Core Values - Startup Weekend Mures


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Core Values - Startup Weekend Mures

  1. 1. Core Values
  2. 2. Core ValuesEmpowering individuals to take action in their lives is fundamental to the mission of Startup Week-end. As Startup Weekend events continue to grow exponentially and span the globe, this visionis maintained as a driving force behind all that we do. We are seeing more and more individualschoose entrepreneurship as a life path, and as momentum builds, we hope to integrate our corevalues into the entrepreneurial revolution as much as possible.At Startup Weekend, we believe that entrepreneurship is the single largest driving force for cre-ating jobs for ourselves, opportunities for our neighbors, and ultimately, more responsible andthriving societies. With an unwavering commitment to and vision for the future, Startup Weekendmaintains its origins in education and aims to offer as many resources as possible to aspiring en-trepreneurs.Key Values and LessonsPositioned at the forefront of a rapidly-evolving startup culture that spans the globe, StartupWeekend is afforded a rare and valuable perspective into the entrepreneurial climate. At StartupWeekend, we know that we have a responsibility to share what we learn about entrepreneurshipand provide educational resources whenever possible. Our own ideas about entrepreneurship inthe modern world are constantly being shaped, and we are committed to regularly sharing ourinsights with the global community. We know that we have the potential to fundamentally changethe fabric of society in communities around the world, and we therefore claim a great deal of re-sponsibility as we work to support entrepreneurs and share our findings.We are seeing an uncertain, but exciting era for startups - there has never been a better time to bean entrepreneur. With the goal of stabilizing and expanding this opportunity for others, StartupWeekend operates as an entity that acts in the best interest of entrepreneurs and local communi-ties without altering its beliefs, model, or aligning its interest to the sole purpose of any one party.Witnessing countless events around the world has proven distinct, key values that appear repeat-edly for most entrepreneurs and startups. These values include; The team is the most crucial as-pect of a startup, Business plans are dead, Funding doesn’t equal success. While these lessons areconstantly developing, they provide us with a valuable “in-progress” methodology that we believewill help entrepreneurs learn more efficiently from their experiences and shape their teams andcompanies more effectively. 2
  3. 3. Startup Weekend Mission Vision Startup Weekend inspires ac- Startup Weekend will be the tion in the lives of entrepreneurs world’s single largest starting through experiential education. point for new entrepreneurs. BHAG Why We Exist In 15 years Startup Weekend Our core purpose is to help peo- will be the world’s largest start- ple lead fulfilling lives and create ing point for entrepreneurs cre- value for society. ating meaningful and Persistent firms.The Startup Weekend EducationStartup Weekend is fundamentally disrupting the way the world is approaching entrepreneurialeducation. While we are committed to education as our primary contribution to the startup world,we know that the best possible entrepreneurial education doesn’t occur in a classroom. This is whyour primary vessel of education for entrepreneurs is through events. Startup Weekends are uniquein that they create a low-pressure, but fast-paced environment that brings entrepreneurs togetherand connects them with mentors, resources, and most importantly, one another.“No Talk, All Action” is one of our most defining mantras at Startup Weekend. This idea capturesa significant aspect of what makes an entrepreneur different -- they are people of action above allelse. Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship is uncertain, making it one of the most risky andyet innovative paths for an individual to take. Startup Weekend aims to provide individuals withthe ideal atmosphere for building on their ideas. 3
  4. 4. Collaborative CommunitiesOne of the most powerful results of Startup Weekend events are the communities that are formed.Each Startup Weekend inevitably develops into its own small community of entrepreneurs - andeach community then becomes a part of the global entrepreneurial community. The importanceof this outcome becomes increasingly apparent as we witness how startup ecosystems are beingempowered simply by growing in number. Collaboration is the tool that often turns an idea intosomething tangible, and Startup Weekend prides itself on being able to offer entrepreneurs allaround the world the opportunity to do just this. People are the most influential and effective ve-hicle for creating something out of a mere idea. By putting talented individuals in the same room,Startup Weekend catalyzes the origin of countless inspiring teams. Most importantly, the processof building an extensive and vibrant entrepreneurial community provides a simple, but necessaryclarification about the myth of the ‘lone entrepreneur.’ We want individuals all over the world toknow that they can create according to their passions and that they are far from alone.Democratizing EntrepreneurshipAt its core, Startup Weekend is a democratizer of entrepreneurship. We aim to make entrepre-neurship as a life path accessible to as many people as possible - regardless of religion, race, gen-der, or socio-political differences. We envision a world where anyone will know where to go andwhat to do when ideas and inspiration strike. Startup Weekend will successfully prove that withinany startup ecosystem we can increase not only the volume, but the quality of entrepreneurs andthe rate at which they advance from one stage to the next in their journey. Millions of people willconsider entrepreneurship when facing challenges in their professional or personal lives. Peoplewill be more resilient to failure, becoming an entrepreneur will be as natural as looking for a newjob, and people will feel that Startup Weekend has contributed to their life in a positive way. Coun-tries will experience new growth and a new era of wealth because of a culture that has never beenmore supportive of freedom, creativity, and innovation.As we build a foundation of resources for entrepreneurs, we hope to de-mystify some of the mostcommon challenges that entrepreneurs face and establish a ‘solid ground’ for not only entrepre-neurs, but for everyone, so that global communities can better understand what it means to bean entrepreneur and how entrepreneurship altogether is one of the greatest possible assets forthriving economies. 4