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eHealth + HL7 Education Partners - Social Media Workshop Overview


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An overview of our 1-day "Implementing Social Media in Healthcare" Workshop

Social Media - a passing fad or harsh healthcare business reality?
Who uses Social Media more: Blue-collar workers or uni graduates?
Mayo Clinic connects with patients via Social Media since 2005. Do you?
Yahoo just bought Tumblr. What does this mean for your business?
Can tweeting staff put your organisation at risk? How?
Do you know about the "Streisand Effect" and how to avoid it?

Can you afford to not know the answers to these questions?

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eHealth + HL7 Education Partners - Social Media Workshop Overview

  1. 1. HL7S&S eHealth & HL7 Education Partners ©2013 HL7S&S & C2C & HL7 International Implementing Social Media in Healthcare An Advanced Hands-On Implementation Workshop presented by Klaus Veil University of Western Sydney, Australia Vice-President - Australasian College of Health Informatics Co-Chair - Standards Australia IT-014-06 Principal - eHealth Web Services, Sydney
  2. 2. Social Media Implementation Workshop 2HL7S&S Social Media Implementation Workshop: Activities In this Workshop, we will:  Explore the importance of personal communications in healthcare  Explore the evolution and role of Social Media  Overview the main social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, MySpace, etc  Explore the role of Instagram, Ning, Picasa, StatusNet, DeviantART, LiveJournal, orcut, etc  Overview the communications function and reach of each of these social media channels in healthcare  Learn how to use which social media channel for which purpose  Learn to integrate social media into traditional communications  Overview the public relations and medico-legal risks  Discuss if social media is 'a passing fad' or 'here to stay'  Create a social media presence based on your input
  3. 3. HL7 2.7 Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp 3HL7S&S Workshop Outcomes and Competencies Gained On completion of the Workshop, you will be able to:  Understand the relevance of traditional and social media communications in healthcare  Know the role, characteristics and function of the main social media channels  Know which social media channels to use  Integrate social media into your organisation's print, radio/TV, web, e-mail, etc communications  Indentify PR and medico-legal risks of using social media in your organisation  Create a social media plan and build a social media presence for your organisation
  4. 4. HL7 2.7 Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp 4HL7S&S What this Workshop is not planning to cover...  Living a "Digital Life" ...  The Advantages & Disadvantages of "Unplugging" ...  Journalism 101 ...  Social Media and Minors - although ~5% of users are under-age ...  "Cyber-Bullying" - although your organisation should have a policy ...  Web Site Design - although Social Media is fundamentally changing the purpose and therefore the design of web sites ...  SEO ("Search Engine Optimisation") - although Social Media has very strong effect on Search Engines ...  Why it looks like everyone is online ...
  5. 5. HL7 2.7 Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp 5HL7S&S 5 Workshop Materials  The following will be provided to each Workshop participant: - Paper handouts in MS Power-Point note-taking format - Resources & URLs list - Online Resources & URLs page:  Also (on Resources & URLs page): - Links to set-up Social Media sites - Links to Social Media statistics - Links to Social Media management systems
  6. 6. HL7 2.7 Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp 6HL7S&S 6 Contact us: Thank you! More Information here:
  7. 7. HL7 2.7 Certification Exam Preparation Boot Camp 6HL7S&S 6 Contact us: Thank you! More Information here: