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8 Wonders Of Kansaspdf


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Published in: Education
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8 Wonders Of Kansaspdf

  1. 1. 8 Wonders of Kansas Erik Hageman
  2. 2. Contents Brookville Hotel Eisenhower/Museum and Library Big Well Fort Larned Ball of Twine Garden of Eden Keeper of the Plains. Monument Rock
  3. 3. Wonder 1 Brookville Hotel Abilene Brookville Hotel in Abilene, Kansas is not a hotel if you’re wondering. But it is a great restaurant with great Fried Chicken. I recommend it.
  4. 4. Wonder 2 The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum Abilene The great Eisenhower Museum and Library is the best because Ike was one of America’s best presidents. It has a lot of artifacts from World War II.
  5. 5. Wonder 3 Big Well Greensburg The Big Well is the biggest well in Kansas. It goes 102 feet down and 32 feet wide.
  6. 6. Wonder 4 Fort Larned National Historic Site Pawnee County People say that it is the best authentic preserved frontier post in the American west.
  7. 7. Wonder 5 Ball of Twine Cawker City It is a big legendary icon for the great state of Kansas.
  8. 8. Wonder 6 Garden of Eden Lucas It is a very famous art museum outdoors.
  9. 9. Wonder 7 Keeper of the plains Wichita The keeper of the plains in Wichita is a great symbol of Kansas. It rises 44 feet in the air.
  10. 10. Wonder 8 Monument Rock/Castle Rock Gove County Monument Rock/Castle Rock is known for their great fossils.