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My music magazine


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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My music magazine

  1. 1. My MusicMagazine
  3. 3. I didn’t use this image because its not suitable for the frontcover. The background is too busy and there is a personwalking in the background. Also, the importance of the modelis taken away because of her positioning. The denotation ofthe model sitting on the floor could have the connotation ofless importance. I don’t like the facial expression of the modelas her smile seems a little fake and not suitable for themagazine. I didn’t choose this picture because of the background and the models eye contact. The background is too busy and there are people walking around. The model isnt looking directly at the camera, which is what I was looking for. Also, the model is turned away and this makes the picture unsuitable for the front cover.
  4. 4. This picture wasn’t chosen because themodel is looking away from the camera. Ineeded direct eye contact for the front cover.Also, because the model is turning away, herpositioning on the cover wouldn’t havefollowed the eye flow. If I used this picture,the model would have taken too much spaceup as the picture was taken too high up.For this picture, I tried to make my modellaugh. Although it does look real, It doesn’tlook like it belongs on the cover of a musicmagazine. I prefer the model to be straightfaced and the picture was taken to high up tobe the cover as I would have lied the text to becovering the models head.
  5. 5. I like this picture but I don’t feel its suitable for the music magazine. On typcial music magazines the model tends to have a straight expression but I decided to try out a more relaxed pose for my model. I prefer a staight face to the laughing one.I didn’t use this picture because I caught themode off – guard. From her hand and facialexpressions the model looks unsure and thiswouldn’t be good for the front cover. Thispicture could potentially be good for inside mymagazine, I could use it on my Table ofcontents to show behind the scenes of thephotoshoot.
  6. 6. I chose this picture because I felt it was really suitable for the magazine cover. The model has direct contact with the camera which is typical of many music magazines. The background is plain and simple and I really liked the colour of the bricks. The facial expression is suitable and appears to be more suitable for the magazine as the model seems like a more of a ‘serious’ musician to when the model was pretending to laugh. The positioning of the model is really good too, theres plenty of room for the masthead and the kickers. With Photoshop, I can change the lighting to make it appear more sunny.Chosen Picture
  8. 8. Initially, I made two versions of the magazine. This is because I wasn’t sure whether to doit in black and white or colour. I tried to make both the magazines very simplistic whilststill trying to look like a mainstream music magazine. I kept the name of my model thesame as this is more realistic.
  9. 9. ChosenFirstdraft.
  10. 10. I chose this cover because I feel its better thanthe black and white one. Although, I do like someaspects of the black and white one, in particularthe small box I used to show more artists. I likethe colour scheme of this because it looks like amix of pop and rock and that’s what I was lookingfor. The people who answered my questionnairealso said they like black, white and red the mostas a colour scheme. I made a splatter just toinclude a small bit of insight to the magazine. Imade the drip using the smudge tool onPhotoshop. Using Photoshop, I also modified themodel, I made her skin appear smoother and Ialso highlighted her lips to match the red colourscheme and changed the colour of her eyes tomatch her necklace. I also took out the colourfrom the background as I felt the red from thebricks was too busy and this makes the musicianon the cover stand out even more. I lightened upthe picture to bring a sunnier feel to it.
  11. 11. FEEDBACK
  12. 12. Could make the title The date should bebigger and put it added, either underbehind her head. the title or with the barcode.The colour of the lips Try to add a sellinghas gone too far over, line.try to make it morerealistic. This splatter isnt in proportion to the rest of the magazine. Make it smaller.Add the issuenumber, price and You could make thewebsite to the whole picture blackbarcode. and white, layer it and rub out the black and white instead.
  13. 13. SECOND DRAFT
  14. 14. I made the title colour to white as it I added a date fits better against the under the title to brick wall. make it look more professional. I changed the colour of her lips and softened the light on I changed the size of that layer to make it the splatter and the seem more natural. positing and changed the kicker and I lined up the text explanatory to make it above and below more simplistic ‘Sara Killeen’ so that it wasn’t overlapping.I added a price, issue I changed the colournumber and website of the ‘Sara Killeen’address to the barcode text to match theand changed its other red on the pagepositioning from the ‘101’.