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Magazine analysis 2


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Magazine analysis 2

  1. 1. Magazineanalysis
  2. 2. Mast headThe mast head it simple, brightand bold. This icon/picture is Headerused whenever the magazineis advertised. Because if itssimplicity it is well known bythe readers and others. Splatter(s) Main Kicker The splatter itself is a Explanatory. kicker with a splatter underneath it, which isThere isnt one particular main like an explanatorykicker. Although there are three because it gives more ofmain articles/interviews that an insight into theare shown on the front cover – the articles could count andone whole main kicker. The textsuggests the importance of This gives the audience moreeach musician. Each kicker is a vision into what musicians aremusicians name and each in the magazine.explanatory is a quote fromthat musician Barcode The date is included in the barcode and so is the price of the magazine.
  3. 3. The eye flow of this cover only goes through the main picture. The musicians are the main focus of the articles and the cover. The text doesn’t go through the eye flow at all so the point was to bring the main focus to the musicians and that has been achieved. Also in the eye flow are too of the artists, the third one seems to not be included in it. This highlights the importance of the two musicians on the right and how less important the one on the left is.Eye Flow
  4. 4. The masthead of this magazine stands out from the restof the cover. However, it doesn’t cover most of the top ofthe cover. the icon is just two simple statement colours:red and white, which has not been altered for any coverof the magazine, even if the colour scheme doesn’tmatch. The masthead is partly covered by a person onthe front cover, this can be a signal of how recognisablethe masthead is as the whole thing doesn’t need to beshown. The colour scheme of this is read, white, black and peach. The read, white and black is the usual colour scheme for this magazine and it gives a rock feel to the cover. The most prominent colour is the red as the ‘Q’ icon as the top left is plain red and it has always stayed that way. The light peachy colour is also another colour that really stands out as most of the text is either that colour or in front of the colour. The peach gives the cover a softer feel. The musicians on the cover are mainly wearing black which matches the colour scheme and this means they don’t clash with the rest of the cover.
  5. 5. Text and language.There isnt much text on the cover andthis highlights the main focus of thatissue, which is mainly interviews withmusicians. Each main musician from themain picture also has their name in largeletters with a quote underneath. The sizeof the font is the same for each person sothis shows the equal importance of eachmusician. Each quote is a small insightinto what they say in their interview. Theword ‘exciting’ is highlighted as its incapitals and it gives a sense of status tothe musicians. The language doesn’tseem to be formal or informal as itmainly states musicians and quotes, itsmainly informative.
  6. 6. Mise en sceneAll of the musicians have direct eyecontact which suggests theircollaboration with the magazine. Thestance of the artists in the front gives asense of casualness and the tilting of hishead shows some sort of arrogance anddistain. The positioning of each personhighlights their importance. Jay-Z is infront of the other artists but behind thesplatter, Lady Gaga is in front of the ‘Q’icon which shows her high importancebut she is behind Jay-Z. the artist at the farright isnt in front of any text and is behindboth of the other artists which signifieshow more important Jay-Z and Lady Gagaare compared to him.
  7. 7. I particularly like some ofthe simplicity of this cover. Ilike the simplicity of themasthead as its bold andmemorable. I like thescarcity of text and the howthe main picture isnt toobusy.To make it better I wouldpossibly move some textaround to suit the eye flowmore. I would also use lesscolours as I feel it makes thecover too busy. I also mighthave used less artists andadvertised more like the 3main kickers. What Inspires me