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  • Converse also tru- boring is bad too-
  • Grammar Games
  • Final sidwell rethinking homework3

    1. 1. Rethinking Homework in light of technology
    2. 2. Why and How Homework?Why give it?How do we design it?How do we make it something they want to do?
    3. 3. Creating Homework 2.0?
    4. 4. Typical Beliefs about HomeworkServes to extend learning beyond classroomIntellectual ability is intrinsically more valuable thannonintellectualHomework teaches responsibility (or obedience?)Lots of homework is consistent with rigorous programGood teachers give HW and good students do it
    5. 5. What the Research Says?Amount of time spent on homework is positivelycorrelated to achievementHomework appears to be more effective for olderstudents (15+)As more variables are controlled for, + correlation isdiminishedThere appears to be an optimum amount of HW ateach grade level
    6. 6. Tenets of LearningQuality teaching mattersSkills require practiceTime on task matters (we might need to redefine the tasks )Quality of task is as important as timeLearning is individualChildren differ in readiness and developmental levelChildren differ in learning stylesChildren differ in motivation, persistence, and organizational skills (executivefunction)Frustration is detrimental to motivation and desire to learnHomework that is not completed does not help learning
    7. 7. What about Grading?Once the number isattached the learningstopsGrade should reflectlearning not behavior
    8. 8. We must ask: Why don’t they do their homework?What is the effect on future learning?How do I meet the needs of individual learners? THERE AREN’T EASY ANSWERS!
    9. 9. Value Added HW Needs to be done to be successful Doesn’t cause frustration Enhances the classroom experienceMeets each student where they are Has a student Hook No Option to Take a Zero – Must Be Done
    10. 10. Homework HelpersTechnology Enhanced Homework
    11. 11. Consider HW as Formative Assessment Feedback over GradingUse to determine lesson plan as much as to assess students Google Forms + Fubaroo Classroom Collaborize LMS Forums Learning Logs – Blog/Google Docs
    12. 12. Drill and Practice Electronically Provided Feedback Quia WebAssignMoodle/Haiku/Canvas Schoology WolframAlpha Hippocampus
    13. 13. Differentiating HWHomework tasks thatare too difficult are a major demotivator (Tomlinson 2003, Vatterott 2003) Diigo Graphic Organizers Mindomo SpiderScribe Note:Boring is bad too-
    14. 14. Tiered Learning ObjectsLAMSUdutu
    15. 15. Online DiscussionsLMS Forums ClassroomCollaborizeDiigo Groups
    16. 16. Peer Review Round RobinOnly need a shared space to Edit Google Docs with Comments Word with Comments
    17. 17. Self Assessment A move to metacognition•Portfolios•Online Journals/Learning Blogs•Google Forms – Daily Update •Key Idea •What you struggled with •Question you still have or skill you need to work on
    18. 18. A Radical Change Move the Lecture and Tutorial to HW Podcasting (2) Screencasting Tegrity Lite iTunes UOpen Source Courses
    19. 19. FlippedThe Classroom
    20. 20. Attributes• Provide content delivery- lectures, notes, things students usually sit and get- for homework• Use class time for collaborative work and challenge problems• Teacher centered at home  Student centered at school
    21. 21. History• Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Smith – Pre-vodcasting – Flipped Classroom • Karl Fisch and Daniel Pink
    22. 22. Re-Purpose Existing Content CrashCourse Videos One Minute Physics Veritasium
    23. 23. Tools • The Power of <Embed> Screenr Sophia Ted EDx Slideshare KnovioYouTube Editor
    24. 24. TED ED
    25. 25. Tools Discussions, Quizzes, Annotations Collaborize Quia Naiku LMS ToolsClassroom Salon
    26. 26. Emerging Options
    27. 27. Gamification Important ConceptsAppropriate LevelAppropriate ChallengeRewards (more challenge)Constant FeedbackRepetition
    28. 28. Some Options Raptivity Articulate Immersive WorldsReaction Grid or Kitely