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TEKTIC: An overview of a Canadian university eHealth research collaboration


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This presentation provides an overview of the Technology Enabled Knowledge Translation Investigative Centre (TEKTIC) research unit. Details about the development of the unit, findings from the specific research projects, and knowledge translation strategies were given by Jennifer Cordeiro on March 17, 2011, to an eHIPP academic rounds session.

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TEKTIC: An overview of a Canadian university eHealth research collaboration

  1. 1. TEKTIC:An overview of a Canadian university eHealth research collaboration Presented by: Ms. Jennifer Cordeiro
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction- TEKTIC• TEKTIC research portfolio and project highlights• KT activities• Future directions for TEKTIC• Questions
  3. 3. Who is TEKTIC?• Multi-disciplinary, inter-institutional research collaborative supported by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research in 2006• Members include: Researchers, clinicians, academics, decision makers, information technology specialists and student trainees • Started with 16 members from 5 different institutions • Grew to 25 members from 8 different institutions across Canada
  4. 4. TEKTIC Mission• To understand, explore, and innovate on how information and communication technologies (ICT) can be used effectively to accelerate the translation of health research evidence into routine practice and health system implementation.• Based on five major themes…
  5. 5. TEKTIC Research Themes Human-technology interface Research synchronization Technologydemonstration Capacity buildingPolicy translation
  6. 6. TEKTIC Research and Innovation• Developed and implemented a call for proposals open to members.• Total of four rounds of funding: – Year 1 (R1) = 6 applications – Year 1 (R2) = 6 applications – Year 2 = 11 applications – Year 3 = 11 applications
  7. 7. TEKTIC Research and Innovation• 34 projects – cutting across the five themes• Sub-themes that have emerged: • Electronic communities of practice • Interprofessional education and practice • Innovations in medical school curriculum • Global eHealth • Public engagement • Aboriginal health and wellness
  8. 8. Project Snapshot: eLearning Resources for Orthopedic Educators• Lead investigator: Dr. Sandra Jarvis-Selinger• What it is about – To determine how technology can support education by developing orthopedic educator eCOP• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – Did provide enough support between conferences – eCOP not only a resource repository, also promoted leadership, scholarship and mentorship across orthopaedic programs
  9. 9. Project Snapshot: Western Interprofessional Health Collaborative• Lead investigator: Dr. Lesley Bainbridge• What it is about – To develop, implement and evaluate an eCOP to support an interprofessional team• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – eCOP supported the team, increased linkages between members and helped expansion – 90% felt the eCOP could be useful for their other projects
  10. 10. Project Snapshot:Evaluating EMR Competency Skills Using OSCEs• Lead investigator: Dr. Andre Kushniruk and Dr. Kendall Ho• What it is about – To determine what EMR competencies are necessary for med students and how they can be evaluated using OSCEs• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – Many competencies identified – Competencies range from clinical skills to technical skills to data management skills
  11. 11. Project Snapshot:How Global is eHealth and eHealth Related KT?• Lead investigator: Dr. Richard Scott• What it is about – To create an evidence base of how wide spread eHealth and related KT activities are globally• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – 16/50 of the least developed countries exposed to telehealth activities (3/50 “significant activities”) • Those with ‘significant activities’ plus 7 other countries also had been engaged with KT activities
  12. 12. 50 Least Developed Countries
  13. 13. LDC with eHealth Activity
  14. 14. LDC with Knowledge Translation
  15. 15. Project Snapshot: Utilizing Technology to Promote Community Engagement in a Public Mental Health Film Series• Lead investigator: Dr. Harry Karlinsky• What it is about – To increase public engagement in mental health film series by using social networking technologies• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – Sites have become a community that includes attendees, mental health advocates and media reporters – A lot of involvement and time is necessary to connect and communicate with users at a more personal level
  16. 16. Project Snapshot: Explorations in Health Promotion through Music Technology Training for First Nations Youth• Lead investigator: Dr. Helen Novak Lauscher and Dr. Sandra Jarvis-Selinger• What it is about: – To develop, implement and evaluate a music technology workshop for First Nations youth• Two interesting findings/ lessons learned – Participants collaboratively recorded a song that spoke to the various social/health issues they face – Redefined ‘health’ from a youth perspective
  17. 17. KT and TEKT in TEKTIC TEKTIC Knowledge Translation• First years focused on Project Unit Knowledge building relationships and Dissemination Sharing a platform for research Public Forums TEKTIC projects and Workshops Elluminate Sessions• KT successful within each eCommunities TEKTIC TICr of Practice individual project• Needed KT/TEKT for Websites and Learning Centres TEKTIC Workshop TEKTIC Conferences TEKTIC Book
  18. 18. Elluminate Rounds• Regular, online knowledge sharing sessions scheduled once a month throughout 2009.• Featured presentation of TEKTIC-funded projects and included discussion period.• Audience included TEKTIC members and outside guests.
  19. 19. The TICr• Monthly online newsletter/ magazine sent to members and partners.• Features included: – TEKTIC projects – Member profiles – Current eHealth stories in the news – Upcoming events
  20. 20. Conferences and Workshops• Travel support for member dissemination activities: – Oral presentation at National Aboriginal Health Organization in Ottawa (2009) – Panel presentation at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) World of Health IT Conference in Spain (2010) – Presentation at American Telemedicine Association Conference (2010) – Pre-conference workshop and round table discussion COACH eHealth Conference in Vancouver (2010)
  21. 21. TEKTIC Workshop: Using ICTs for “Healthy” Public Engagement• Audience: Policy-makers, administrators, researchers and health professionals• Speakers and topics: – Dr. Antoine Geissbuhler: Health on the Net – Dr. Cameron Norman: Using the Internet for Health Promotion in Youth – Dr. Gerri Sinclair: Digital Media and Public Engagement – Ms. Corinne Campney: New Health Applications on the Horizon (TELUS)
  22. 22. TEKTIC Workshop: Using ICTs for “Healthy” Public Engagement• Questions and issues raised: – Do we need to engage the public? Do they want to engage with us? Who do we target? How? – Challenges in collecting data- what is realistic? – Privacy considerations and concerns – Ensuring access to credible health information
  23. 23. TEKTIC Book• Summarize all of TEKTIC’s work in the area of technology-enabled knowledge translation• Includes chapters on specific TEKTIC projects and explores new directions of eHealth – Bio-informatics, environmental eHealth, mHealth, and patient safety• Stay tuned! Due out in Fall 2011
  24. 24. TEKTIC Membership• Founding Members: Kendall Ho, Lesley Bainbridge, Michal Fedeles, Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Harry Karlinsky, Andre Kushniruk, Francis Lau, Malcolm Maclure, Raymond Ng, Anne Nguyen, Helen Novak Lauscher, Richard Scott and Robert Woollard• TEKTIC Coordinator: Jennifer Cordeiro• New Co-investigators: Elizabeth Borycki, Celine Cressman, Yolanda Liman, Brenna Lynn, Cameron Norman and Elizabeth Stacy• New Affiliate Members: Liz Harrison, Grace Mickelson, and Richard Smith• New Student Affiliate Members: Francisco Grajales III and Varun Ramraj
  25. 25. Questions and Comments?
  26. 26. Thank You!• Supported by: Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research• Ms. Jennifer Cordeiro, TEKTIC Research Coordinator – or 604-875-4111 ext. 69151 Visit for more information!