Public Private Partnership Brochure May2012


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Public Private Partnership Brochure May2012

  1. 1. The PhilippinePublic-PrivatePartnershipProgram
  2. 2. Table ofcontents 1 Foreword by the President of the Philippines 2 Message of the Socio-Economic Planning Secretary 3 The Public-Private Partnership Program 4 2012 PPP Projects 5 LRT Line 1 South Extension and Operation & Maintenance 6 LRT Line 2 East Extension and Operation & Maintenance 7 Operation & Maintenance of the Laguindingan Airport 8 New Bohol (Panglao) Airport Development 9 Mactan-Cebu International Airport Passenger Terminal Building 10 Operation & Maintenance of Puerto Princesa Airport 11 Automatic Fare Collection System 12 Integrated Transport System (ITS) Project 13 Cebu Bus Rapid Transit Demonstration Project 14 NLEX-SLEX Connector Road 15 NAIA Expressway Project (Phase II) 16 CALA Expressway (Cavite and Laguna Side) 17 Improvement / Rehabilitation of the Quirino Highway 18 New Centennial Water Supply Source Project 19 Operation & Maintenance of Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant (AHEPP) Auxiliary Turbines 4 and 5 20 Balara Water Hub 21 Vaccine Self-Sufficiency Project (Phase II) 22 Modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center 23 Grains Central Project 24 Establishment of Cold Chain Systems Covering Strategic Areas in the Philippines 25 The PPP Center 26 Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) 27 PPP Capacity Building Program 28 Doing Business in the Philippines 29 Directory
  3. 3. Foreword by thePresident of the PhilippinesThe Philippines is undergoing an era of reform. The Filipino people, whose inherent talent andproductivity are crucial to the success of enterprise, have reaffirmed their participation in the pursuit ofeconomic development and equitable progress. In turn, our government has set in place the conditionsnecessary for the realization of these aspirations. We have instituted various structural interventions andpolicy reforms that will facilitate and simplify the conduct of business in the Philippines.We believe that good governance -- marked by transparency, accountability, and integrity -- is thebedrock of a robust economy.The overall objective of these thrusts is the revitalization of our country and the fulfillment of itsmultifaceted potential. Foremost in our efforts is our engagement in Public-Private Partnerships, whichwill spur inclusive growth accross all industries and secure our country’s standing in the global economy.Our endeavors are bearing fruit, and we are heartened by your positive response. By the close of 2011,the Philippines jumped ten positions in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index --one of the handful to make a leap of this magnitude. In the Financial Development Index, we movedup to the 11th in the world, the rise in our ranking second only to Norway. These are among the manytangible manifestations of the increased confiidence of investors like you.This is our momentum of development, and we can sustain this through our continuing partnerships.This volume identifies areas of mutually beneficial collaboration, possibilities for growth that we canexplore and realize, and the advantages we can gain if we work as one. With this initiative, we can workcloser towards our goal of restoring dynamism in the Philippine economy, for the lasting benefit of allits stakeholders. BENIGNO S. AQUINO III 1
  4. 4. Message of theSocio-Economic Planning SecretaryThe Philippines’ Public Private Partnership (PPP) playsan important role in the implementation of the nation’sinfrastructure development programs.Under the leadership of His Excellency BenignoS. Aquino III, public-private partnerships seek toencourage greater participation of the private sectorin the provision of basic public infrastructure throughinvestments, construction, and operations andmanagement.As the Philippine government pursues thisdevelopment thrust, it has put into place a businessenvironment characterized by broader emphasis ontransparency, accountability and good governance.Ultimately, this environment should be able to createnew jobs, improve delivery of basic socio-economicservices, and positive economic growth.Investor confidence in the Philippines has lately been improving, leading the international financialcommunity to rate the Philippines as the third most preferred market in the world for global fundmanagers. This confidence from the international finance community is moored on the collectiveaffirmation of the government’s current reform agenda.In this context, this document on the Philippine PPP program aims to help the user to navigate throughan array of various PPP infrastructure packages that comprehensively cover various infrastructurearrangements in various investment areas of interest like roads, airports, and water, among others.The Philippine economy has remained robust and resilient despite the global economic turbulence thathas rocked several economies elsewhere. We expect such steadfast resilience, supported by initiativesin good governance, to help the country move forward in a sustained manner.We invite the reader, through this document, to consider the Philippines as a viable and strategicinvestment destination.We look forward to doing business with you.Mabuhay!CAYETANO W. PADERANGA JR. 2
  5. 5. The Public-Private Partnership ProgramUnder his social contract with the Filipino people, President Benigno S. Aquino IIIenvisions a country that has achieved inclusive growth fueled by rapid, sustained,and broad-based economic maturity.Guided by the principles of transparency, accountability and sustained partnershipswith the private sector, the Public-Private Partnership Program of the Philippineswas established as a flagship program to realize the Philippine Public InvestmentProgram that, in turn, supports the Philippine Development Plan 2011 to 2016.The program intends to provide the public with adequate, safe, efficient, reliable,and reasonably-priced infrastructure and development facilities while affordingthe private sector a level playing field, reasonable returns and appropriate sharingof risks.Government sees this as a reliable and solid strategy to efficiently deliver itsservices, create more job opportunities through a dynamic and solid infrastructureprogram. Participating in the Philippine PPP Program allows investors to do business in a stable economic environment bolstered by sound and consistent policies and processes as well as an improved governance that has reduced the time and cost of doing business.Under the PPP Agenda, implementing agencies and local government units will becontinually enabled to undertake PPP projects through the provision of technicaland capacity building support in all aspects of the PPP project development andimplementation cycle.The Public-Private Partnership Center serves as the main agency tasked to pursuethis PPP project facilitation, coordination, and monitoring mandate. It is envisionedto be the champion of PPPs for inclusive growth and sustainable development. 3 3
  6. 6. 2012PPP PROJECTS 4
  7. 7. LRT Line 1 South Extension and Operation & Maintenance PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSLRT Line The proposed alignment for Department of 59.2B MR. RENE MR. JUAN1 South the LRT 1 South Extension Transportation LIMCAOCO ALBERTOExtension and has an approximate length and Undersecretary MERCADOOperation & of 11.7km from its tie in Communications DOTC ProjectMaintenance point at the terminus of (DOTC) +632 725-0204 Manager LRT Line 1 at the Baclaran loc. 247 PPP Center Terminal, to the Niyog +632 929-9251 Station at Bacoor, Cavite; ATTY. JAIME +632 990-0721 of which, approximately RAPHAEL loc. 6201 10.5km will be elevated FELICIANO and 1.2km will be at-grade. Director The total length of the DOTC integrated LRT Line 1 will +632 725-0013 be approximately 32.4km. 5
  8. 8. LRT Line 2 East Extension and Operation & Maintenance Balintawak Monumento Roosevelt 5th Avenue R.Papa North Abad Santos Quezon Kamuning Blumentritt Tayuman Anonas Katipunan Betty Go Belmonte Bambang Cubao Legarda V. Mapa Gilmore Doroteo Jose Santolan RectoP ureza J. Ruiz Santolan Carriedo Central United Nations Ave Ortigas Pedro Gil Shaw Quirino Ave Vito Cruz Boni Gil Puyat Guadalupe Libertad Buendia Edsa/ Pasay Magallanes Ayala Baclaran PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSLRT Line 2 East The project will extend Department of 11.90B MR. RENE MR. JUANExtension and the elevated tracks of the Transportation LIMCAOCO ALBERTOOperation and existing LRT Line 2 by and Undersecretary MERCADOMaintenance 4km from Santolan, Pasig Communications DOTC Project to Masinag, Antipolo. The (DOTC) +632 725-0204 Manager existing 13.8km Line 2 runs loc. 247 PPP Center along the Recto Station +632 929-9251 in Manila to the Santolan ATTY. JAIME +632 990-0721 Station in Pasig, along RAPHAEL loc. 6201 Recto Avenue, Magsaysay FELICIANO Boulevard and Marcos Director Highway. DOTC +632 725-0013 6
  9. 9. Operation & Maintenance of the Laguindingan Airport PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSOperation and The project involves Department of 1.80B MR. RENE MR. JUANMaintenance the operation and Transportation LIMCAOCO ALBERTOof the maintenance of the newly and Undersecretary MERCADOLaguindingan constructed international- Communications DOTC ProjectAirport standard airport in (DOTC) +632 725-0204 Manager Laguindingan, Misamis loc. 247 PPP Center Oriental. +632 929-9251 ATTY. JAIME +632 990-0721 RAPHAEL loc. 6201 FELICIANO Director DOTC +632 725-0013 7
  10. 10. New Bohol (Panglao) Airport Development PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSNew Bohol The project involves Department of 8.0B MR. RENE MS. GERALDINE(Panglao) the construction of an Transportation LIMCAOCO SANTOSAirport international-standard and Undersecretary ProjectDevelopment airport to replace the Communications DOTC Manager existing Tagbilaran Airport (DOTC) +632 725-0204 PPP Center within a 230-hectare loc. 247 +632 929-9251 spread. +632 990-0721 ATTY. JAIME loc. 6203 RAPHAEL FELICIANO Director DOTC +632 725-0013 8
  11. 11. Mactan-Cebu International Airport Passenger Terminal Building PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSMactan-Cebu The project involves the Department of 10.15B MR. RENE MR. JOHANInternational construction of a new Transportation LIMCAOCO MARTINEZAirport world-class passenger and Undersecretary ProjectPassenger terminal building in Communications DOTC ManagerTerminal Mactan, Cebu International (DOTC) +632 725-0204 PPP CenterBuilding Airport with a capacity of loc. 247 +632 929-9251 about 8 million passengers +632 990-0721 per year and Operation & ATTY. JAIME loc. 6106 Maintenance of the old and RAPHAEL new facilities. FELICIANO Director DOTC +632 725-0013 9
  12. 12. Operation & Maintenance of the Puerto Princesa Airport PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSOperation and The project involves Department of TBD MR. RENE MR. JUANMaintenance the privatization of Transportation LIMCAOCO ALBERTOof the Puerto the operation and and Undersecretary MERCADOPrincesa maintenance of the Communications DOTC ProjectAirport existing Puerto Princesa (DOTC) +632 725-0204 Manager Airport. It will be upgraded loc. 247 PPP Center and improved into an +632 929-9251 international gateway, ATTY. JAIME +632 990-0721 meeting the standards RAPHAEL loc. 6201 of the International Civil FELICIANO Aviation Organization Director (ICAO). DOTC +632 725-0013 10
  13. 13. Automatic Fare Collection System PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSAutomatic This project is about the Department of 1.80B MR. RENE MR. JOHANFare Collection decommissioning of Transportation LIMCAOCO MARTINEZSystem the old magnetic-based and Undersecretary Project ticketing system and Communications DOTC Manager replacing the same with (DOTC) +632 725-0204 PPP Center contactless-based smart loc. 247 +632 929-9251 card technology on LRT +632 990-0721 Lines 1 and 2, and MRT Line ATTY. JAIME loc. 6106 3, with the introduction RAPHAEL of a centralized back FELICIANO office that will perform Director apportionment of DOTC revenues. +632 725-0013 11
  14. 14. Integrated Transport System (ITS) Project PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSIntegrated The project will establish Department of TBD MR. RENE MR. JOHANTransport three (3) mass intermodal Transportation LIMCAOCO MARTINEZSystem (ITS) terminals at the outskirts and Undersecretary ProjectProject of Metro Manila – one Communications DOTC Manager in the north (of EDSA), (DOTC) +632 725-0204 PPP Center serving passengers to and loc. 247 +632 929-9251 from northern Luzon; and +632 990-0721 two in the south, serving ATTY. JAIME loc. 6106 passengers to and from RAPHAEL Laguna/Batangas side FELICIANO and those to and from the Director Cavite side. The terminals DOTC will connect passengers +632 725-0013 from the province to other urban transport systems– railway, city bus, taxi, and PUV-serving inner Metro Manila. 12
  15. 15. Cebu Bus Rapid Transit Demonstration Project PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSCebu Bus The project will restructure Department of TBD MR. RENE MS. GERALDINERapid Transit the main urban transport Transportation LIMCAOCO SANTOSDevelopment corridor from Bulacao to and Undersecretary ProjectProject Ayala in Cebu City. This Communications DOTC Manager includes a 16km BRT (DOTC) +632 725-0204 PPP Center route designed and built loc. 247 +632 929-9251 following international +632 990-0721 best practices and quality ATTY. JAIME loc. 6203 standards, two mixed RAPHAEL traffic lanes per direction, FELICIANO integration of the drainage Director system installed along the DOTC restructured corridor, and +632 725-0013 BRT terminals. 13
  16. 16. NLEX - SLEX Connector Road PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSNLEX-SLEX The construction of a Department of 20.18B MS. MARIA MR. JUANConnector 13.4km, 4-lane elevated Public Works and CATALINA ALBERTORoad expressway over the Highway CABRAL MERCADO Philippine National Railway (DPWH) Assistant Project (PNR) right of way, which Secretary Manager starts in Caloocan City DPWH PPP Center and ends in Buendia, +632 304-3268 +632 929-9251 Makati City. The project +632 990-0721 will connect North Luzon MS. REBECCA loc. 6201 Expressway (NLEX) and GARSUTA South Luzon Expressway Director (SLEX) to decongest traffic DPWH in Metro Manila. +632 304-3268 14
  17. 17. NAIA Expressway Project (Phase II) PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSNAIA The proposed elevated Department of 15.77B MS. MARIA MS. GLADYSExpressway expressway starts at the Public Works and CATALINA OCHOAProject existing Skyway then Highway CABRAL Project(Phase II) generally follows the (DPWH) Assistant Manager existing road alignment Secretary PPP Center over Sales Avenue, DPWH +632 929-9251 Andrews Avenue, +632 304-3268 +632 990-0721 Domestic Road, and NAIA loc. 6101 Road; and has entry/exit MS. REBECCA ramps at Roxas Boulevard, GARSUTA Macapagal Boulevard, Director and PAGCOR City. The DPWH project provides access +632 304-3268 to NAIA Terminals I, II, and III, and links two existing expressways namely the Skyway and the Manila- Cavite Toll Expressway. 15
  18. 18. CALA Expressway (Cavite and Laguna Side) PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSCALA The project involves Department of 19.69B MS. MARIA MS. GLADYSExpressway the construction of Public Works and CATALINA OCHOA(Cavite and two expressways—the Highway CABRAL ProjectLaguna Side) Cavite Side which is a (DPWH) Assistant Manager 27.5km, 4-lane highway Secretary PPP Center from the terminus of R-1 DPWH +632 929-9251 Expressway in Kawit, Cavite +632 304-3268 +632 990-0721 to Aguinaldo Highway loc. 6101 at Silang, Cavite; and MS. REBECCA the Laguna Side which GARSUTA is a 14.3km, 4-lane at- Director grade expressway. The DPWH CALA Expressway will be +632 304-3268 connected to SLEX near Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 16
  19. 19. Improvement / Rehabilitation of the Quirino Highway PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSImprovement / The proposed project Department of TBD MS. MARIA MS. JAN IRISHRehabilitation entails the improvement/ Public Works and CATALINA VILLEGASof the Quirino rehabilitation, and the Highway CABRAL ProjectHighway operation and maintenance (DPWH) Assistant Manager of Quirino Highway, a Secretary PPP Center 93.45km, 2-lane DPWH +632 929-9251 national road that traverses +632 304-3268 +632 990-0721 three (3) provinces, namely loc. 6105 Quezon, Camarines Norte MS. REBECCA and Camarines Sur. It GARSUTA starts at the junction of the Director Pan-Philippine Highway DPWH in Tabugon, Sta. Elena, +632 304-3268 Camarines Norte, and ends at the junction of the Pan- Philippine Highway in Sipocot, Camarines Sur. 17
  20. 20. New Centennial Water Supply Source Project PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSNew The project will involve Metropolitan 25B MR. GERARDO MS. MA.Centennial the construction of a dam, Waterworks and ESQUIVEL CRISTINAWater Supply a water treatment plant, Sewerage System Administrator CLEOFASSource Project and an associated main (MWSS) MWSS Project pipeline to deliver water +632 922-3757 Manager from the project location to PPP Center Metro Manila. This project MS. VANGIE +632 929-9251 will provide water supply DACANAY +632 990-0721 security in the metropolis. Project Manager loc. 6104 MWSS +632 920-5413 18
  21. 21. Operation & Maintenance of Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant (AHEPP) Auxiliary Turbines 4 & 5 PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSOperation and The project involves the Metropolitan 1.6B MR. GERARDO MS. MA.Maintenance rehabilitation, operation, Waterworks and ESQUIVEL CRISTINAof Angat and maintenance of the Sewerage System Administrator CLEOFASHydro-Electric MWSS-owned auxiliary (MWSS) MWSS ProjectPower Plant turbines 4 and 5 installed +632 922-3757 Manager(AHEPP) in Angat Hydro-Electric PPP CenterAuxiliary Power Plant. MR. JOJO +632 929-9251Turbines 4 DORADO +632 990-0721and 5 Project Manager loc. 6104 MWSS +632 920-5113 19
  22. 22. Balara Water Hub PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSBalara Water The project is proposed to Metropolitan 20B MR. GERARDO MS. MA.Hub include the construction Waterworks and ESQUIVEL CRISTINA and operationalization of Sewerage System Administrator CLEOFAS an international center for (MWSS) MWSS Project water excellence located +632 922-3757 Manager within the MWSS Balara PPP Center Compound situated MS. CECILLE +632 929-9251 along Katipunan Avenue, BAUTISTA +632 990-0721 opposite UP Diliman Executive loc. 6104 Campus in Quezon City. Assistant MWSS +632 922-2969 20
  23. 23. Vaccine Self-Sufficiency Project (Phase II) PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSVaccine Self- The project is envisioned Department of 453M MR. TEODORO MR. JUANSufficiency to accelerate progress in Health HERBOSA PAULOProject vaccine production and (DOH) Undersecretary FAJARDO(Phase II) ensure vaccine sufficiency DOH Project in the country. VSSP II is +632 711-6075 Manager expected to reduce overall PPP Center vaccine procurement DR. REMIGIO +632 929-9251 costs of finished vaccines OLVEDA +632 990-0721 through local formulation, DOH loc. 6103 filling, labeling, and +632 809-7599 packaging of the following vaccines: Pentavalent (DPT-HepB-Hib, Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus-Hepatitis B and Hemphylus Influenza B), Tetanus Toxoid (TT), and Single HepB. 21
  24. 24. Grains Central Project PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSGrains Central The project will establish Department of 1.25B MR. ANTONIO MS. JAN IRISHProject grains bulk handling Agriculture FLETA VILLEGAS systems with corn grains (DA) Undersecretary Project processing centers and DA Manager transshipment stations +632 920-4085 PPP Center in major corn producing +632 929-9251 areas and selected sea MS. ZENAIDA +632 990-0721 ports by upgrading, VILLEGAS loc. 6105 expanding and enhancing DA the existing operations in +632 920-1407 at least 15 corn postharvest processing and trading centers. 23
  25. 25. Establishment of Cold Chain Systems Covering Strategic Areas in the Philippines PPP CENTER IMPLEMENTING INDICATIVE IA CONTACT PERSON /PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION CONTACT PERSON / AGENCY COST (PHP) CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSEstablishment The project will involve Department of 5.30B MR. ANTONIO MS. JAN IRISHof Cold Chain the construction and Agriculture FLETA VILLEGASSystems operationalization of Cold (DA) Undersecretary ProjectCovering Chain Centers to be located DA ManagerStrategic in major production and +632 920-4085 PPP CenterAreas in the consolidation areas of +632 929-9251Philippines agri-fishery products. The MS. ZENAIDA +632 990-0721 Centers will be equipped VILLEGAS loc. 6105 with the required facilities DA and machineries for +632 920-1407 minimal processing of livestock, fisheries and high value crops. 24
  26. 26. The PPP Center VISIONThe champion of public-private partnerships for inclusive growth and sustainable development MISSIONWe facilitate and optimize public-private partnerships for the delivery of public infrastructure and other development services. CORE VALUES Professionalism We provide fast, reliable, effective, and efficient services that are accurate, competent, and transparent. Passion for excellenceWe are dedicated to deliver the best quality of service and tocontinuously innovate the processes towards an efficient and effective PPP implementation. Pro-activenessAs prime movers, we strive to achieve positive results through dynamicprocesses that are anchored on the principles of transparency and accountability. Client-orientationWe commit to create long-term partnerships by enabling clients to meet PPP targets, and by constantly delivering timely quality service. OUR SERVICESThe Public-Private Partnership Center serves as the government’s facilitatorand catalyst in pursuing and delivering PPP projects. It champions thecountry’s PPP program by enabling national agencies and local government units in all aspects of project preparation. 25
  27. 27. Project Development and Monitoring Facility Promoting Inclusive Growth through Properly Prepared ProjectsWhat is the PDMF for?The Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) is a revolving fund that supports pre-feasibility studies, feasibilitystudies, and other necessary pre-investment activities to ensure the high quality of potential PPP projects in infrastructure anddevelopment.With an initial contribution of P300 million from the national government, the PDMF is also augmented by donor countries andmultilateral agencies in support of the PPP Program.Under the administration and management of the PPP Center, the PDMF provides government agencies with the requiredexpertise and strategies to prepare attractive projects that are selected to be undertaken with vital private sector participation.Policy and implementing guidelines on the use of PDMF are set by the PDMF Board. It is composed of the National Economicand Development Authority (NEDA) as Chair, the Department of Finance (DOF), the Department of Budget and Management(DBM) and the PPP Center.Who can avail of the PDMF support?The PDMF may be extended to any department, bureau, office, commission, authority or agency of the national government,including government-owned or controlled corporation, government financial institutions, state university and college; andlocal government unit authorized by law or their respective charters to contract for or undertake infrastructure or developmentprojects.What is the application process?The overall management of the PDMF, PDMF Board Approvesincluding the application process, is IA/LGU Submits PPP Center Project; Technical Assistancegoverned by the Project Development PDMF Application Evaluates Application Agreement is signed with IA/LGUand Monitoring Facility Guidelines. Thediagram shows an overview of the PDMFapplication process.The application starts with the interested Transaction Advisers Transaction Advisers NEDA ICC Prepares Studies andagency’s submission to the PPP Center of Approves Project Selected by the PPP Tender Documents Center and IA/LGUcomplete application requirements.Projects approved by the PDMF Board willbe provided with Transaction Advisers whoare selected under transparent processes IA/LGU Conducts Bidding and Winning Bidder PDMF Fundsand strict rules. Reimburses PDMF Ready for Next Project Contract is AwardedThe Panel of Transaction Advisers and their Role in the PDMFTo enable implementing agencies (IAs) to undertake the required pre-investment studies under PDMF, the array of applicableexpertise covers a broad range of PPP projects. From a list of national and international consulting firms, pre-selected by the PPPCenter employing stringent standards, all the necessary transaction advisory services shall be provided to the IAs.Currently, a panel consisting of nine (9) consortia of firms has been engaged by the PPP Center under indefinite delivery contract(IDC) facility for a 3-year period. CPCS Transcom Ltd. |Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. | Ernst & Young Australia Infrastructure Advisory| Hill International SA |ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd. | ManabatSanagustin& Co., CPAs | PricewaterhouseCoopersServices LLP Singapore| Rebel Group International BV | SMEC International Pty Ltd. (SMEC), AustraliaThe PPP Center, at its discretion, shall update the panel to possibly increase the number of the consulting firms. A consulting firm iscompetitively selected from the firms in the IDCF panel to develop a specific, well-structured bankable PPP project. 26
  28. 28. PPP Capacity Building ProgramCAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMThe PPP Center’s Capacity Building Program is a comprehensive training service made available to nationalgovernment agencies and local government units (LGUs) aimed at building, enhancing and sustainingtheir institutional capabilities in all aspects of PPP project development and implementation throughoutthe whole PPP project cycle: inception, planning and identification, project structuring, review andappraisal, approvals and procurement, project implementation and management, and monitoring andevaluation. PRE-IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION PHASE I PHASE II PHASE III DEVELOPMENT DELIVERY EXITINTRODUCTION / PLANNING / IDENTIFICATION / PROCUREMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION / MONITORINGINCEPTION STRUCTURING / APPROVALS AWARD AND EVALUATION PPP AGREEMENT SIGNEDPPP: What and Why Project identification & Plan Invitation and Construction and Commisioning (Pre-FS/FS) PrequalificationNeeds Analysis Contractual Compliance, Monitoring Project Preparation / Transparency and EvaluationOptions Analysis Structuring and Competitive Requirements Risk Monitoring and MitigationEconomic Valuation Review and Appraisal Processes/Requirements Evaluation, Review Project ManagementPolicy & Institutional and SelectionSet-Up Procurement Documents Progress Reporting Preparation Negotiation and Award Processes Procurement PlanFEATURES OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM • Learning-by-Doing Approach • Lecture and Group-Based Methodologies • Interactive and IT-Backed Delivery Techniques • Output (actual PPP Project)-based Design • Needs-based and customized content (topics/modules) and schedule • Focused selection of Trainees (i.e. designated technical personnel or • PPP committee / persons) • Learning evaluation in the middle and/or after actual training 27
  29. 29. Doing Business in the PhilippinesWho may invest? Creating a company in the PhilippinesRegardless of nationality, anyone is An investor may choose from several types of businessencouraged to invest in the Philippines. With enterprises to establish operations in the Philippinesthe liberalization of the foreign investment such as:law, 100% foreign equity may be allowed inall areas of investment except those reserved Organized under Philippine lawsfor Filipinos by mandate of the Philippine • Sole proprietorshipconstitution and existing laws. • Partnership • CorporationThe economy Organized under foreign lawsAside from tourism, the economy of the • Branch officePhilippines is primarily composed of other • Representative officeindustries such as Agriculture Industry, BPO, • Regional headquarters/Regional operatingEnergy, Mining, Electronics, Logistics and headquartersShipbuilding, among others. Business enterprises must be registered with theWorkforce Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission ( or the Department of TradeThe country boasts a labor force that is and Industry (, skilled, technology savvy, Englishproficient, and highly competitive. Fiscal incentives The PPP projects are entitled to fiscal incentivesTelecommunication landscape under the 2011 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP). OtherUse of mobile phones and internet is Preferred Activities in the IPP List includes: Agriculture/widespread in the country. Cell sites are Agribusiness and Fishery; Creative Industries/Knowledgeavailable all over the country to cater Based Services; Shipbuilding; Mass Housing; Energy;to some 80 million mobile phone users. Infrastructure; Research and Development; GreenWireless fidelity connectivity is available in Projects; Motor Vehicles; Tourism,; Strategic Projects andmajor shopping malls, malls, coffee shops. Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery Projects.Internet cafes with very affordable rentalsare also abundant. The IPP has a Mandatory List which covers activities as provided for under existing laws. • Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines (PD No. 705Transportation infrastructure • Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (RA No. 7942)There are about 10 international and 80 • Printing, Publication and Content Development ofdomestic airports in the country and more Books or Texbooks (RA No. 8047)are being developed. There are Roll-On Roll- • Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998Off Ferry ports in major islands, allowing (RA No. 8479)land travel from Luzon to Mindanao. Car • Ecological Solid Waste Management (RA No. 9003)rentals and taxis are widely available for • Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 (RA No. 9275)convenience. Rail transits are available in • Magna Carta for Disabled Persons (RA No. 7277)Metro Manila. • Renewable Energy Act of 2008 (RA No. 9513) 28
  30. 30. Directory PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP CENTER NEDA sa Quezon City EDSA, Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Phone: +632 990-0721 Fax: +632 929-8593 Email: Website: V. CANILAO ATTY. SHERRY ANN N. AUSTRIA LELINA A. QUILATESExecutive Director Officer-in-Charge Director IVPublic-Private Partnership Center Policy Formulation & Evaluation Service Administrative ServicePhone: +632 929-5187 Phone: +632 929-0647 Phone: +632 929-3971Email: Email: Email: FERDINAND D. TOLENTINO FEROISA FRANCISCA T. CONCORDIA ATTY. BRIAN C. VIRAYDeputy Executive Director Director III Officer-in-ChargePublic-Private Partnership Center Project Development Service Legal ServicePhone: +632 929-4968 Phone: +632 929-9251 Phone: +632 929-8630Email: Email: Email: P. ALZATE ELEAZAR E. RICOTEDirector IV Director IVProject Development & Monitoring Facility Service Capacity Building & Knowledge Management ServicePhone: +632 929-592 Phone: +632 929-8630Email: Email: 29
  31. 31.