8_Bogdan Wegrzynek_Kümelerarası Etkileşim


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8_Bogdan Wegrzynek_Kümelerarası Etkileşim

  1. 1. Cluster Networking How to act effectively? Example of Polish National Cluster of Innovative Enterprises (OKIP)
  2. 2. What actually is Cluster Networking..??  bridge building  dissemination of knowledge  cooperation  thematic networks  exchanging of experience  company partnerships B2B  competence development  partnership projects  sharing contacts  matchmaking  conferences, seminars, etc.  synergy  Human Resources
  3. 3. System of measurement of networking results Resources Activities Knowledge building Innovation Economic Effects how much collaboration and innovation result from networking activities?
  4. 4. Resources Activities Knowledge building Innovation Economic Effects People Strong Team built on trust Skills, energies, talents and knowledge represented by individuals and groups Goods Immovables Movables Capital Sources of funding - Central government, Companies, Regions and municipalities, EU and other
  5. 5. Resources Knowledge Activities Innovation building Economic Effects Bridge building Establishment of meeting places - Comprises everything from workshops to thematic seminars to conferences. Gives insights on new knowledge and used as networking fora. Conferences, seminares etc – Organising I Cluster Congress in Polish Parliment Thematic Clusters – establishment of medical, electrical, touristic clusters and many others Matchmaking idea - Assistance to individual companies and researchers in finding suitable partners for a concrete project, or to solve a concrete problem. Idea generation - The purpose of the processes is to lead to new partnership projects on the basis of a concrete idea or a new research result Knowledge dissemination Consulting and sparring - Offer of consulting or individual sparring – based on new knowledge and research from the universities and consulting on project financing and assistance with the preparation of applications Competence development - In partnership with universities and other educational institutions the networks can contribute to developing new, company-oriented education programmes within the networks' disciplines. Partnership projects Innovation projects - Partnership projects between companies and knowledge institutions for the purpose of developing a new technology, a new product, a new service, etc. Pre-projects - Projects to clarify the basis for an actual innovation project, such as the investigation of a new idea, small-scale trials, the sustainability of the team, etc. Company partnerships b2b - Activities that bring companies together to tackle concrete challenges or business opportunities. Knowledge institutions do not participate in these partnerships.
  6. 6. Resources Activities Knowledge building Innovation Economic Effects Knowledge center Cooperation with knowledge institutions, universities etc Strong R&D infrastructure Access to highly skilled professionals and specialists ready to share their knowledge and experience Knowledge transfer From Privat to Public sector (e.g. from companies to universities) From Public to Privat sector Students/ Graduates & Companies cooperation Creating Innovation and Knowledge dissemination Change of “mindset” in both companies and knowledge institutions with regard to the opportunities presented by knowledge networks.
  7. 7. Resources Activities Knowledge building Innovation Economic Effects Gained new competences or ideas Brainstorming, analysis of market needs Finding together best solutions Fast implementation of ideas Developed new products or services Creating competitive products Identification of trends Flexibility of product development Representing polish innovative thinking abroad Recognizable brands Prestige, enhancing the competitiveness Commercialization of innovative technologies
  8. 8. Resources Knowledge Activities building Innovation Economic Effects Micro Scale Creating labor market attracting highly-qualified staff The development of micro and macro enterprises Economic growth of regions Use of existing local resources Creating a new resources, new technologies and products Macro Scale Economic growth of a country Expanding polish innovative products and ideas to foreign markets Increasing the competitiveness of the economy BETTER FUTURE  Together we create better future on a local, as well as global scale. JOIN US TODAY! We are open to cooperate with you!
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention  Bogdan Węgrzynek Vice-President of Polish Clusters Association President of Polish National Cluster of Innovative Enterprises (OKIP)