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If you are passionate about education, if you are a teacher or a parent, if you care about the state of education in Israel - your involvement in this process is important to us.

We want to hear your comments and feedback on our strategic roadmap, so that we can improve it.

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Trump foundation strategic_roadmap_oct_2011

  1. 1. Strategic roadmap October 2011 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. the trump Foundationaims to serve as a catalyst for improving educational achievement in israel by cultivating high-quality teaching in schools with a focus on mathematics and the Sciences 3
  4. 4. execuTive summary The Trump Foundation is a new philanthropic Through instrumental and pro-active grant- foundation that will devote its resources over making, the foundation will implement three the next 10-12 years to the improvement of strategies which directly influence classroom educational achievement in Israel. instruction focusing on the talent, expertise and practice of teachers. The foundation seeks to cultivate effective teaching that caters to the needs, abilities Experience from other countries reveals and individual learning progress of students that each of these three factors is immensely in secondary education, particularly in important; however systemic improvement Mathematics and the Sciences. is feasible only when they are combined. TalenT Improving the public image of teachers while harnessing excellence into the teaching profession. experTise Creating the knowhow and the professional cadre to support practical teacher learning. pracTice Collaborating with municipalities and school networks to demonstrate high-quality instruction. In order to pursue these three objectives, the with the government, local authorities, Trump Foundation will support organizations universities, colleges, the teachers’ unions, and entrepreneurs with a proven track schools, and fellow philanthropists. The record of success, whose mission is aligned foundation will strive to ensure that its with the foundations strategy. It will work actions are sustainable, and its impact is transparently and in close coordination long-term and broad in scope. 1 [ 1 ] We are grateful to the colleagues and experts who kindly volunteered their time to read the draft version of this paper; those who offered comments, remarks, and suggestions, and those who contributed from their wisdom and experience to improve our plan. Special thanks are hereby attributed to: Shlomit Amichai, Zvika Arica, Bea Bearman, Gila Ben-Har, Nava Ben-Zvi, Barbara Chow, Ramon Cortines, Itzik Danziger, Avital Darmon, Shlomo Dovrat, John Ewing, Michael Feuer, Joel Fleishman, Chester Finn, Susan Fuhrman, Michael Garett, Pamela Grossman, Katie Haycock, Jane Hannaway, Haim Harari, Joel Klein, Irwin Kra, Sabrina Laine, Richard Laine, Adam Lefstein, Jennifer Lewis, Sivan Mcletchie, Lowell Milken, Roy Pea, Ofer Rimon, Jon Schnur, Rich Shavleson, Shimshon Shoshani, Judy Shulman, Lee Shulman, Yossi Vardi, Daniel Zajfman, Elaine Wolfensohm, and Zvi Zameret.4
  5. 5. ExPENDITURE ON EDUCATION IN ISRAEL 2010 ISRAEL OECD HUNGARY IRELAND BELGIUM FINLAND Population (Millions) 7.7 / 10.5 6.2 10.8 5.4 Expenditure on Education 7.4 5.7 4.9 4.7 6.1 5.6 % GDP 0-14 years old % Population 26.5 / 15.8 20.9 16.9 17.3 ($) Annual Investment per High School Student 5,741 8,267 4,225 9,375 7,363 7,829 ($) Annual Salary per High School teacher 18,199 32,563 13,226 32,657 28,992 32,731 • Israel invests a significant portion of its GDP in education, nevertheless the investment per student is relatively poor • Partial explanation for this unique phenomenon is the high percentage of children in Israeli society • The salaries of teachers in Israel are low, however recent agreements with the teachers union will gradually increase them to just under the OECD average " THE FOUNDATION wILL IMPLEMENT THREE STRATEGIES wHICH DIRECTLY INFLUENCE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION FOCUSING ON THE TALENT, ExPERTISE AND PRACTICE OF TEACHERS." 5
  6. 6. THE OPPORTUNITYIsrael, hailed as a “Start-up Nation”, and The dramatic improvement in educationalrenowned for its achievements in scientific achievement of other countries in recentresearch and technology, cannot afford to years is encouraging. While some of theseignore the educational decline it is facing. countries differ significantly from Israel, others are comparable in many respects andIn response to this wake-up call, the can therefore serve as replicable models.government has increased the budget Israel has some outstanding teachers toallocation for education and adopted rely on. These teachers work relentlessly,ambitious objectives for student achievement. believe in their students’ abilities andThe governments desired outcome is for encourage them to fulfill their potential.Israel’s students to jump twenty places in Therefore, any effort to improve education inthe PISA rankings, with fifteen percent of Israel must build on the talent, expertise andstudents achieving top results. practice of our most successful teachers.While the current downturn in Israel’s The recent wage agreements, which willachievement ranking is cause for concern, gradually increase teachers’ salaries bymore and more Israelis, particularly after the approximately 50%, promise to restore thesocial protest of summer 2011, are beginning role of teaching in our society and pave theto embrace the notion that it is reversible. way for better education outcomes.NEw AGREEMENTS wITH TEACHERS UNIONSGradual Implementation Over Five Years INCREASE OF AT LEAST 40% IN wORK HOURS 6 HOURS PER wEEK FOR MEETINGS wITH STUDENTS 4 HOURS PER wEEK wILL BE DEVOTED TO IN-SCHOOL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROMOTION wILL INCLUDE SUPPLEMENTAL COMPENSATION AND wILL BE PARTLY LINKED TO PERFORMANCE INCREASE OF ALMOST 50% IN THE MONTHLY SALARY 6
  7. 7. Despite this renewed dedication, education and sustainable solutions, philanthropy hasremains just one of several complex issues an opportunity to play an important role.with which Israel and its government Relying on private resources, it can act asmust contend. Since education reform is a stabilizing force, a convener for dialogue,dependent on active collaboration between and a catalyst for innovation and change.many stakeholders, and requires profoundACHIEVEMENT IN OECD TESTS / PISA 2009 PISA TEST ISRAEL OECD HUNGARY IRELAND BELGIUM FINLAND Reading (37) 474 493 (26) 494 (21) 496 (11) 506 (3) 536 Mathematics (42) 447 496 (29) 490 (32) 487 (14) 515 (6) 541 Science (42) 455 501 (22) 503 (20) 508 (21) 507 (2) 554PERCENTAGE OF TOP-ACHIEVERS (LEVELS 5 AND 6) / PISA 2006 Israel OECD Avg Hungary Ireland Belgium Finland 25 20 15 10 5 0 Science Mathematics 7
  8. 8. THEORY OF CHANGE "THE qUALITY OF TEACHING IS AN INFLUENTIAL FACTOR IN ACCOUNTING FOR DISPARITIES IN STUDENT OUTCOMES."The Trump Foundation will focus its efforts They then provide positive and reinforcingprimarily on the study of Mathematics feedback, and assistance in real time.and the Sciences, with an emphasis on theway these subjects are taught in Israeli Instruction that focuses on student learningsecondary schools. We aim to change the requires a consistent and organized approachtroubling course of performance in these by the teacher and a collaborative action byareas, confronting the decline in the number the whole school. At the classroom levelof high schools which offer Physics studies; the teacher is supported by fellow teachers,the deteriorating number of students taking tutors and teaching assistants who help theadvanced tracks in Mathematics; and the student overcome difficulties. At the schoolsidelining of Science studies in middle and municipal levels teachers share resourcesschools. and operate routinely within a community of practice, which focuses on the learningThe foundation recognizes that there are progress of their shortcuts to improving outcomes in asustainable manner without a substantial Countries that have successfully boostedinvestment in the professional development their educational achievement in recent yearsof the teaching corps. It intends to help have learned from these best practices andensure that students in Israel, particularly developed a system-wide reform designed tothose learning Mathematics and the improve classroom instruction. These reformsSciences, benefit from the most effective are very different from traditional reformsinstruction, thus enabling them to fulfill which concentrated almost exclusively ontheir potential and reach the highest level structure and finance. Classrooms previouslyof achievement. perceived as a type of a "black box" whose secrets could not be deciphered, have nowThe decision to focus on teachers and been opened.instruction as a means to improving academicsuccess is based on solid evidence that the In light of the successful reforms in thesequality of teaching is an influential factor countries, the Trump Foundation willin accounting for disparities in student intervene at three entry points proven tooutcomes. be vital for catalyzing excellent teaching. The first will concentrate on attracting aStudies have shown that expert teachers set new generation of talented teachers, thehigh goals for each student, diagnose their second on building their expertise and skillneeds and abilities, tailor teaching methods, for student-centered teaching, and the thirdand monitor individual student progress. will focus on showcasing effective practice of high-quality instruction. 8
  9. 9. ADVANCED TRACKS IN MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICSNumber of Students in 12th Grade & Percentage of Cohort 14.1% 14000 2006 13.4% 2007 12000 12.2% 2008 10000 11.8% 2009 8.5% 8.3% 8.5% 8.4% 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Mathematics Physics 9
  11. 11. STRATEGY NO. 1 / TalenT ATTRACTING A NEw GENERATION OF TEACHERSHigh-performing education systems recruit Positive conditions for change, includingfrom the top third of university graduates. the recent wage agreements and Israel’sIn these societies the teaching profession social protest are vital, but not sufficient tois perceived as prestigious; salaries are increase the interest in teaching. Talentedattractive and admission criteria for teaching people will only choose to become teachersare competitive. In Korea, teachers come when teaching is perceived as a worthyfrom the top 5% of graduating students, profession; when they feel support andand in Finland from the top 10%. Partial encouragement from society as a whole;data indicates that in Israel, this is not the case. when they become convinced that their work yields results; and that education inIsrael has a relatively sizable body of Israel is changing course.educators. However, a large group ofexperienced teachers, many of whom For this reason: a comprehensive andimmigrated to Israel from the Former Soviet profound change is required in the publicUnion during the 1990s, are now nearing image of the teaching profession.retirement age. Young teaching candidatesare deterred from filling their shoes due to The relationship between the public andthe poor salary, the exhausting work and the teachers must be transformed into one basedinferior public image of the profession. on mutual trust and the teaching profession should be rebuilt as a professional craft emphasizing clinical skills, with a focus on student learning. " A COMPREHENSIVE AND PROFOUND CHANGE IS REqUIRED IN THE PUBLIC IMAGE OF THE TEACHING PROFESSION." 11
  12. 12. The Trump Foundation aims to serve as a The creation and promotion of an “elite force”catalyst for igniting the momentum which of teachers is another means to make teachingwill attract a new generation of teachers more attractive. The foundation will supportto the field. highly competitive and selective programs modeled on Teach for America and TeachThe foundation will strive for a greater First. Teacher training for career changerspresence for teachers and teaching in the and for part-time high tech employees willpublic sphere in order to spur increased also be considered, following surveys andinterest and appreciation. Exposure through focus groups among potential candidates.multiple media and communication channelswill allow the public a closer look at the As a result of our work, within 5-7 yearschallenges, opportunities and rewards that we expect to see a growing interest amongteachers experience on a daily basis. talented Israelis to engage in teaching Mathematics and the Sciences. ThroughSimilarly, a National Prize recognizing public surveys and focus groups, we aimexcellent teaching would present teachers to reveal a higher regard for the teachingas cultural heroes and convey to the public profession, a mutual trust between parentsa clearer sense of what constitutes effective and teachers, and a greater confidence inteaching. Master-teachers will be introduced the education systems ability to improveas role models, in order to encourage other student outcomes.teachers and those who are interested inteaching to follow their example.TEACHING RESOURCES IN ISRAELI ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS 2010 * * ISRAEL OECD HUNGARY IRELAND BELGIUM FINLAND Size of Class 27.6 21.3 21.2 24.3 20.2 19.8 Teacher/ Student Ratio 16.3 16.4 10.6 17.8 12.6 14.4 Hours of teaching per 755 786 611 915 810 677 year for teacher**• The average number of teachers per student in Israel is just above the OECD average, but Israel has larger number of students per class• This is partly due to students spending many hours in the classroom and being taught by a large number of teachers, each of which teaches relatively little time• In Finland, the structure and method are different - the permanent classroom teacher can diagnose students challenges and abilities and direct them to work in small groups with expert teachers• New wage agreements with teachers will enable schools in Israel to operate more like the Finnish system 12
  13. 13. TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS IN HIGH SCHOOLS• The number of teachers in the State Secular Schools increased from 1,745 in 1996 to 2,920 in 2009 (an increase of 67%) A similar trend is evident in the Jewish- Religious and the Arab School Systems• 50% of high school Mathematics teachers graduated their own high school studies with the advanced level (5 points) matriculation in Mathematics• The average score in the Psychometric Exam (SAT) of Mathematics teachers is 570 (out of 800) compared to a score of 616 for the average Israeli university student and 497 for a trainee teacher in an Academic Education College• 15% of the teachers of Mathematics in high schools have not majored in Mathematics or a closely related subject in their academic studies, and have not graduated with a teaching diploma in Mathematics• The percentage of Mathematics teachers over the age of 50 has increased from 20% in 2005 to 41% in 2009• In 2005 less than 1,200 candidates received a teaching diploma in an Israeli university, of which 75 majored in the teaching of Mathematics (and only 45 eventually became teachers)• In 2003 867 students graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from an Israeli university. In 2008 this number decreased to 523 students 13
  14. 14. STRATEGY NO. 2 / experTise PREPARING TEACHERS FOR STUDENT-CENTERED INSTRUCTIONCountries with high performance in In Israel, teacher training is conductededucation invest substantial resources mostly in universities or educationin the professional development of their colleges, where only a small amount of timeteachers. Their training is based on a and resources is dedicated to practice. Thestudent-centered approach and focuses curriculum is very comprehensive, withon infusing practical skills for classroom a natural tendency towards knowledgeteaching. In these systems, the clinical which is not necessarily translated intois prioritized over the theoretical, and skills needed for classroom instruction.teachers-in-training engage in real-life There are more than sixty differentsimulations, peer learning and internships training institutions in Israel, all withwith master teachers in schools. their own curricula and policies, making it extremely difficult to influence teacher training across the board.TEACHER TRAINING IN ISRAEL • Teacher Training is conducted in 8 universities, 29 Academic Colleges and 29 Haredi institutions • In each cohort 6,000 candidates study in the Academic Colleges, 4,000 in the Haredi institutions and about 1,000 in the universities • University programs comprise of 76 annual hours of study, in comparison to 108 annual hours in an Academic College • The practical portion of pre-service programs in the Academic Colleges is 18 hours long, whereas in universities it is no more than 2-3 hours in total. A recently published Public Committee report requires between 9 and 15 hours of practical work • Upon completion of their teacher training 40% of the top graduates each year choose a different career and do not become teachers • 50% of the new teachers in Israel leave the teaching profession within the first five years. They are considered more talented and capable compared to their colleagues who remain teachers14
  15. 15. " THE FOUNDATIONS wORK wILL INITIATE THE DEVELOPMENT OF CONTENT, TOOLS AND PERSONNEL NEEDED IN ORDER TO TRAIN TEACHERS TO PRACTICE STUDENT-CENTERED TEACHING "The foundations focus on the study of Case-studies and video banks of classroomMathematics and the Sciences in secondary instruction will be pilot-tested, andeducation may help circumvent these technologies harnessed so that teacherschallenges. In Israel, high school teachers can learn from live simulations. A selectof these subjects are trained by a handful group of master teachers and professionalof research universities, within special developers will form a cadre of teacherand sometimes separate departments or trainers to facilitate this process.teaching tracks. While Mathematics andScience Teaching Departments flourished At the third stage, the foundation will actduring the 1990s, they are now on the as a driver, convening an expert committeedecline as government funding has dried with members from Israel and abroad toup and senior staff approach retirement. recommend systematic improvements to teacher training. The committee will lookB a s e d o n t h e k n ow - h ow o f t h e s e into the need and possibility of creatingdepartments developed in previous an Israeli Institute for Advanced Teachingdecades, the foundation will work initially to serve as a central hub of expertise. Theto help them renew their authority and vision for this Institute is to work hand-regenerate their capacity as centers of in-hand with universities and colleges toexpertise. Learning communities of teachers develop innovative training techniques,will be reconvened, online networks will assemble working-groups of expertbe upgraded, and workshops for teachers teachers, and offer advanced teachingwill be held to encourage professional certifications.interaction. In 7-9 years we foresee that an in-depthThe next level of the foundation’s work study of the first graduating cohort of thewill initiate the development of content, Institute will indicate that they believetools and personnel needed in order in their ability to improve their studentsto train teachers to practice student- academic achievement. Evaluation bycentered teaching. the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation and the OECD’s TALIS questionnaires will reveal a strong trend of improvement in their instructional practices. 15
  16. 16. STRATEGY NO. 3 / pracTice SHOwCASING EFFECTIVE PROFICIENCY OF ExCELLENT TEACHINGThe ability to practice effective teaching in a We aim to create a competitive selectionclassroom is perhaps the most critical factor process in order to choose candidates whoof being an excellent teacher. While this will display a deep concern, motivationis primarily dependent on the competence and capability for improving Mathematicsand technique of the individual classroom and Sciences secondary education inteacher, it also entails a support system their city. Candidates will have to preparewhich is school-wide, and sometimes even a well-thought out plan for improvingcity-wide and nation-wide. Without such their schools’ performance, including ansupport, even the most talented and well- instructional program, an implementationtrained teacher can despair. plan, and a platform for the sharing of pedagogic resources. We will seek to workIn schools where effective teaching is with a variety of partners, differing in theirpracticed, teachers cater for the individual geographic location, size, ethnicity, andlearning of each student in their classroom religious affiliation.while working together with fellow teachersin a professional learning community. The Our decision to collaborate with munici-school leadership is mentored by instructional palities is rooted in the understandingcoaches, and new teachers are apprenticed that mayors are held accountable bywith master teachers. The whole school is their constituency for matters related toenlisted to implement a student-centered education. Mayors have both managementapproach incorporating policies, routines, and budgetary responsibilities and ultimateand technologies that are practiced on an authority, as municipalities formally ownongoing basis. their high schools, and as such, can provide for the sustainability and the scaling upCollaboration across schools is imperative, of effective practices. The larger schoolparticularly in the areas of Mathematics and networks in Israel share many similarthe Sciences, in which teachers and students characteristics.are scarce and lab equipment is expensive.The Trump Foundation therefore intendsto serve as a partner for a select group ofmunicipalities and school networks, whoare interested in demonstrating effectiveapplications of student-centered teaching.16
  17. 17. Since municipal elections are due in • High quality personnel management,October 2013, the foundation will focus which is vital for helping new teachersinitially on creating building blocks to find employment, integrate into schoolsprepare for partnering with elected mayors and continue teaching beyond their firstafter the elections. These building blocks five years.include: • Instructional coaches, who will engage• Technology, comprising adaptive with local government and school stafflearning systems for the monitoring of in order to help transform schools intoclassroom learning, web-based networks a supportive environment for student-encouraging teacher collaboration, as well centered virtual teaching and digital learningmaterial.In 10-12 years, our goal for our partner cities is a twenty percent increase in the numberof high school students studying advanced Physics and a fifteen percent rise in studentsstudying advanced Mathematics.THE ISRAELI EDUCATION SYSTEM - SCHOOL YEAR 2010/2011 1ST - 12TH GRADES ARAB COMMUNITY HAREDI COMMUNITY Students 1,531,813 408,740 252,929 Teachers 118,174 30,443 7,602 Classes 59,868 14,833 10,997 Schools 4,316 853 1,199• In 2010/2011 more than 20% of all Israelis attend the public school system• Vast growth is registered in the Arab and Haredi schools, which constitute almost half of the Israeli education system 17
  18. 18. nexT sTepsIn the near future the foundation’s staff will 4. The concept of student-centeredprepare implementation plans for each track of teaching needs to be further elaboratedthe strategy outlined above. Implementation and translated into a specific instructionalplans will include performance measures, theory. The instructional theory shouldsequencing schemes and timetables, as well as provide a clear articulation of how expertrisk analysis and proposed budget allocation. teachers organize their teaching in order toThese plans will take into consideration the accomplish individual treatment for eachchallenges raised by readers and reviewers student. These best practices should underlieof this document, in particular the following the foundations efforts to improve teacherinsights: training and practice.1. Israel’s social fabric is very diverse and 5. Many stakeholders in the Israeli educationincludes two large minority groups, Israeli system are still skeptical about its futureArabs and Ultra-Orthodox Jews, which prospects. They are not yet aligned withconstitute almost 50% of the education the idea that student-centered teaching andsystem. These two groups differ from a focused investment in Mathematics andmainstream Israel in many respects and the Sciences are worthwhile. It would bedeserve special attention. advisable to engage in advocacy work, which includes conferences, seminars, workshops,2. Girls in Israel perform better in etc., in order to build a growing partnershipexaminations, however a smaller proportion on these issues in education.chooses to study advanced tracks ofMathematics and Physics in high school. 6. As the foundation has a shelf-life ofTeachers need to be aware of this phenomenon; approximately ten years, it should rapidlyencourage female students to persevere in create a serious reputation for itself, andtheir studies; and help them successfully focus its work on existing demands. It mustcomplete their schooling. prefer grantees that are already capable of delivering high quality programs and partner3. High school students in Israel today are with other foundations in its grant-making.less attracted to the Sciences. It is necessary Sustainability is a major consideration asto expand the pool of students for these the long term viability of ventures fundedsubjects, while improving the quality of by the foundation will need to rely on otherteaching. It is therefore recommended to sources of income.nurture interest and affection for theSciences among students at an earlier age,particularly in junior-high school.18
  19. 19. The first few years will lay the groundwork Towards the fifth year of operation, anfor better planning and implementation assessment of the foundation’s progressof the overall strategy. The intention is to will be executed to allow for mid-courseaccelerate activity in raising the demand corrections. The foundations activity willfor teaching and by doing this, set the stage then be documented leading to an overallfor developing the other strategy elements. evaluation which will take place towardsThis will involve testing the waters with the end of the foundation’s mandate. Thisgrantees and developing the building blocks final evaluation will measure the successand professional infrastructure needed for of the Trump Foundation, not only by thethe more substantial investments. direct results of its grants and projects, but by the rich human capital, improvedGrant recommendations will be prepared educational infrastructure, and transformedby foundation staff on a quarterly basis mindsets it hopes to leave behind.and presented for approval by the Board ofDirectors. An Advisory Board with membersfrom Israel and abroad will assemble in Israelannually. Its primary purpose will be toadvise on overall strategy and direction, toprovide insights on appropriate methods ofmonitoring, assessment and evaluation, andto help establish and develop the foundationsposition within networks of practice. 19
  20. 20. Dan Alexander & co. the trump Foundation Ltd. (CC) )‫קרן טראמפ בע"מ (חל"צ‬ P.O.B. 4, Beit Yehonatan, Azrieli Center Tel. +972.73.7962213 ‫ת.ד. 4 בית יהונתן, מרכז עזריאלי‬ 20 14 Lev-Hair St., Modiin 71700 Israel Fax. +972.73.7699220 71700 ‫רח לב-העיר 41, מודיעין‬