Optimize Marketing Automation to Acquire New Customers & Grow Revenue


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State of Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Competencies

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Optimize Marketing Automation to Acquire New Customers & Grow Revenue

  1. 1. Optimize Marketing Automation to Acquire New Customers & Grow Revenue Bryan Ehrenfreund Vice President of Digital Strategies Televerde © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  2. 2. This segment is intended to help you understand the value of Marketing Automation and provide the foundations for success. This segment will help you understand the:  How did we get here?  State of Marketing Automation Today  Fundamental changes driving Marketing Automation  The value of Marketing Automation  Key considerations for success Session Overview Forthissegment,wewill: 1. Let’s Chat: Discussion of the buying process has changed forever 2. Why Bother?: Critical driver to your companies future success 3. Deep Dive: People, Process & Technology 4. Marketo Moment: Marketo the enabler 5. Reality Check: Bring it to life with a scenario Objectives and Overview © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  3. 3. Marketing Automation Defined Let’s begin with a definition: WHAT: Marketing automation is a category of software. HOW: It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. WHY: So Honeywell can increase marketing operational efficiency and grow revenue faster © 2013 Televerde, LLC AllNames Prospect & Recycled Engaged Lead Nurturing Lead Opportunity Sales Lead MQL SAL SQL
  4. 4. Marketing Automation Features © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  5. 5. What Marketing Automation Does AllNames Prospect& Recycled Engaged Lead Nurturing “The art of maintaining permission to stay in front of your buyers as they educate themselves” Builds relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. Lead Opportunity Sales Lead MQL SAL SQL
  6. 6.  20% penetration rate of a potential $3 billion MAP software market  60% increase in revenue in past year  50% growth forecasted by 2015  Venture funding >$600M  Marketo’s Recent IPO  Penetration rate across industries is not equal:  High-tech and software demonstrate significantly higher adoption  Life sciences, business services and manufacturing seeing increased traction  Market Consolidation StateofMarketingAutomation © 2013 Televerde, LLC Marketing Automation
  7. 7. The Actual Stateof Marketing Automation  85% of MA users don’t believe they are using it to full potential  76% of CMO’s say their biggest challenge is “generation of quality leads”  19% reported having a MAP fully implemented  10% satisfied with results  37% didn’t mention financial effects when asked about ROI © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  8. 8. Why we’re here? © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  9. 9. B2B Marketers Must Better Prepare For Marketing Automation by Jeff Ernst April 26, 2011 “As with most business processes that have been automated, technology is not the solution — it is just an enabler. Before jumping into a technology evaluation or implementation, marketing leaders need to sit back and make sure that they prepare their organization for the changes required to fully leverage marketing automation. This means that you need a clear understanding of where you want automation to take you and need to prepare the process, content, data, and people that are required to get you there.” © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  10. 10. Why we’re here? © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  11. 11. Why we’re here? Blasters • Marketing blasts emails to generate more leads into the funnel Marketing and Sales are disconnected with little process for managing leads. Campaigners • Marketing’s use of automation tools is to plan, measure, and execute campaigns Marketing and Sales have a process for lead handoff. Optimizers • Marketing’s use of automation tools is improve the flow of leads throughout the entire life cycle. Marketing and Sales have coordinated their interactions across the lead life cycle. Predictors • Marketing‘s use of automation tools leverages demand predictable interactions across a buyer-led Process Marketing and Sales have united, personalized communications with prospects and customers. http://www.forrester.com/rb/Research/b2b_cmos_make_marketing_automation_catalyst_for/q/id/57849/t/2 © 2013 Televerde, LLC Present Day 2014 2015 2016 Marketing Automation Maturity Model
  12. 12. The Times They Are a-Changin’ © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  13. 13. Buying Has Changed Forever BUYER OLD DAYS: INFO SCARCITY 1960’s - Recent TODAY: INFO ABUNDANCE SALES REP SALES REP © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  14. 14. The Changing Buying Cycle Self- education Sales Engagement Self-education Sales Engagement Information Scarcity Information Abundance © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  15. 15. Shift of Power Self- education Sales Engagement Self-education Sales Engagement Sales Marketing Information Scarcity Information Abundance © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  16. 16. Today’s Buying Experience © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  17. 17. Zero Moment of Truth © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  18. 18. Zero Moment of Truth Research Learn About Options Comparison Shop Read Reviews Get Advice © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  19. 19. How Do People Search Realize a Need Investigate Options © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  20. 20. Ask People We Trust Ask Someone They Trust © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  21. 21. Information Access 1980’s © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  22. 22. Information Access 2013 © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  23. 23. Mobile Exploding Sources: World Bank, United Nations, Mobile Marketing Associate © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  24. 24. Source: Adbusters, 2011 Message Overload © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  25. 25. Customers are Saturated • 60% have a negative opinion of marketing • 61% feel amount is out of control • 65% feel constantly bombarded • 59% feel marketing has very little relevance Source: Yankelovich Partners © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  26. 26. Graduating from Email Marketing © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  27. 27. The Need to Graduate from Email © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  28. 28. What’s the Solution? • Engagement Marketing: Cut through the noise by engaging individuals in dialogue that connects them emotionally with your brand. © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  29. 29. Why Engagement Matters • 70% of consumers loyalty & spending decisions are based on emotional factors (Gallup 2009) • Research show that, on average, only 20% of a company’s customers are full engaged1 • 90% of CEO’s rank customer engagement as their primary initiative2 1. Jim Clifton, The Coming Jobs War, 2011 2. IBM, Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study, 2010 © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  30. 30. Relevant © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  31. 31. Listen (at scale) © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  32. 32. Digital Body Language © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  33. 33. Behaviors Tell Us A Lot About Interest © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  34. 34. Sales Engagement © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  35. 35. Actions Matter © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  36. 36. Engagement Across Channels? Source: B2B Contact Marketing website © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  37. 37. Successful Engagement Requires Marketing Automation © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  38. 38. How do we get there? © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  39. 39. Barriers to Marketing Automation Success Marketing Automation offers tremendous value to organizations, but many that adopt MAP fail to achieve its full potential. • Why? – Organization: Lack of optimized organization structure – Usage: Not well established within the marketing org – Skills gap: Lack of knowledge how to leverage MAP – Limited focus: Hyper-focus on driving net new demand vs. throughout the customer lifecycle – Technology gap: Lack of integrated systems and future
  40. 40. 12 Demand & Pipeline Management Competencies 1. GTM Strategy & Goals: Direct, channel, Target Account Mkting (ABM) 2. Strategic: Marketing, demand management, content (including deep customer insights) 3. Data and Database (what to collect) 4. Website: Microsites & Landing Pages 5. Inbound and Social Media and other Lead Generation 6. Automated Lead Management: Campaign design and execution 7. Tele-touch (qualify and nurture) 8. Sales and Marketing Alignment & Integration 9. Content (fuel) 10. Metrics, Reporting and Analytics (predictive) 11. Program and Operations Mgt. 12. Technology & Tools Tele-touchGTMGoals, Strategies,Plans
  41. 41. Success Plan © 2013 Televerde, LLC People Process Technology Data & Content
  42. 42. • Process of buying has changed • Information Scarcity to Abundance • Fundamental shift in power – Self Education • Marketing Automation technology enables – doesn’t drive process • Designing & Developing for Mobile • We’re on a journey…. Marathon not a Sprint • We’re building the foundation Key Take-A-Ways © 2013 Televerde, LLC
  43. 43. Contact Bryan… Bryan Ehrenfreund VP of Digital Strategies bryan.ehrenfreund@televede.com Direct: +1 480.303.7078 Twitter: @ehrenfreund www.televerde.com blog.televerde.com Televerde provides end-to-end marketing and sales solutions that make B2B sales pipelines stronger and faster with maximum ROI, while making marketing and sales executives smarter.