Dreambox: Mathematics Learning & Adaptive Technology


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Dreambox: Mathematics Learning & Adaptive Technology

  1. 1. http://goo.gl/ https://hisdelearn.org/ E.H. Eastman December 2013 Adaptivity
  2. 2. https://hisdelearn.org/ (scroll down)
  3. 3. Understand the and how sequence of learning mathematics works. Apply to scaffold, differentiate, accelerate students’ learning. Use classroom & inform instruction.
  4. 4. Why Dreambox? Initial Placement & Continuous Adaptivity What are Students learning in Dreambox? How can my students progress in Dreambox? How do I track & analyze student progress in Dreambox?
  5. 5. Adaptivity , Scaffolding, & Differentiation!
  6. 6. » What tab do you use to » How do send about DreamBox? * Find your Domain URL * Sample user acct.
  7. 7. : •Editing Arcade Setting •Picture vs. Text password in dropdown •Parent Invitation available in Eng/Span •Classroom list Adjustments •Intervention Identification •Edit Classroom Info. •Restrict Carnival & My House Access •Video tutorials •Play Dreambox as a teacher •Resources & Support Center •Teacher Tools •Unit Descriptions
  8. 8. Login > > My House/Carnival Restrictions > > Click on days & times accessible http://moourl.com/xkka4
  9. 9. where in grade levels do student start? Where can you place a student in need of intervention (significantly below gr. level)? How does DreamBox determine content units to provide students? http://goo.gl/i4FN0W
  10. 10. http://goo.gl/IORVj8
  11. 11. Analysis/response to every decision a student makes going beyond whether a student’s * answer was right/wrong -•Tracks 60 different behaviors, incl… •Amt. of time it takes to solve problem •Number of hints used •Strategies to construct answer to a problem Adaptivity allows work in multiple grade levels at the same time -- Review: http://goo.gl/aQfTJO
  12. 12. Clip [3:20] : http://goo.gl/SXgLZR [K-2 tabs]: http://goo.gl/ifm5J1
  13. 13. Review: http://www.dreambox.com/adaptive-learning
  14. 14. http://www.dreambox.com/teks
  15. 15. (overview & exploration) Try sample primary lessons, tutorials, and puzzles for grades K, 1, or 2, including iPad app. http://goo.gl/AlNJwG Jot down any questions or comments you have while you ‘play.”
  16. 16. K: Counting Strategies with Tenframe 1st: Comparing Numbers & More or Less Than Symbols Tabs & Tutorials 2nd: Addition using Compensation Buckets
  17. 17. •Rewards •Avatar •Manipulatives Adaptive Lessons Invest majority of time here. Choice of tasks ‘Next best lessons’ •Problem-solving games •Not curriculum based [Primary]
  18. 18. Yellow star : pre-test Yellow icons : recommended new lessons [Number on icons represents certain lessons—adapts to sequence for individual] Green icons : completed lessons Orange icons : Backpack : tutorial lesson for manipulatives rewards earned throughout lessons
  19. 19. Review Lesson icons : http://goo.gl/fKA3Je Best Practices: Tips for Teachers: http://goo.gl/zSYICw What are best practices that will ensure growth? Can you identify icons & describe what they mean?
  20. 20. Spend the majority of their time in Focus and complete any NEW lessons – Do at least 2-3 as routine. regardless of its difficulty. [Students are assessed by using data collected from their completed lessons] [each lesson lasts 5-8 min]. Recommended Usage: 60-90 minute sessions; Use added scaffolding. when needed for repeated directions &
  21. 21. » Informational Links: http://moourl.com/ssgeo » Clip: http://moourl.com/tljzg » Encourage to maximize usage !