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Why social media for customer care


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The way customers engage with companies is shifting from telephones and email to social and mobile applications.

A social media strategy has now become a survival tool for almost all corporates to understand consumer preferences and perceptions towards their products, services and care

Social Media has changed the way we all serve and support our customers

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Why social media for customer care

  1. 1. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CUSTOMER CARE Enamul Haque Senior Process Manager IT Service Management tools and Processes
  2. 2. New lucrative income stream • The way customers engage with companies is shifting from telephones and email to social and mobile applications. • A social media strategy has now become a survival tool for almost all corporates to understand consumer preferences and perceptions towards their products, services and care. 2 • Social Media has changed the way we all serve and support our customers
  3. 3. Social Media a survival tool • Companies have realised they need a social media strategy to survive and they know that contact centres are their main touchpoints with customers & hence the pressure is on contact centres to adopt it to support this endurance. • Gartner has predicted that by 2015, more than half of contact centres will have social media as a mainstream channel of communication with customers. • Multi-channel communication - where companies can monitor social media sites and generate sales leads and combat product criticism - is becoming increasingly important. • Customer Care has it’s impact on sales revenue as “words” travel fast in social media .. 3
  4. 4. Change in customer approach • Business process outsourcing firms are finding a new profitable opportunity in managing social media for corporations whose customers are taking to the online medium to share feedback. • From just being an add-on differentiator, contact centres are looking at social media to redefine how customer support is provided. Cisco, which is a large provider of contact centre solutions, sees the space as 'hot.' • "Everything is becoming more proactive. Companies can't dictate the way they talk to customers. They have to adapt to the way the customer wants to be served and contact centres are now reflecting that," said Daisy Chittilapilly, a vice-president at Cisco India. 4
  5. 5. A creative CARE (cCARE) 5 Its not only customer CARE, its reputation management A social media Care to tacklenegative customer feedback Move up in the value chain Become creative in our customer care offering Become excellence in reaching the client, clients are on Facebook 24/7 Sales cycleand adoption time is shortened (compare to voice only contact centres) Use social media as a door to for new clients Engage customers to build a knowledgebasefrom experience
  6. 6. Why Social Media Makes Customer Service Better 6 80% of companies use social media for customer service. 62% of customers have already used social media for customer service issues Gartner predicted one billion users will be on social networks by the end of 2012 Your ability to serve your customers, in the channels they wish to be served in, is critical to your business success. It affects current and potential customers The post-sales experience brings both acquisition and retention power It is critical to keep current customers happy and show potential customers how well we do business Social media gives business a channel to achieve more than just CARE
  7. 7. Social CARE strategy • Any strategy for the implementation and integration of social media customer service must be future-proof, responsive and enhance the business as a whole. • The social customer service model needs to be as organic and flexible as the medium that created it, while simultaneously delivering tangible results for the business through a stronger brand identity, better customer service and a long- term strategic plan. 7
  8. 8. Customer service strategy • A study by A.T. Kearney found that: • of the top 50 brands, 56% did not respond to a single customer comment on their Facebook Page. • Brands ignored 71% of customer’s complaints on Twitter. • And, 55% of consumers expect a response the same day to an online complaint, while only 29% receive one. • Your customer service strategy must include social media and be part of its long-term business plan to maintain competitive advantage. 8
  9. 9. Social customer service delivery 9 • Integrate social media into your existing customer service function. Gone are the days when social media sat on their own at the table, you now have allow social to influence all business functions to become a more responsive customer-centric business. • Create humanized response models to engender loyalty and build relationships. Many companies are guilty of creating robust and well-planned strategy for social customer service delivery -– but fall at the final and most important hurdle — creating a voice your audience can relate to. • Monitor social interaction to spot issues and solve problems before they become crises. Social customer service delivery involves dealing with criticism and complaints in public, often in front of an audience of millions. If you’re going to prevent a small problem growing into something worse, you need to have a detailed understanding of what you need to respond to, a path to response, and escalation policies for resolution.
  10. 10. The role social media can play in customer service 10 Reduce the volume of contact centre calls (effective self-service on the web) Increase first contact resolution (user based answers proven to be working) Increase agents productivity(better answers, so agents can answer more questions in an hour) Reduce email as an interaction channel (real time knowledgeretention on the web) Improve product ideation (customer insight used product improvements) Increase customer lifetime value (more loyal customers that spread “positive-word-of-mouth”
  11. 11. Summary 11 • Social media is not just an excellent tool to grow the brand identity and connect with customers, it is also one of the best tools for customer service. • Followers of brands on social media expect a two-way and more from companies than ever before. • Followers are not only looking for the newest coupon or information on the “Spring Line,” they want to be heard! • When they are upset and shout it out to the social media world, they are also putting their relationship with the company on the line…”respond and respond well, or we are never ever getting back together.”
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  17. 17. 17 • The infographic explains how social media has changed how companies measure the success of their social media strategy • By 2020, it is predicted that 90% enterprise level companies will be using social media for customer inquiries. • A surprisingfact that may help you jump on the social media customer service train, is that e- service support requests (web, chat, social) from customers is expected to grow 53% in the next year! • Customer service is no longer about responding to complaints that you receive, it is about actively listening, monitoring, and engaged with brand mentions online.