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Breathe Easy Pitch


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This is a pitch Presentation of Breathe Easy, a Health Technology Assessment startup. You can find more at &

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Breathe Easy Pitch

  1. 1. children Childhood asthma: the most + common chronic disease globallyasthma
  2. 2. children +asthma + USA 715K new cases of childhood asthma every year 9.6M children having asthma in total 14M missed school days  $12 B annually
  3. 3. TheBreathe The prototype: Chameleon Easy  a breathing toy + iPAD app => a childsolution that beats asthma attacks
  4. 4. The Team P. Angelidis, Ph.D. is a telecom engineer, a prof. of mHealth and an entrepreneur. One of his startups, is listed in the Athens SE S. Hamilton, M.D. is a children asthma expert, working at Imperial College ST. Mary’s Hospital. She’s devoted in changing the way asthma care is delivered J. Oliver Moore is a PhD student of the New Media Medicine research group in the Media Lab. John is a physician and technologist working to fundamentally change the role that patients can play in their N. Papachristou, M. Sc. is a medical device expert with 5 years of experience. . He is also a well known medical blogger and a narrator at TEDxAthens 2010 M. Psymarnou holds an MBA and has a 10 years experience on ehealth business models and marketing
  5. 5. Competences
  6. 6. competition What more do we offer? Breathe Easy Asthmapolis Smartinhaler Tracking Time √ √ √ Tracking Place √ √ Medication Volume √ Medication Reminder √ √ √ Incentives Platform √ Collaborative Space √ ? ? Fun to use √
  7. 7. How big?market size  $12.4 B: Global Asthma Market  1.5%: Global asthma market Compound Annual Growth Rate  $12.4 B (2009) -> $14 B (2017)  $5.3 B: Sales for patient monitoring tools  $8.8 B: Total handheld healthcare devices market
  8. 8. Revenue & Distribution channelsmarket Pharma Industry 1 Drug Direct Breathe Retail Sales Easy Stores Insurers
  9. 9. How many devices can we sell?sales • 4.3M children, 5-11 years • 0,5% market penetration • 259K devices per year • at $69 each
  10. 10. 1st stage Breathe Easy is raising…(36 months) $7.2M for the full way to sales (36 months) Convertible debt with 20% discount and a valuation cap of $36M
  11. 11. 1st stage During 1st Stage…(36 months)  36 months timeline to:  Case & Packaging design  100 Devices  Testing & FDA approval  Distribution Agreements  Sales Plan
  12. 12. Empowering children with asthmaprovenconcept First Prize at MIT Health and Wellness Innovation Competition 2012. Breathe Easy: the Nike+ Sensor for kids with asthma