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BestJobs Recruiters

  1. 1. Apply is the leading recruitment tool on the Romanian job market. With a powerful database of more than two and a half million resumes, is able to match in no time the best candidates with the newest job openings in every field of activity.
  2. 2. Content I. BestJobs in numbers II. Recruiting instruments III. Growing your company’s brand IV. Mobile recruiting Apply
  3. 3. I. BestJobs in numbers • • • • Over 1,3 million monthly unique visitors Over 3,5 million monthly visitors About 25 million pageviews Over 55.000 hiring companies
  4. 4. Job seekers by age group
  5. 5. Job seekers by degree
  6. 6. Number of CVs by years of experience
  7. 7. Number of CVs by field of activity
  8. 8. Number of CVs by city
  9. 9. Most spoken languages
  10. 10. II. Recruiting instruments Jobs • The easiest way you can immediately get the best CVs relevant for your job openings. • One ad corresponds with a single work offer and is available on our job board for 7, 30, respectively 90 days, according to your selected option. • You can use your job ads anytime during a 12 months period after the proforma invoice has been issued. • According to your visibility needs, we can offer you the possibility to choose between four types of jobs, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Task.
  11. 11. Type of jobs Platinum • This job ad type is shown in the first column and it benefits from the largest advertising space, offering the highest exposure of both the ad and your company`s logo.The company logo appears in search results on both types of the content display. The career level and the job domain are also displayed. Gold • It appears in the job list after Platinum ads and in front of the Silver ads, activated in the same day. It offers medium exposure for your company’s logo and for the ad. Silver • It appears in the job list after Platinum and Gold ads, activated in the same day. You company`s logo is visible only when the `list` view is selected. Task • Tasks are ads designed for a specific and temporarily task, without an employment contract. This type of ad is displayed in the right column, under the search filters, and your company’s logo appears when the ad is open. Tasks are sent in alerts only to candidates who have opted for project type ads.
  12. 12. Extra options Design cutomization • Show off your brand by using your uniqe design. • Use your own graphic elements (colors, templates, images).
  13. 13. Extra options Job application through your own system • Redirect job seekers to your own applicatio system; get all the CVs in one place. Nationwide visibility • Publish your job ad so that it’s visible to nation-wide job seekers. • Include your ad in job alerts and in search results for each city.
  14. 14. Weekly and Daily reactivation Weekly reactivation • Each week your job ad will get a visibility boost among other jobs ads and inside job alerts. Daily reactivation • Your job ad will get a daily visibility boost among other jobs ads and inside job alerts.
  15. 15. CV Search • Search our database using different filters and unblock the contact details strictly of the job seekers that got your attention. • Get a discount of up to 60%, depending on the desired number of contact data.
  16. 16. Targeted messaging • Search our database using different filters and quickly send a text message to candidates that drew your attention, to invite them for an interview / a discussion. • Applicants are informed by email that they received a message from a potential employer. • Communicating with potential employees is easier and faster. Save time! • Get a discount of up to 60%, depending on the number of sent messages.
  17. 17. Post Pay If you’ve ordered BestJobs services of over 3.000 euros in the last year, you automatically qualify for the PostPay option, with a discount of 60% compared to the price per unit. PostPay works exactly like a telecom operator, you’ll receive the bill for last month’s usage. Benefits: • You don’t have to ‘guess in advance’ how much you’ll be needing to recruit in the months to come. • You won’t receive massive bills at once (e.g.: prepay, for services for the year ahead), these being replaced with monthly billing that depends on your usage.
  18. 18. III. Growing your company’s brand For your extra visibility needs, we’ll post your ad on our social media accounts, free of charge! According to, the online platform that monitors Romanian brands’ Facebook activity, is the leader in its category, with about 300.000 fans. Your recruiting jobs will get extra visibility on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  19. 19. IV. Mobile recruiting Apply BestJobs: Now for recruiters too! • We have the first, free, job search app on the Romanian market • 500.000 monthly visits from a mobile platform • Almost 100.000 app installs
  20. 20. Find out more! Contact us now at: 0750. 220. 220 0727. 751. 145 Apply