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WMS STEM CCA's - Session 2


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WMS STEM CCA's - Session 2

  1. 1. P.A.W.S. @ WMS Monday - Thursday Beginning….Monday, November 29th 1:02-1:32 Powerful Activities for Walkersville Students (Powerful Activities for Walkersville Students)
  2. 2. Mr. Haines 320 Computer Lab Are you the creative type?? Do you like to solve problems?? Together....we will design complex contraptions to solve simple problems. Let’s build a better mousetrap or re-invent the wheel. Using the techniques & methods of Rube Goldberg we will create new & different ways to do everyday tasks!! 4
  3. 3. Mrs. Bishop Room 503 Students will participate in Math games that challenge the mind! Get ready for some brain power match-ups. Enjoy Krypto, Uno, Set, Sudoko, 24, and more! Challenge yourself, each other, even the computer! 6
  4. 4. Hands on lessons, interviews with female scientists and mathematicians, STEM careers & studies. An opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of how & why a path in a STEM related careers can be so beneficial!! Mrs. Quill Room 309 8
  5. 5. Mrs. Crawford/Mr. Ruefle Room 414/123 10 Be a part of this exciting opportunity!! The Maryland Science Olympiad is dedicated to teamwork through fun science and technology competitions that build team skills and highlight the value that diversity brings to a team. If you like science, if you like to build, experiment, and be creative… this is for YOU! STUDENTS WHO ARE ALREADY TEAM MEMBERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SIGNED UP FOR THIS ACTIVITY!
  6. 6. Learn the secrets behind the Rubik’s Cube. Master how to solve this seemingly difficult cube in a matter of minutes. Learn the tricks! See who finishes this sessions as the King or Queen of the Cube!! Mr. Silver Room 311 12
  7. 7. Students will explore how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) work in their world. This is a free, web-based STEM competition for students in grades 6 through 9! Compete for regional & national awards while working to solve problems in your community. Mr. Sidoli Room 618 15
  8. 8. Become a "Wall Street Wonder" and watch your money grow!  Come join in as we invest virtual funds in real-world stocks and watch your financial decisions lead to wealth.  Take your first step in learning how to become a life-time investor and possibly a future millionaire. Mr. Hinson Room 313 19
  9. 9. Hands on lessons, interviews with female scientists and mathematicians, STEM careers & studies. An opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of how & why a path in a STEM related careers can be so beneficial!! Mrs. Brown Room 211 21
  10. 10. Mr. Eaves Room 423 Students…learn how to solve (and create) a variety of logic puzzles. Improve your analysis skills as you exercise your mind and enhance your ability to “think outside the box”! 21
  11. 11. Mrs. Thompson Room 124 It is time again for the Annual Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball and the town's 'who's who' arrive on the scene in the most fabulous costumes. The guests kick off the “evening” with yummy appetizers and mingle about with ice-breaking trivia while catching up on recent events in town. Then, to everyone's horror...a murder occurs! The guests need to rally together and perform an intense investigation to figure out whodunit and quick - before the murderer escapes! Join the fun while using deductive reasoning and teamwork to figure out WHODUNIT!!! Guest will assume character roles for this activity. It’s only fun if you keep your secrets!!!! 27
  12. 12. Students will create a Stellated Icosahedron, design fractal art and tessellations. Mrs. Cook/Mr. Bingham Room 121/126 24 Students will produce string art designs, construct compass art, and build 3-D polyhedra.
  13. 13. Mr. Ruefle Room 123 Students will be researching the laws of motion and using engineering to design and build a car that will move faster than the other cars in the class. They will make adjustments to their cars during practice runs and refer to the research to help aid them in building the most efficient car with the materials given. 30 6th Grade Students Only
  14. 14. Who killed the mayor??? Students will take part in a murder investigation. They will do fingerprinting, blood typing, impression analysis, hair analysis, and entomological analysis. Be part of solving this crime!! Parental Permission Will Be Required! Mrs. Domboski Room 411 7th & 8th Grade Students Only 27