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Door Accessories

Door Accessories - Elite Home Improvements

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Door Accessories

  1. 1. Door Accessories Patio Bolt The patio bolt is the ideal lock for adding extra security to you sliding security door. These patio bolts are available in a variety of strike plates that allow these units to be installed on a number of applications and in a variety of positions. This lock uses a large pin that slides up and down to lock. An option of providing keys with the same kind of keys that are used for other household locks is also available. This facility makes them convenient for users.
  2. 2. Pet Doors EHI Australia can supply and fit pet access doors for both cats and dogs. We have a comprehensive and carefully designed range of pet access doors to meet all pet owners’ needs. Our range is manufactured from the best quality plastics that can handle the most demanding of pets. These doors are both draft and weatherproof for great protection from the outside elements.
  3. 3. Sliding Door Closer DC290 Sliding Door Closer  Automatic sliding door closer,  No electric power required,  Easy to install,  Adjustable closing speed,  Available in a range of colours to match existing sliding doors,  Connecting pin and catch can be removed to keep the door open,  Suits right and left handed opening doors
  4. 4. Door Locks Features and Specifications  DualSelect™ enables the selection of two security locking functions: privacy locking and deadlocking. Privacy locking provides security by locking the main bolt and handles but the internal snib is still functional allowing occupants to escape in case of emergency. Privacy locking is selected by turning the key 90 degrees, or until a click sound is heard. Deadlocking is selected by turning the key 130 degrees, or until the second click sound is heard.  Patened anti-jimmy serrated locking bolt for extra security.  Contemporary styled handles available in plated & polyester powder coat finishes.  Optional Multi Point Kits are available for added security for both 2 and 3 point applications (Triple Locking).  Snib locking of all 3 points. Key overrides snib.  Suits either left or right hand opening hinged security and screen doors.  High performance lock conforms to the relevant requirements of current Australian Standards for durability and security.  Tested on security screen doors in accordance with current Australian Standards.  Manufactured in Australia. Source: