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Table of contents commentary


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Table of contents commentary

  1. 1. Table of contentscommentary
  2. 2. Table of contents draft one
  3. 3. PICTURESBackground picture
  4. 4. This picture wasn’t choose this picture because of the amount of hands in the foreground. The main focus of the picture is meant to be the artists performing and the hands would have taken the focus away from the artist.The hand in the picture is covering the artist and soare the heads in the front. I also feel I didn’t getenough of the artist in as I wanted it to be a full bodyshot. The picture is also a bit too dark to be used. This picture isnt good enough to be used because the artist is facing the ground and not all of the musician can be seen because of the head in front. Also, the ‘Ibiza Rocks’ poster is in the background which can’t be included in the picture.
  5. 5. Other Pictures
  6. 6. I chose this picture because I feel it’s a very strong picture. The lighting from behind highlightsthe artist and his positioning also draws the readers attention to him. There are many thingscovering the artist so I am able to put as much as the artist in as possible. Through editing it Ican also make the outline of the artist darker to make him stand out even more by changes thecolour levels. Chosen Picture
  7. 7. PICTURESContent pictures
  8. 8. I didn’t choose this photo because its too similar to the picture that I used in my double page spread and I didn’t want the picture to be completely centre. I wanted the picture to be a different height and camera distance to the one I used in my double page spread. Also, the costume seems a bit too similar.This wasn’t chosen because the models face is a tiny bitblurry. The blur is quite noticeable so it would be noticeableon the table of contents . Although, the picture would havebeen good because of the models facial expression and thedifferent costume to the one on my double page spread. This picture is a little bit too close up. I wanted a close- up picture to show a variety of images but I feel that this picture is too close up and because I an using other pictures on my table of contents, it may have taken too much attention from the other images.
  9. 9. I chose this photo because it says a lot about the characteristics of the artists. Thefacial expression and hand movement add to the tough persona of the musician andthis gives an insight to the audience into what the musician is like. Also, the costumeis quite different to the one used in my double page spread. The picture is a close-upbut it not too close either, this shows a variety of images in my table of contents.Chosen Photo
  10. 10. This picture was a bit too blurry to be used, this was because themodel was moving as the same time the picture was beingtaken. I also think that the models trousers don’t really matchthe artists or the look of the magazine. The picture also seems abit too long and so it wouldn’t match the other picture I plan touse. The facial expression of the model in this picture doesn’t really work. The model looks as though she is holding back a laugh and that wouldn’t look good in the magazine because it seems the model doesn’t feel comfortable. The laugh from the model in this picture seems a bit forced. I asked the model to look like she was laughing but in this picture, it seems a bit fake. Also, I don’t really like the look of the model putting her hand behind her back as it looks a bit posed.
  11. 11. Although this picture is a bit blurry, I chose it for my table of contents. The smile on the models faceisnt too much and it doesn’t looks forced as I took a picture just before the model was actually aboutto laugh. Also, the white wall is just white enough, so that when I edit the picture and change thecontrast, the background will go almost completely white. The picture is also the right length andright distance, therefore it is a mid-length shot and it shows a variety of images on my table ofcontents. Chosen Photo
  13. 13. I experimented with different shades of red for the title of my table of contents. I didn’t want the colour tobe the same as the front cover because I wanted to make the red used on my front cover stand out more.Also, because I was using a picture background, I had to make sure the red wouldn’t be lost in thebackground. After I chose my colour, I added a triangle to one side of the box to make it seem almost 3d.But I think I will make the colour behind a bit darker as the two colours look very similar when the page isprinted out.Colours
  14. 14. I choose this font because it is the font that I used on my front cover. I wanted something thatwouldn’t stick out too much and because it is sans serif and not a design font it makes iteasier to read but because it was used on my front cover, that does mean it stands out fromthe other fonts. This also helps with continuity.I used Arial for my editorial pillars and contents because it’s a very simple font. This meansthat the readers are able to focus on what the writing actually says rather than what the fontlooks like because it isnt a design font and it is sans serif.Font
  16. 16. Judging by the front cover, it is a monthly magazine. Change this to The width of the margin is not ‘month’ the same for either side of theChange this issue to match pictures.the one on your cover (35) Resize these pictures to the The page numbers need to same height be lined upA few typo’s/mistakeswhich need to be changed. If you can find more pictures, you could make this into a wall of picturesThere are no spaces in the Image credit on the side ofwebsite address the picture