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Esl presentation 2


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Esl presentation 2

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Esl presentation 2

  1. 1. Learning StrategiesEmily Riley and Brittany Triggs
  2. 2. The Good Language Learner (GLL)Strategies (Naiman, Frohlich, & Stern)1. find a learning style that suits you2. involve yourself in the language learning process3. develop an awareness of language both as system and as communication4. pay constant attention to expanding your language5. develop the L2 as a separate system6. take into account the demands that L2 learning imposes
  3. 3. ENL students’ strategies• Conversation partners• Emersion• Labeling items• Watching TV• Reading• Writing a diary• Living with English speakers• Memorizing dictionary• Flowcharts• Highlighting and outlining notes
  4. 4. Identifying Learning Strategy• Most research states that one must indentify what works best for the learner and use it.• Most L2 learners are capable of remember their learning strategies and describing them when asked
  5. 5. Metacognitive Strategies (Fountas and Pinnell, 2000) -metacognitive thinking is thinking about what youare thinking…basically3 reasons to Teach Metacognitive Learning1. To develop in students a deeper understanding of text2. To take students thinking to a higher level3. To steer students into adulthood3 Steps to Metacognition1. Develop a plan before reading2. Monitor their understanding of text; “fix up”strategies3. Evaluation
  6. 6. Equation for Effective Learning• Metacognitive Strategies + cognitive strategies -analyzing, note taking, reasoning, summarzing, etc. = EFFECTIVE LEARNING Other factors: maturity, comprehension of previous learning styles, and experience Added Bonus: Use of affective and emotional side of learning to control motivation and cooperation
  7. 7. Critical Thinking Questions (since they are necessary in the equation of effective learning)-Have you ever taken a course in which only cognitive learning wasneeded? Can you recall that information and apply it at this verymoment?-What do you think it takes to be an effective L2 learner? What has hindered or helped you to be an effective L2Learner?-Identify the single most effective learning strategy that you haveapplied to your learning of second language and consider why itwas so effective.
  8. 8. • 2_learning_strategies.htm• ional-leader/reading/metacognitive- strategies.html