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  1. 1. What does Geo mean? by Eva Hugas
  2. 2. The science that deals with physical history of the EarthThe rocks from which the earth is composed by Eva Hugas
  3. 3. by Eva Hugas
  4. 4. Pie crust 0r bread crust? by Eva Hugas
  5. 5. Where do youthink the Earth’scrust is? by Eva Hugas
  6. 6. Just like pie crust and bread crust,the earth’s crust is on the outside by Eva Hugas
  7. 7. The region just below the crust and extending all the way down to the Earths core is called the mantle. The mantle is relativelyflexible so it flows instead of fracturing. by Eva Hugas
  8. 8. by Eva Hugas
  9. 9. by Eva Hugas
  10. 10. Where’s the core of the Earth? by Eva Hugas
  11. 11. The core is at the center of the sphere. The inner partof the core is thought to be solid. The outer core isbelieved to be very hot . When solid substances suchas rock or metal become hot enough, they melt into aliquid. by Eva Hugas
  12. 12. What do you thinkis the differencebetween a rock anda mineral? by Eva Hugas
  13. 13. A naturally formed , inorganic (not living) solid with a crystalline structureby Eva Hugas
  14. 14. by Eva Hugas
  15. 15. by Eva Hugas
  16. 16. Minerals can be part of rocks butrocks cannot be part of minerals by Eva Hugas
  17. 17. by Eva Hugas
  18. 18. Sedimentary rocks are formed fromparticles of sand, shells, pebbles, andother fragments of material. Together,all these particles are called sediment.Gradually, the sediment accumulates inlayers and over a long period of timehardens into rock.Sedimentary rock can break . by Eva Hugas
  19. 19. Pretend a chocolate bar is a rock.What happens to the chocolate barwhen you put it over a stove or a fire?What happens when you put the liquidchocolate back in therefrigerator for a few days? by Eva Hugas
  20. 20. by Eva Hugas
  21. 21. Igneous rocks are formed when magma cools and become hard. Sometimes the magma cools inside the earth, and other times it erupts onto the surface from volcanoes . When lava cools very quickly the rock looks shiny and glasslike. Sometimes gas bubbles are trapped in the rock during the cooling process, leaving tiny holes and spaces in the Eva Hugas
  22. 22. So… like the chocolatebar in the example…Igneous rocks areformedby melting and cooling by Eva Hugas
  23. 23. Metamorphic rocks are formed under the surface of theearth from the change that occurs due to intense heat andpressure (squeezing). The rocks that result from theseprocesses often have layers and may have shiny cristals.Examples of this rock type include gneiss and marble. by Eva Hugas
  24. 24. by Eva Hugas
  25. 25. The three kinds of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneouschange into one of the other two kinds of rocks by Eva Hugas
  26. 26. by Eva Hugas
  27. 27. by Eva Hugas