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High Impact Implementation of Think Through Math

TTM HISD training slides

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High Impact Implementation of Think Through Math

  1. 1. TTM Houston ISD Training - May 2015 Training Site Link ↗ Think Through
  2. 2. TTM Training Resources: ↗ Understand and apply effective practices in TTM to scaffold, differentiate, and accelerate students’ learning of mathematics. ↗ Learn how to effectively implement key Think Through Math resources and tools. ↗ Use classroom reports to track student progress & inform instruction. INTRO. SESSION GOALS:
  3. 3. TTM Training Resources: ↗ Learn process for assigning customized summer school pathway ↗ Access and implement TTM successfully during summer school ↗ Utilize reports available in the system to guide individualized instruction ↗ Sign-up to request in-class support by TTM teacher-trainer SUMMER SESSION GOALS:
  4. 4. TTM Training Resources: ↗ Perform comprehensive data review using levels of Standards Report ↗ Target strategies using this data to differentiate for diverse learners ↗ Use Multiple Pathways feature to create and assign additional pathways ↗ Explore advanced journaling strategies ↗ Learn how to take motivation to the next level. ADVANCED SESSION GOALS:
  5. 5. To here. From here…
  6. 6. Adaptivity Tier 1 Lessons Tier 2 Lessons ↗ “Booster Packs” for students testing 2+ grades below their current grade level. Precursor Lessons Inserted Grade-Level Pathway Adaptive Placement
  7. 7. 1-TEA Research Study What are recent findings on learning outcomes in recent TEA Research Report about Think Through Math?
  8. 8. Overview of TTM Interaction of 4 Components •Adaptive Content •Student Motivation •‘Just in Time’ Access to LIVE teachers •Actionable Reports What can we do to ensure students using TTM are actually developing and deepening their understanding of critical grade level concepts and problem-solving skills? Best Practices for High Impact Implementation?
  9. 9. Teacher Dashboard 1 – Login to TTM
  10. 10. Teacher Dashboard 2 – Start Cards, Leaderboards, THINK30! Status 3 – HELP Resources
  11. 11. Teacher Dashboard
  12. 12. Motivation 4 – Motivation>Classroom Goals>Manage
  13. 13. Motivational Elements Personalization Contests & Classroom Giving Surprise Pop-up Event Motivators
  14. 14. Motivational & FUN! • Points & Certificates • Donate to Charities & Make a Difference! • Class Goals & Rewards • Avatar Design • Cool Contests AND… • Outside of school access • Feedback + built-in support • Your grade level pathway in moves you through required math skills and beyond into to the next grade-level! 4-Turn + Talk RECIPE FOR SUCCESS ↘ Set & Track Classroom Goals ↘ Set Charity Giving Focus ↘ Check Teacher Dashboard Consistently! ↘ Encourage Home Usage ↘ Progress Monitor [Reports] ↘ Update & Celebrate Milestones Regularly! ↘ Make Progress & Milestones Visible! ↘ Praise! Star & Message for Encouragement.
  15. 15. PlacementTest Adaptive test to determine where students need to ‘start’ grade level material. [25 questions] 5-Assessment/Placement
  16. 16. TTM Lesson Routine • Every lesson starts w/pre-quiz--> You can test out of things you know (80%) • 25-30 minutes for lesson work & math-journaling. • End of session->3-5 minutes • Reflect on or re-set goals • Update avatar • Donate to charities • Check contests
  17. 17. Preview an Activity: Grade 4 Lesson Unit: Number and Operations – Fractions Lesson: Add and Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators Grade 6 Lesson (This lesson has the Problem Solving activity.) Unit: Ratio and Proportion Lesson: Distance, Rate, and Time II 6-CONTENT > PREVIEW ACTIVITY > Use Checklist Guide
  18. 18. Note sequence of TTM lesson path.
  19. 19. Learning Sequence
  20. 20. 1. Pre-Quiz
  21. 21. 2. Warm-Up Review Math Before Lesson
  22. 22. 3. Guided Learning Read all feedback… you see from both right & wrong answers
  23. 23. FOCUSLearn New Math!
  24. 24. 4. Practice • Show your work in TTM Journal as you work problems. • Use notes from feedback. • Feedback helps you learn! Read all feedback you see from both right & wrong answers.
  25. 25. 5. Post-Quiz[LESSON TEST] 1 Try Per problem!
  26. 26. Note support features in 3 HELP levels.
  27. 27. Focus and take your time. (Click slowly while you read, listen & solve problems) Pay close attention to all feedback. (Learn from both right and wrong answers). Take Notes. Use and apply math strategies. (Connect to what you’ve learned in class). Click for help when you need it— (Use your Coach, Math Help(s), & Math Words tool). Tips for Online Math Learning
  28. 28. Help Ladder
  29. 29. Student Help Ladder Expert LIVE Teacher Corrective Feedback Concept Zone
  30. 30. Find why you made mistakes! MATH HELP: • Feedback helps you learn! • Read all feedback you see from both right & wrong answers • Try again & learn from your mistakes! REPLAY feedback explanation Click for Help! Try Problem Again! Confused?
  31. 31. LIVE Teacher Hours DAY TIME (CST) Monday–Thursday 6:30 a.m.–11:00 p.m. Friday 6:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Sunday 5:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
  32. 32. Test-Out Option Review math ideas before lesson. Learn new math through solving problems with help and feedback. Learn process for problem- solving. Prepare to be successful on post- quiz. Show what you learned in the lesson. THINK THROUGH MATH LIVE Teachers Available Click your ‘Coach’ or ‘Math Help’ Use your TTM Journal to take notes and work out problems. Learning tips & Lesson Sequence Only 1 try per problem! •Weekly Goals •Vocabulary •Show Your Work •Problem-Solving Strategies LIVE TEACHERS AVAILABLE
  33. 33. Student Dashboard
  34. 34. Current lesson work in progress Points to spend on charity donations or avatar features Avatars and Leader Board competitions Current contests to win prizes for solving math problems! Badges to recognize good work Track your lesson progress. Think 30! Student Dashboard
  35. 35. Give points you earn toward charity of your choice, avatar design, or a class goal!
  36. 36. Challenges? 7-T-Chart: Challenges & Solution Strategies
  37. 37. Successful Launch 8-HELP: Launch Guide & Clip –> Tools –> Classroom Integration
  38. 38. LESSONS • 2nd attempt= ½ # of possible points • 3rd attempt placed a bottom of lesson pathway—> ¼ of points possible • Look for comments & stars from your teacher! Every lesson is worth 1250 pts. 3 chances to pass a lesson 1st attempt = Maximum # of Points Don’t be a careless clicker! Strive to pass all target lessons on Pathway!
  39. 39. TTM Journal: For each lesson, write: • Date + Lesson Topic • Problem Solving Strategies and Thinking Steps • Important parts of math skills you are learning • Notes for Vocabulary • Notes from Lesson Feedback • Notes that show your work as you do the math 9-HELP > Resources + Strategies
  40. 40. TTM Journal: Lesson: My Math Problem-Solving Work: Date: New Vocabulary & Feedback Notes:
  41. 41. PathwaysTTM Ensure students are working at the ‘right’ math at right time with... Primary Pathways TTM created, adaptive, TX-TEKS aligned, placement test determines starting point Custom Pathways: allow flexible use of TTM as compliment to classroom instruction. Summer Pathways Follow Instructions in Summer Pathways Guide Summer Pathway Enrollment Instructions
  42. 42. Actionable Reports 10 – Types? Help Guides? ↘ How do we assess student progress? ↘ How can we use TTM data to support our students? Types:
  43. 43. Overview Report 11 – Analyze progress and identify successful, struggling, and guessing students. Classroom Overview
  44. 44. Overview Report Student Overview ➥ Which students are spending a lot of time? Are they being successful? Why or why not? ➥ Which students are “guessing”? How do you know? ➥ Which students are progressing well and even high-achieving? ➥ How would you coach a teacher so he may help his students use TTM more successfully?
  45. 45. Student Progress Summary ➥ Based on data from the Student Summary Report, what are your observations and next steps? 12 – Analyze progress of individual students
  46. 46. Student Progress Summary ➥ Can you locate pre-quiz & post quiz scores, grade level standards, number of lessons passed for an individual student?
  47. 47. Standards Report View By Standard 13 – Challenging Standards, Grouping Students by Standard, Filtering
  48. 48. ↘ Which standards present the biggest challenge? ↘ Which groups of students are struggling within a particular standard? ↘ How can report be filtered down by Standard, Grade Level, Classroom and Student? Standards Report
  49. 49. View By Students Standards Report ↘ Standards listed with the highest level of failing students at the top.
  50. 50. Standards Report
  51. 51. * Contact Me: @elizbtheastman * Find Me:
  52. 52. • • • HISD Contacts: Exit Ticket ↘