Webinar: eFolder Expert Series: Three Myths of Cloud Recovery Revealed


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  • Hello. My name is Ted Hulsy. I am Vice President of Marketing at eFolder and your host for today’s event.Welcome to the eFolder Expert Series. This webinar series brings together experts from eFolder’s staff and partner community for deep dive discussions on key service and technical topics.Today we are joined by Dave Watts, President and CEO of Netfusion. In just a moment, I will further introduce Dave.
  • Before we go through the agenda, let’s cover a few house keeping items.Today’s session is being recorded. The recorded version of the webinar will be made available on eFolder’s YouTube channel. We will also make copies of the slides available those who attended the event.With over 150 people registered for today’s session, we have put all participants in listen only mode. You can enjoy the audio portion of today’s event by either streaming it your computer or by dialing in over the phone. Questions are strongly encouraged throughout. We have planned a special Q&A section at end of today’s discussion, but you may submit as we go along and we will try to address your questions on the fly.Dave is going to first going to give a brief overview of cloud recovery. Next, he will describe some of the common misconceptions many partners have about cloud recovery. And next, Dave will introduce the eFolder Continuity Cloud and talk about his experience with this soon be announced eFolder service offering.
  • Now let me introduce today’s expert:Dave Watts is President and CEO of NetFusion, an MSP with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dave started the company in 1995. Today, he spends most of his days in front of new clients or consulting on the strategic needs of existing clients. Dave’s focus is sales and new business development – he knows the challenges all partners face in winning new revenue. Like many of you however, Dave is also technical and got his start as a network administrator for a Fortune 500 insurance company. Dave will be joined for today’s discussion by one his lead technicians, Kent Tepper. Welcome to Dave and Kent.
  • This diagram provides a simple overview of the main functions of an eFolder BDR installation.First, the imaging software running on the production servers captures an initial image of the server, along with incremental image backups, and stores them on the eFolder BDR.The eFolder BDR appliance acts both as a storage server and as a standby server, in the event the production server fails. The eFolder BDR, leveraging virtualization technology, can bring up the image of the downed server and operate just like production server. Since both the data and complete server configuration is backed up, this on-site recovery can happen in minutes, not hours or days.To deliver additional protection, eFolder backs up the server images daily to the eFolder Storage Cloud, providing cloud based protection from on-site disasters. The client or partner can recover the server images from the cloud, via a download or shipment of a hard drive with the server images.Or, partners may elect to recover the servers in the cloud with the eFolder Continuity Cloud. This approach provides the same benefits of on-site virtualization, but instead leverages the eFolder Continuity Cloud.
  • [Ted will close out the last two slides, before formal Q&A]eFolder helps partners adapt to a fast changing technology landscape. Partners can leverage the power of the cloud, while managing the natural migration of infrastructure from on-premises to cloud-based deployments.With eFolder’s unique business model, partners control the client relationship. eFolder allows partners build unique and differentiated offerings, with your own service levels, pricing, and branding.eFolder partners create thriving businesses based upon managed services that generate predictable, monthly recurring revenue. Partners are able to keep their operating costs low through reliable service performance, automation, and integration with their PSA systems. And the result is consistent ongoing profitability.
  • If eFolder sounds right for you, contact us today. Qualifying VARs, solution providers, and MSPs can try any eFolder service at no cost.Thank you for joining us.
  • Webinar: eFolder Expert Series: Three Myths of Cloud Recovery Revealed

    1. 1. Cloud Virtualization:Three Myths of Cloud Recovery Revealed Ted Hulsy VP of Marketing, eFolder 415-235-6087 ehulsy@efolder.net Dave Watts President, CEO, NetFusion (323) 606-7608 dwatts@netfusion.com
    2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• Partner Expert: – What is cloud recovery? – Three Myths – eFolder Continuity Cloud• Q&A2 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    3. 3. eFolder Expert: Dave Watts3 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    4. 4. Cloud Recovery – why and where? eFolder BDR eFolder Storage Cloud Image backupProduction Disaster recovery options BDR appliance servers 1. Download On-site virtualization 2. Disk shipment eFolder 3. Emergency in the cloud Continuity Cloud virtualization and recovery Users 4 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. Three Myths of Cloud Recovery1. Cloud recovery is expensive.2. Cloud recovery requires large upfront financial commitments.3. Cloud recovery only allows simple network configurations.5 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    6. 6. Typical Cloud Recovery Pricing 1. Large upfront cloud storage commitment 2. Higher per GB per month, every day of the year 3. Pay, whether you use it or not6 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    7. 7. eFolder Continuity Cloud Pricing Please call eFolder for partner wholesale pricing details: 800-352-0248 www.efolder.net/join7 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. eFolder Pricing Difference Greater agility Better value Adaptable8 © 2011 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. eFolder Continuity CloudCustomer Site or Temporary Site Publicly Available Services (HTTP(S), SMTP, POP, XML/RPC) Private IPsec Virtual Firewall Firewall IPsec Tunnel LAN Internet PPTP Tunnel Traveling VPN Passthrough High Performance Computers Private Storage Cloud Continuity Cloud Compute Node Continuity Cloud Compute Node RDP Management Powered by Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and Powered by Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition 9 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    10. 10. Partner Use Cases• Premium SLA on BDR installs – Drive higher monthly recurring revenue with a premium SLA for select BDR clients• Emergency Cloud Recovery Service – Charge $1,000 per week for emergency, as needed cloud recovery for clients• Quarterly or Annual Testing – Periodically spin up the Continuity Cloud for image testing and validation; complement on-the-appliance tests10 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    11. 11. eFolder Competitive Advantages • Leverage the power of the cloud Adapt • Manage the migration from on-premises to cloud services • Your own service offerings Differentiate • Your own pricing • Your own branding • Predictable, monthly revenue streams Thrive • Low operating costs • Consistent margins and cash flow11 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Contact Us Phone: 800-352-0248 Email: info@efolder.net Web: efolder.net Blog: efolder.net/blog/ Twitter: twitter.com/eFolder12 © 2011 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    13. 13. Q&A
    14. 14. Appendix
    15. 15. Proactive Data Integrity Checks Decryption and Transmission via Encrypted Verification Verification Network Tunnel over Public Internet and Reassembly Encrypted Transmission Your Data, Your Encrypted Data Cryptographically + Checksums Verified + Digital SignaturesData Verification and Reassembly during DownloadData Protection and Duplication during Upload Encryption Encrypted Transmission via Encrypted Verification Transmission and Duplication Network Tunnel over Public Internet Your Data Your Encrypted Data + Checksums + Digital Signatures 15 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    16. 16. BDR Partner Pricing Models• Markup Model – Targets 60%+ recurring gross margin – Charge upfront for appliance/install – 3x wholesale recurring costs – Example A: • SMB, one server, 100 GB, forecasted to grow to 150 GB • Wholesale monthly cost: $60 • Retail MRR: $180 – Example B: • SMB, four servers, 225 GB, forecasted to grow to 400 GB • Wholesale monthly cost: $195 • Retail MRR: $58516 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    17. 17. BDR Partner Pricing Models• Bundle Model – Targets 50-70% recurring gross margin – Incorporates appliance cost into bundle – Flat $750 setup fee17 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.