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Music magazine mock up and plan


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Music magazine mock up and plan

  1. 1. MusicMagazineMock-up andPlan
  2. 2. I want the title to be big and memorable so that people will associate it with the magazine. A Cappella (Title)The main The kickerpicture will andbe the main explanatoryfocus of the wont be as Kicker eye-magazineand the Main Picture catching ascover. (Like Explanatory the otherNME) but still be very noticeable. Main Kicker Explanatory Barcode My main kicker and explanatory will beI am going to put my centre on the page and the biggest font. Itbarcode in the bottom left- will be about the person/musician in myhand corner because I want main picture. I will possibly put a quoteit to be discreet. above my kicker to give a little more insight into the magazine.
  3. 3. Agency Name A CappellaModel Sara KilleenCamera Eye level to musician or mid-length shot.height/angle/distanceLocation Outside or next to a white wall. Could use the park outside or shoot it against a brick wall.Lighting Because it will be outside, no lighting needs to be made. I can adjust the lighting/contrast in PhotoshopMise-en-scene No costume needed as the front cover will only be her shoulders upward. If I can borrow a guitar then that can be used and those pictures will be either a long shot/mid-length shot.Attempted connotation Normal looking musician – like an everyday person.Planned denotation Shes not concerned with fame or material things – ‘down to earth’ persona.contingency If model is not available then I will use Alice Smith. If guitar is not available then the shoot will go ahead as planned.Thinking points. Make sure there is enough space above her head for the masthead and enough space around her for the Kickers and explanatories.Plan