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Superior Spend Control

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Expense Manager

  1. 1. Expense Manager Simplify expenses. Fast. Easy. Accurate. p Streamline expense submissions and approvals. p Eliminate time-consuming spreadsheets. p Reduce out-of-policy expenses. p Integrate with Paychex Preview® payroll application. p Track for tax and regulatory compliance. p Analyze and reduce overall spending. CallKevin George Call Mike Brew A Feature of Paychex 1-800-428-8170 Majorextension 86794 86169 Market Services
  2. 2. Simplify expense reports and control spending.Take control of your organization’s expenses, ensure compliance with company policy, andreduce spending – all online with a paperless solution.The need to control expenses is a rising concern of today’s business managers. The traveland entertainment category is one of the largest controllable areas of spending. It is oftenunmanaged – giving business travelers the freedom to spend excessively. At the same time,the overhead involved in submitting and processing tedious paper-based expense reports,plus tracking and reporting for tax and regulatory compliance, drains productivity throughoutthe organization.Reduce discretionary spend and travel expenses.With Paychex Expense Manager, it’s easier than ever to simplify and reduce costs in allaspects of expense report management. Now, you can reduce excessive travel spendingand ensure compliance with company policy and industry regulations.Save time and money by automating expense reporting.Eliminate the need for complicated, time-consuming spreadsheets and receipts. Streamlineexpense report review and approval cycles. Save time by submitting and approving expensereports online and reimbursing employees through direct deposit or scheduled payroll inPaychex Preview®.Automatically create expense reports from credit cards andtravel booking tools. Store your scanned receipts to speedup approvals and audits. CallKevin George Call Mike Brew A Feature of Paychex 1-800-428-8170 Majorextension 86169 86794 Market Services
  3. 3. Expense Manager works with everything you already use.Credit Cards Travel Booking Tools CRM, Payroll, and Accounting Tools Preview ®Gain visibility into spending and start saving immediately.Analyze overall expense data to identify cost savings opportunities and control excessivespending. Gain insight into spending with charts, graphs, and reports.Paychex Expense Manager is easy to use, fast to deploy, and flexible enough to accommodatethe specific needs of any organization. As an on-demand solution, theres never costly softwareto install, and expenses can be managed from anywhere at any time. It seamlessly integrateswith Salesforce, Quickbooks, and other standard systems – so companies benefit on dayone. It’s everything needed to automate expense processes and control spending instantly. With Expense Manager, expense reporting has evolved into an efficient, accurate, and paperless process…unauthorized transactions are easier to catch and paper checks are a thing of the past. TRAX CorporationGain visibility. Analyze expenses for cost saving opportunitiesand improve spending behavior. CallKevin George Call Mike Brew A Feature of Paychex 1-800-428-8170 Major extension 86169 Market Services 86794
  4. 4. Expense Manager automates the entire expense lifecycle. RECEIPT Item 96.14 Thing 108.25 Item 16.97 Tax 20.57 TOTAL $ 241.93 Simplify Ensure Policy Streamline Automate Employee Analyze Expense Reports Compliance Approval Cycles Reimbursement Expense SpendingSimplify Expense Reports Automate Employee ReimbursementEasily submit expense reports online for Automate processing, save time, and lowerfaster reimbursement. Eliminate complicated, bookkeeping costs. Streamline back-office taskstime-consuming spreadsheets. and free-up employees for more important tasks.p Pull data directly from credit cards. p Batch and pay expenses in one step.p Attach scanned receipts to expenses. p Reimburse employees with direct deposit.p Build expense reports from travel itineraries. p Export data to accounting software.p Show out-of-policy notifications in real time. p Save data-entry time and minimize errors.p Remember transactions to save time. p Integrate with QuickBooks and Paychex Preview®Ensure Policy Compliance Analyze Expense SpendingTake control of expenses, ensure compliance with Gain visibility into spending with comprehensivecompany policy, and reduce excessive spending. data charts, graphs, and reports. Analyze expenses for cost-saving opportunities andp Define overall company spending policy. improve spending behavior.p Set spending limits directly in the system.p Communicate policy to employees. p Monitor all aspects of travel expenses.p Ensure compliance with legal regulations. p Get detailed analytics on spending trends.p Instantly follow-up on outstanding reports. p Analyze for cost-savings opportunities. p Adjust rules to eliminate excessive spending. p See reports by traveler, customer, or GL code.Streamline Approval CyclesStreamline review and approval cycles, improve theflow between departments, and increase productivity.p Expense reviews and approvals are fast.p Managers are notified by email of reports.p Expenses are pre-checked by the system. CallKevin George Call Mike Brewp Policy violations are clearly highlighted. A Feature of Paychexp Approve in 1-click with line-item exceptions. 1-800-428-8170 Major extension 86169 86794 Market Services
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