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  1. 1. for Business
  2. 2. Overview What is How can my company/business benefit from it? What are the steps to follow?
  3. 3. What is
  4. 4. is the Biggest Romanian Social Network Over 2 million registered users, their number growing by a few thousands per day Over 200 million page views per month Over 12 million visits per month Over 2.5 million unique visitors/month Over 20 pages are viewed by a member per visit Average Age: 30 years Average time spent on site: 20 minutes/visit
  5. 5. 2. How can my company/business benefit from it?
  6. 6. A. Business Profile  Keep in touch with your audience  Interact with your audience  Promote your business Price for a business profile on – 0.  News feed – Post news about your business, upload images, video and audio files, post comments and your fans will be informed automatically by displaying a message in their `News page` on Neogen.  Public page profile – Activate you account and upload images, videos etc, - the latest updates to your profile will be displayed on your public page profile, visible to all Neogen's visitors.  Discussion groups – Interact with Neogen users through a discussion group. Enroll the audience in voting, posting comments or sending feedback.
  7. 7. Public Profile Page
  8. 8. News feed Your messages on users news page.
  9. 9. Create an account Start with a business account!
  10. 10. B. Direct Marketing  Get started in just a few minutes.  Reach a precise audience with custom targeting options.  If you don’t have a website you can use the profil business URL's. Text ads  Text ads are displayed on special spaces on and on more than 600 affiliate sites.  Text ads are also inserted in videos uploaded on  You are charged only when a user clicks on your ad. Promotional messages  The Promotional messages are sent directly in users` Inbox, on  You are charged only when a user read your message.
  11. 11. Create ads
  12. 12. User's account Text ads viewed by Neogen users. Promotional message in users' Inbox.
  13. 13. C. Branding  Connect with members through rich display advertising.  Reach the largest group of Romanian internet users, over 2 million users.  Work with the Neogen team to develop the right solution.
  14. 14. 3. What are the steps to follow?
  15. 15. Steps to follow... Create a Neogen business account. Activate your business profile on and become familiar with the platform. Upload images, video and audio files – share content to attract fans to your profile. Post news about your business, get in touch with your audience. Interact with your target audience through a discussion club. Promote your business through Text ads and Promotional Services. Increase Brand Awarness with Neogen Ads – Branding Services.
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