How To Set Up A Facebook Account


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Step by step Facebook Account Set-up.

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How To Set Up A Facebook Account

  1. 1. HOW TO SET UP A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT 1. Go to: 2. Under the Sign Up heading (above It’s free and always will be.) Enter the information as asked. First Name: Your first name, you can use a nickname, or whatever you would like people to see as your first name on Facebook Last Name: The last name you want others to find when searching for you Your Email: Enter the email address you want to be contacted through Re-enter Email: Re-enter the email address you want to be contacted through New Password: The longer, the better. Add numbers to make it more secure Sex: Male or Female Birthdate: Enter the your birthday in mm/day/year format Click the big green, “SIGN UP” button to signup. 3. Next enter Security Check information text into the box provided. Then click the Sign Up button. 4. Step 1 - Find Friends. You may enter the email address that you want Facebook to search to find your friends (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Other Email Service) or you may skip this step by pressing the Skip this step link that is found on the bottom right of the grey box. 5. Step 2 – High school, college or university. You may enter this information and press the Save & Continue button on the bottom right or press Skip. 6. Step 3 – Choose Your Profile Photo – You may upload a photo from your computer and then Press the Save & Continue button or if you elect not to load a photo, press skip. 7. To set Security on Facebook – Under the Account button on the right hand side, pull down the choice of options and press Privacy Settings. By default, everyone can see your status, photos, posts, bio and favorite quotations and family and relationships. To change these settings press the Customize settings link that can be found under the settings (your choices are everyone, friends of friends, friends, and customize). Each setting can be set individually. 8. To control how people can find you on Facebook. Click Scroll down under the Account tab on the right until you find Privacy Settings. Under the Connecting on Facebook option click View Settings. You will see a number of options that you can change. Search for You is one option, you may change it to everyone, friends of friends, friends and customize. The same is true for all of the other options shown on that screen. . 9. A Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address you entered for this new account. Go to your email and follow the instructions to activate your new Facebook account and you’re ready to begin! 10. You may go to for further detailed instructional videos on how to setup your account. is one example.ProMatch Networking Team 3/3/11rev1