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  1. 1. Eve Hardman
  2. 2. The genre of my music magazine ‘Indie’. I have asked several people in the age range of my target audience showing them all three parts of the magazine in which I have created, they then came to the conclusion of whether they felt the magazine suited the genre. I also needed to know whether my magazine fitted the codes and conventions of other music magazines.
  3. 3. I have challenged my initial ideas especially for the front cover, I originally planned to take the shoot outside in a wood, with my cover star with wet hair throwing it backwards and I wanted to take the picture whilst they would whip the hair. I decided this idea was too gloomy for the indie style of music it probably suited a more heavy metal kind of genre. So I decided to change the front cover idea and go for something more simple yet effective I chose my cover star holding a guitar upright it was a acoustic as I feel that portrays a more indie vibe, this also indicates to the audience it is a music magazine
  4. 4.  I have chosen to present people in my magazine in a certain way to appease a certain social group: people who enjoy listening to indie music. I have used different things to help me gain this outcome such as:  Gender – I used gender in such a way that made it equal and fair to suit all audiences members. I chose to take a picture of a male for my front cover holding an acoustic guitar because I feel although more girls do play this instrument the stereotype is stronger when connect boys to instruments especially guitar, this is my personal opinion which is why I chose a male to be the cover star.
  5. 5. I used a mixture of both boys and girls on the contents page and on my double paged spread I based the interview on the girl lead singer Georgia Kilshaw from indie band. She discusses how much she loves music and wants to carry on it throughout her career. I have taken several pictures of her with her microphone to signify she is the lead singer I made this picture cover the two pages with the main body text on one side and the image on the other, this layout worked brilliantly.  Age – I used the age range to suit my target audience. The people I have taken the pictures of all range from the same ages as my target audience therefore I could ask for their personal opinions on what I feel would look best considering they are the age range I am trying to connect with through my magazine.
  6. 6.  Genre of music- I had to keep to the style and the whole vibe of this genre of music, so my magazine suited the people who listen to this form of music.  Challenging Stereotypes – I haven't really challenged stereotypes I feel the way I have portrayed the people in my magazine is how they would be perceived in normal day to day life. This is good as it means I have been realistic within my magazine something in which the public and my target audience will be grateful for.
  7. 7. A media institution is an (often profit based) establishment that is in charge of distributing, marketing and producing different media products. For example Development Hell, Distributes Mixmag and Bauer distributes Kerrang and Mojo. I would use the distributers like Bauer for my magazine because like I said above they have distributed magazines such as Kerrang and Mojo which both are very successful and have been for many years they are two of the most well known music magazines which is why I would like them to distribute my magazine.
  8. 8. Age? – The age range I will be aiming my magazine to is for 18-22 this is because I did a questionnaire and the answers that came back certified that my target audience must be within this age range. Therefore I adapted many things to suit their needs such as featuring certain bands which they selected in my questionnaire which they liked and would want to see in my magazine. Gender? – I believe my magazine is aimed at both genders, I did not want to make my magazine gender specific as I believe this would leave me with less profit. Genre of the music (they like)? – (video) how have I represented the genre? Musicians represented ?- and how they connect to the genre of the music (video)
  9. 9.  (how have I tried to engage with the audience over all three pages)
  10. 10.  (Demonstrating what I have learnt with different technology)  Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software package that can be used by experts and novices alike. Some of things which I learnt myself were things such as a magic wand tool, this tool allowed me to select parts of the image and crop them out. I was also able to edit my images, changing clarity of an image or simply allowing me to make colours brighter or darker. I have used many drop shadows which I feel work extremely well on my front cover. I used a drop shadow on my cover star, it made him stand out more drawing the focus to the main image. (asking someone who knows Photoshop very well what they can see I have done)
  11. 11. Quark I made my contents page and double page spread in quark which I did find was quite difficult to use however it helped me a lot with things such as adding text because quark allows you to put grid lines on and anything outside the lines will not be printed. I feel that the majority of things you can do in quark you can also do in Photoshop however it is just another form of media. SLR Cameras I have learnt that the light from the object reflects from a mirror and is taken through the eyepiece to the eye of the photographer, in contrast to a viewfinder camera where the photographer is looking through a separate lens at the subject. The advantage of the SLR is that the eye sees approximately what the picture will look like, so that you can freely interchange lenses, use close-up lenses, etc and still see what you will take a picture of.
  12. 12. College Magazine Music Magazine
  13. 13. Looking at the prelim and my final music magazine there is a clear difference. I feel my music magazine is considerably better, I used more types of media on my music magazine such as downloading fonts and barcodes. Where I have placed these things on the page also catches the eye of the reader whereas on my music magazine it looks like I have placed the text and pictures anywhere. I am happy with how my music front cover looks now. It did take a long time to get the cover picture correct and a lot of editing but I am now happy with the way it looks, I do think my magazine would sell well.