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publishing production

  1. 1. CH4 :E-PUBLISHING PRODUCTION Electronic Publishing
  2. 2. Content Recruitment What are your organization needs?  identifying organization partners Memorandums of agreement  Access models, ownership of content, data preparation, identity and site customization Education  helping journals go electronic  publishing models, copyright, need for evidence
  3. 3. Foundations and Steps
  4. 4. Digitization Standards
  5. 5. Planning and Implementing(Photo, Audio, Books, Documents, Manuscripts) Digitizing Project Planning and implementing digitizing project should include a thorough period of analysis and planning. It is important to:  1. Clearly articulate the goals of the project.  2. Identify the audience for the (photo, audio, books, documents, manuscripts) products.  3. Have a thorough understanding of methods and processes for completing the project.  4. Develop a realistic work plan.  5. Identify staffing or outsourcing needs.  6. Create budgets and funding sources to support the project through a series of stages.
  6. 6. Sound RecordingsThe use of high-quality AD converter ( Analog-to-Digital converter) (standardIASA (The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives ))Conversion based on the possibility to use the following formulas: -MP3: is the file extension for audio files. -WMA: Windows Media Audio developed by Microsoft. -PCM: (Pulse Code Modulation) format. -WAVE: (Waveform Audio File) format. -BW (File extension for Broadcast W File). F: AV
  7. 7. PhotosBit depth: It is a measurement of the number of bits used to define each pixel. The greater the bit depth used, the greater the number of gray and color tones that can be expressed. The mission follows 3 kinds of scanning: • Bito na l s c a nning : using one bit per pixel to represent black and white. • G ra y s c a le s c a nning : using multiple bits per pixel to represent shades of grey. • Co lo r s c a nning : uses multiple bits per pixel to represent color.Resolution: It is determined by the number of pixels used to present the image, expressed in dots per inch (dpi) or pixels per inch (ppi). Increasing the number of pixels used to capture the image will result in a higher resolution Example: -Images with text and size in the range of 5 X 7 inch, 600 dots per square inch (600dpi). But just continuing to increase resolution will not result in better quality, only in a larger file size. Example: -For images larger than 5 X 7 inch, 300 dots per square inch (300dpi).
  8. 8. Organizations & Institutions for Digitization Standards National Digital Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIPP)  Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI)  National Agricultural Library (NAL)  Library and Archives Canada (LAC) 
  9. 9. Metadata Standards Metadata embedded in the file: It is necessary to insert some basic data within the file is known as the data contained in the file (Embedded Metadata), as a name of the author, title, keywords and subject headings, publisher.
  10. 10. Software 1.Capture Pro :  3.OmniPage : is Capture Pro software version 1.3  is fast and easy way to convert which include ... paper document to editable *Arabic languages supported digital content . *Control the quality of the image  •Take advantage of the most accurate OCR solution (optical *intelligent control quality (CQ) character recognition). 2.ScanOS :  •The most accurate conversion scanning operating system  in over 120 languages. *it has many characteristic  Easy to use and implementation , fixable , Save time , increase Productivity And Scalable software.
  11. 11. Arabic Initiatives• King Abdullahs initiative to support Arabic content.• Project repository of digital assets (DAR) .• Arab Gate for Information Management (Innovation).• Al-Warraq• #letstweetinarabic• @Entajopedia
  12. 12. ‫مبادرة الملك عبدال‬ King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and aims to: Harness the digital content to support the development and transformation to a knowledge society. Ensure that all segments of society have access to information and opportunities online. Preserve the Arab and Islamic identity of the community and promote cultural & civilization stock digitally. Enabling the production of a wealthy Arab e-content to serve Arab and Islamic societies.
  13. 13. ‫مستودع الوصول الرقمية دار‬ One of the library of Alexandria projects which includes a digitized collection of books in a variety of fields. They have digitized more than 62 thousand book , of which 62 thousand in Arabic, and placed on the website of the Library they provide their service to science students, researchers and academics, as thy can view the full versions of the books in the form of «PDF».
  14. 14. ‫البوابة العربية للمعلومات‬ ‫الادارية إبداع‬ Supervised by the Arab Organization for Administrative. Development and include the gate that has to do with information management where it has more than forty journal in addition to all the conferences held by the Organization since the sixties.
  15. 15. ‫الوراق‬ Established under the auspices and support of personal Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, is interested in spreading the Islamic and Arab heritage using information technology and involves the re- investigation and documentation of some of its sources and reformulate some of the other. To enable researchers, scholars, intellectuals and those interested in access to the group of the most important sources of Arab heritage
  16. 16. #letstweetinarabic initiative Fatimah al-Khater, a 17 years of age Qatari student who founded the “Let’s Tweet in Arabic initiative” to promote Arabic social networking The initiative focused on the way in which digital content has revived Arabic language, by gathering young people together regardless of racial or political divisions and helping to encourage communication between people in Arabic language.
  17. 17. Digital publishing Technology Trends Related Technology  typeset technology  Restart Image processing (RIP) & output technology  Font e technology  Work Flow management technology New Technology  Full-text search, data mining, semantic web, complex search over different resources ( book 、 newspaper 、 magazine )、 content related  individuality publish  Web 2.0 technology  Tag 、 Digg 、 RSS 、……  Digital Right Management (DRM)  Reading technology over different platform and devices  DRM is the core technology for benign development of digital publishing
  18. 18. QA is the New Edit - Times 10  Test title on each device  Test what happens to rendering at each font size  Test each live link  Test each functional action  Test product discovery  Test purchase  Give it to a newbie & re-run  Who will the customer complain to if it doesn’t work properly?
  19. 19. 20 Thank You Any Queries??