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Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partners to Fight Cervical Cancer in Botswana


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partners to Fight Cervical Cancer in Botswana

  1. 1. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partners to Fight Cervical Cancer in Botswana By Ehsanollah Bayat
  2. 2. Introduction • In early 2015, the public-private partnership organization Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, which strives to significantly reduce the number of cases of cervical and breast cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, reported on the success of its collaboration with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The solution to the problem began in 2013, when members of the ASCP, the preeminent body devoted to furthering the progress of the clinical laboratory diagnostic sciences, were contacted by members of Botswana’s health ministry concerned about a backlog of thousands of Pap smears.
  3. 3. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon • The pathologists leveraged Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon’s strong existing connections in Botswana to make the process of addressing the backlog run more smoothly and efficiently. ASCP members were able to review more than 3,600 slide tests. This resulted in the confirmation and swift referral of nearly 24 cases of late-stage cervical cancer, as well as close to 200 findings of cancer that had not yet spread beyond the cervix. Authorities count more than 250,000 cervical cancer deaths worldwide annually. Most of these individual and community tragedies are preventable, given early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, which are unfortunately limited throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. 4. Conclusion • Because of inadequate public health programs in the region, and exacerbated by endemic HIV/AIDS, deaths from infection-based cancers like cervical cancer are far more widespread than in the developed world. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon hopes that through its powerful collaborative network, this situation will quickly improve.