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Digital Nomad


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Submission to Kata dreambag competition

Published in: Design
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Digital Nomad

  1. 1. The Digital Nomad Staffan Ehde
  2. 2. Dear Kata innovation team, You know how to make good gear and with that comes anthropology studies. Sometimes a study of a new target group is missing, I’m going to give you my view and with that maybe a different solution. I’m a 54 year old film producer that started out as a still photographer. Got my education in California and I have been working for major National TV channels. 2003 a marketing director found out that a film producer should know how to create an innovation culture outside the film world. My life today consists of traveling a lot giving speeches and leading processes. This is also mixed with my desire to shoot as I go to different locations; I also use my time to learn about different jobs so I know how to design solutions with the customers.
  3. 3. This is a typical day (We start in Stockholm-Sweden): A taxi picks up at home 06.00 am to bring me to the airport. As I land in the airport of Östersund, a cab picks me up and I have an hour to go to Åre, a ski center in the north of Sweden it is -18 degrees as we approach. Well there I meet today’s client, a major company within industrial automation that takes care of me, leads me to a conference room where I connect my laptop to a projector, check out that everything works. This client has invited all his customers for a two day seminar in this beautiful town. My job is to inspire the group to become more creative. I give them a performance for 90 minutes and after applause and a small gift (where shall I put it in my backpack?) I leave the room. Now there are 5 hours before the plane goes back home. I walk into a restroom, put on long john under my pants, take off my jacket and change to a sweater. The Jacket is then put on a hanger that folds neatly into the backpack (Samsonite). I bring out my camera, put on gloves ect and have a nice walk in the mountain taking pictures. Another day could be that I take the car to a city 2 hrs away to follow a truck driver on his daily routines picking up used tires for recycling. My job is to document his job both in written and pictures (anthropology study to be used in an innovation process). I cannot leave my computer at home, being a Digital Nomad I will need it if somebody calls for information or a new appointment.
  4. 4. My point of view is that there are two lines that should be brought together, the businessman backpack and the photographer’s backpack. In our climate we always need extra clothing, even in the summer. Today I have a choice of taking the businessman backpack and bring some photogear unprotected, or keep it in hard to handle bags for each lens. This is my dream backpack:
  5. 5. Clothes or papers 1st compartment Strap to back iphone pocket Expandable with zip
  6. 6. Laptop Clothes or papers 2nd compartment
  7. 7. Gear Gadgets Laptop Clothes or papers 3st compartment
  8. 8. 4th compartment Clothes or papers Gear Gadgets Small pockets inside for smaller Laptop things Maybe a small toylet bag (waterproof)
  9. 9. 5th compartment Clothes or papers Gear Gadgets Laptop The camera part should come out as nice as the ones you have on this backpack (I have one) Camera Perfect for a whole set micros or a Larger camera with one lens)
  10. 10. 6th compartment Clothes or papers Laptop some smaller pockets Gear on the outside and of course water bottle holder Camera
  11. 11. To design the bag is something you are more pro than I am, I leave that to you. But make it businesslike on the outside. But also sturdy and a small touch of adventure. The look of this backpack is great. Good luck! Staffan Ehde