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  1. 1. PET SPEAKING EXAMDescribing a picture
  2. 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTIONIn the picture I can see …Theres …There are …It looks like …(+noun)It looks quite… (+adj)
  3. 3. Describing the person/people He looks…(+adj) The girl looks a bit…(+adj) They seem ... He/she’s wearing...
  4. 4. Giving an opinionI think its…I dont think…
  5. 5. Giving details about the picture In the background you can see decorations on the wallOn the topleft corner On the rightthere is a there are shelveslamp In the foreground, on the left, In the bottom right- theres an armchair hand corner there’s a stool
  6. 6. Giving details about the pictureAt the top of the picture you can see the hills In the middle there is a white horseAt the bottom of the picture there is a green field…
  7. 7. COMPARINGThe girl looks much older than the boy.The yellow car is the biggest.The child isn’t as tall as the baskeball player.