tourism, ski pistes expansions and the modernisation of services and infrastructure, has led to the dramatic rise of property prices in the region, where demand is significantly higher than supply. Compared to the 10% - 15% average nation-wide property prices growth in 2006, this region’s 20% price growth clearly outperformed most other areas in the country. It is now one of the most expensive locations on the Bulgarian market and this growth is anticipated to continue providing investors with a good return in the long-term. SkI QuOTATIONS Full of Eastern Promise Riding the gleaming blue Doppelmayr gondola up the Pirin Mountains over a pine forest blanketed by overnight snow, it was easy to imagine we were in the French Tarentaise rather than Bulgaria... Last season the combination of rock-bottom prices and a high standard of mountain facilities made Bansko the hottest property in European skiing - and the trend seems set to continue. Russian and British skiers often return home with more than just memories, buying their own ski homes in Bansko, at a tenth of prices in the French Alps. Excerpt from, November 2006
  8. 8. SPA - Natural mineral springs Outside the doors of Edeland Ridge one can find a vast variety of spa centres and mineral springs. Hot mineral waters in the vicinity of Razlog are one of its greatest natural assets. One of the best places to visit is the village of Banya, only five km away. Its proximity to the ski facilities of Bansko, its mineral waters and relatively underexploited tourist potential have determined its massive development into a spa and mountain resort with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and other tourist amenities. Tip: visit the small town of Dobrinishte, just six km from Bansko, and enjoy a day on the ski slopes above the town or treat yourself in one of the spa centres. This enormous wealth of natural factors, combined with modern hotels and spa facilities in the region, are excellent for all-year-round effective spa tourism. ECO The region of Bansko and Razlog offer some of the best all-year round walking, mountain hiking, biking and horse riding trails in Europe. Visitors to the Edeland Ridge development who seek a more active holiday can fully enjoy the variety of choices for eco and rural tourism. The Pirin Mountains, where Bansko and Razlog are located, were designated an uNESCO Park in 1983 and consist of an alpine landscape with glacial valleys and lakes with a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Its 160 stunning lakes make it one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains. Hiking in Pirin will give you an unforgettable experience. The Rila Mountains impress with majesty and beauty. The alpine relief and the presence of steep alpine walls make it a perfect place for extreme sports like mountaineering and alpinism. Tip: visit Park area “Belitsa”, huddled right where the three fabulous mountains Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes meet. Belitsa is part of the protected Rila National Park and is famous for the diversity of rare and endangered species. With its well developed tourist infrastructure Belitsa can offer interesting opportunities to lovers of eco and rural tourism. Hiking has always been very popular in Bulgaria. With its distinctive mountain ranges covering a third of the country and over 37,000 kilometres of marked trails to follow for beginners and the more experienced alike, this is no surprise.
  9. 9. unit specifications  Floor plans of the different types of apartments available. Duplex -  All units come fully furnished.  Furniture is included in the total price of the apartment. 4th and 5th floor  Fully furnished  Tiled bathroom with bath  Large private balcony 1 bedroom apartment -  Central heating 2nd and 3rd floors  Room management system F  Internet / TV / Telephone  Fully furnished  Fire alarm system  Tiled bathroom with bath  Security system  Large private balcony  Central heating  Room management system  Internet / TV / Telephone  Fire alarm system  Security system F 2 bedroom apartment - 2nd and 3rd floors  Fully furnished  Tiled bathroom with bath  Large private balcony  Central heating  Room management system Studios - F  Internet / TV / Telephone  Fire alarm system Ground & First floor  Security system  Fully furnished  Tiled bathroom with bath  Private courtyard / balcony  Central heating  Room management system F  Internet / TV / Telephone  Fire alarm system  Security system
  10. 10. No Ordinary Economy No Ordinary Offer Being an acknowledged member of the European union, Bulgaria boasts one of the most stable economies in Purchasing a property at Edeland Ridge is a great mix of opportunities: Eastern Europe. Showing positive macroeconomic indicators and a rapid growth, the country is a magnet for investments.  Own a property and enjoy using it Last year Bulgaria attracted EuR 4,4 billion, nearly one fifth of the total flow of investment into south-eastern  It has the potential to pay for itself Europe, according to the latest report of the united Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment. This year FDI is expected to top EuR 5 billion, half of it to be in real estate.  It has the potential to rise in value without you doing anything At a time when capital growth and rental yields are peaking in Ireland, Spain and the uk, real estate prices are  We’ve made buying easier than ever lower in Bulgaria than anywhere else in the Eu with high capital appreciation expected. In 2006 there was a huge uplift in demand for holiday and domestic real estate from Western European investors. key factors have been excellent value for money, affordable payment terms and favourable tax rates. Edeland Ridge has greater potential for higher letting income and consequential capital appreciation than many other Bulgarian property investments. The government strives to encourage investment and since the start of 2007 Bulgaria has had one of the lowest rates of corporate tax in Europe – 10%. Since the start of 2007 physical persons from Bulgaria and other Eu member countries can sell in one year a property without paying personal income tax (capital gain) on it. Edeland Property Developers are offering the following payment scheme. Bulgaria’s gross domestic product (GDP) is accelerating driven by consumer spending and investment. This year it grew by 6.5% as compared to the same period last year, a growth rate that is the sixth-fastest in Europe. €1,000 Deposit to book a unit Shaping Bulgaria’s favourable business climate are the country’s macroeconomic and political stability, monetary and fiscal policy, functioning free-market economy, experienced skill base and competitive wage rates - all these make it a very successful investment destination, set to deliver excellent returns well into 30% initial payment Payable within one month after signing of the contract the future. QuOTATIONS: 30 % intermediate payment Payable after six months World Bank: Bulgarian Economy in the Top 10 30% second intermediate payment Payable on completion of the rough construction Bulgaria was among the top ten developing countries in the world, a World Bank (WB) report showed recently. The ranking was based on 10 indicators of business regulation that track the time and cost to meet government requirements in business start-up, operation, trade, taxation, and closure. 10% final payment Payable on receiving of the Notary deed Several of the region’s countries, including Bulgaria, have excelled many economies of Western Europe on this score, the report says. Sofia Echo Edeland Property Developers will assist clients to obtain a fast mortgage from Bulgarian banks. In addition, a 11 October, 2007 unique flexible lease plan with lower percentage of cost rising is elaborated to fully facilitate our clients. Lease approval takes up to five working days. No penalty fee for pro-term paying off. If and when required by the client Foreigners Buy EuR 817 Million of Bulgarian Real Estate in H1 the lease plan can be replaced with a mortgage for the remaining amount. FDI in Bulgaria up 4,8% in H1 Foreign individuals and companies with foreign shareholders bought Bulgarian real estate worth EuR 817 million in the first six months of the year, Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) data showed. The figure is a 79% increase over the same period of last year, when foreign buyers paid EuR 457 million for real estate RENTAL GuARANTEES in the country. Guaranteed rental return of 10% for the first two years of letting Real estate purchases accounted for nearly 40% of all foreign direct investment in Q1, according to BNB figures. 4% - first year Dnevnik Daily 20 August, 2007 6% - second year
  11. 11. This Investment Is Different Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information storage and retrieval systems without written permission of Edeland Property Developers Bulgaria is an easily accessible country with many low-cost airline companies operating in the market. What is more, the Municipality of Bansko has plans to build an internal airport that will further facilitate the tourists flow to the region. Different and engaging, Bulgaria is also a very affordable country, with prices being just a fraction of what they are in Ireland, the uk or Russia for that matter. If you’re looking for a pure investment property in Bulgaria, we’d advise you to go for a high quality development, built by developers who know what they’re talking about, that’s priced reasonably and with a payment plan that suits you. We also advise you to go for an investment that has strong potential to rise in value, one with convenient access to super travel and tourism attractions. Your search should begin by seeking a location that has a collection of natural resources which are hard to find or replicate elsewhere. We’d make it clear that the strength of your investment is subject to the future demand for your property, and in this particular case, by the global golf, ski and eco tourism holiday trade. Should you find such a property with all these characteristics, we would say that you have arguably found the “best buy” investment property in Bulgaria.