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Ctr theme panda


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Ctr theme panda

  1. 1. CTR Theme Review | Adsense ProUltimateCTR wordpress Themes Review | Adsense Pro UltimateCTR Theme For WordPress makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSensethat get awesome click-through rates (CTR). AdSense provides hands-off recurring income, butusually these sites leave a lot of money on the table by having bad designs or underoptimizedad placement.CTR Theme ad placement is more varied andyou also have more control over theplacement. More importantly the ad positionswill vary each time you refresh a page. Withads popping up in differnet positions each timeso your visitors do not become blind to them.This strategy is known to result in higher clickthrough rates.If you are searching for the Best Adsensetemplate then CTR Theme needs to be surfaceof your list. Sure you will find other templatesavailable however, you as a rule have to tweakthem and add extra icons as well as play withphp and css. In fact, most Adsense styles are Adsense ready, not adsense optimized. It like thedistinction between HD ready and full HD, I understand I’d choose to possess a full 1080pcapable television for the finest quality. Sure 720p is technically high definition nevertheless itisn’t the top dog.DOWNLOAD – DEMO CTR WORDPRESS THEMEThe WordPress High CTR Adsense Theme is mostly a WordPress theme rendering it easy for youfor making information websites that could be monetized with AdSense. This theme is optimizedto get the highest possible click as a result of rates, so you can create a greater income, just byusing that theme. Ad placement applied to CTR Theme is Google-recommended. This means itdoes not take same ad placement as used by large companies that Google’s people interactwith to boost clickthrough. Through of CTR Theme review, you can turn any website for a
  2. 2. money-making machine immediately. Best of all, quite simple require coding knowledge or sitemaintenance expertise.CTR Theme really work!If you’ want the Best Adsense template, then CTR Theme is good choice for you. It’s not doubtthere are other templates but you normally have to tweak them and add extra widgets or evenplay with php and css.most Adsense themes are Adsense ready, not adsense optimized. Most of these other Adsensetemplates focus on adding ads at the top of the site, normally in the header, and then a few inthe sidebar, I’m sure that you’ve seen plenty of these sites. They all look similar and Adplacements remain static from page to page.Look at High CTR Adsense Theme and you’llinstantly see a difference between the sites. Ad placement is more varied and you also havemore control over the placement. More importantly the ad positions will vary each time yourefresh a page. With ads popping up in differnet positions each time so your visitors do notbecome blind to them. This strategy is known to result in higher click through rates.None of these other sites allow you the degrees of control that you get with CTR themewhen itcomes to showing or even hiding ads from viewers. Ads can be disabled at a click so that theydo not show when you are trying to get listed in the search engines and you can even preventads from being shown at all to designated sites.DOWNLOAD – DEMO CTR WORDPRESS THEMEHow is it different from the Competitors?When you compare WordPress CTR Theme vis-à-vis other competitor themes, you always get anedge over them. The kind of ease in its use is experienced by no any other theme.Administrative panel lets you to setup your advertisements without touching even a single line ofcoding.Apart from that, it has an edge over its competitors in getting you faster loading speed andbetter advertisement placement strategies. Highly experienced and sensible team ofprofessionals is ready to help you anytime you are in need of any assistance.Results:The result is clear. Click-Through-Rate highly enhances your AdSense website when the users seethe advertisement popping out each time the user visits the site. It is when visitors click on theadvertisement link that Google offers you the opportunity to earn money. AdSense is a fantasticway of earning money by placing different types of advertisement on your websiteDOWNLOAD – DEMO CTR WORDPRESS THEME