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J and l ideology (1)(2)


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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J and l ideology (1)(2)

  1. 1. Making more sense0 Values 0 Something that is regarded to have great importance 0 E.g. the natural environment0 Attitudes 0 The feeling and response often associated with a value 0 E.g. we value the natural environment therefore have the attitude that a development of a natural beach area is wrong.0 Beliefs 0 Something one accepts as truthful; a firmly held opinion or conviction 0 E.g. believing in God
  2. 2. The Pros and Cons to Consider PROS: 0 CONS: 0 Ideologies can set boundaries • Ideologies can be exclusory for society to live in. and normative • They can impose limitations 0 Set characteristics of an and controls on people ideology. • Those who do not comply 0 Acceptance and belonging is with the ideologies can be the reward. punished e.g. socially • The value of a person is less in who they are as individuals, and is more about what they represent.
  3. 3. Examples of Ideologies! Socialism Post Colonialism Environmentalism Sexism Globalism Anarchism Nationalism Christianity Multiculturalism Imperialism IdealismPatriarchy Commercialism Existentialism Fascism Marxism Egalitarianism Liberalism Patriotism Racism CapitalismYou may as well put an ‘ism’ on the end of every value, attitude or belief you can think of!
  4. 4. Breaking It Down1. Identify the signifiers! 0 Ask yourself, ‘what does that word or picture mean?’2. What is signified? 0 How can the signifier affect different meanings. Lets clear up these two steps (with a traffic light) before we give you the rest!
  5. 5. “Ideology is the system of assumptions by which asociety operates and which permeates everything itproduces including film and written texts”
  6. 6. Food, Inc.0 Confirms dominant ideologies 0 Knowing where your food comes from 0 Freedom (of speech) 0 Equal opportunity0 Confronts dominant ideologies 0 Environmentalism 0 Social liberalism
  7. 7. Definition “The word [ideology] is understood as a collectively held system of ideas that allows us to look at and interpret the world as ‘normal’. Ideology is usually demonstrated by stated beliefs and practices. Ideology constructs a complex pattern orframework to unify a view of the world, but outsiders may see contradictions within this view.Discourse and mythology operate within an ideology. It should be noted that different theoretical positions will attach quite different meanings to this word.”