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10pines - about us

  1. 1. About us June 2011 agile software development & services
  2. 2. 10Pines▶  Boutique company specialized in agile software development with cutting edge technologies▶  Founded by professionals with +10 years of experience▶  +2 years in local and international market▶  +40 projects done in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, UK, France, Romania and Bulgaria Our vision is… •  Delight our customers by creating top quality software •  Build long-term relationships based on trust and close collaboration
  3. 3. Services Object  Oriented  design   &  architecture   Agile  project  management   Agile  development   prac+ces   Mobile,   Agile   Web,   methodology Enterprise   adop+on   Focus  on   Object   Quality   Oriented   design   Automated   tes+ng  &   SoCware   Con+nuous   Engineering   Integra+on   prac+ces   Design  sessions   Diagnos+c  of  exis+ng   architectures   Implementa+on  of  CI  &   automated  tes+ng    
  4. 4. Software development▶  Development and implementation of custom solutions▶  Web, Mobile, Desktop and Enterprise software development▶  Experience with latest technologies in different industries:financial, retail, business services, travel&leisure, among others Focus on quality, business collaboration and reducing time-to-▶ market▶  Project bootstrapping
  5. 5. Training▶  Agile project management▶  Object Oriented architecture▶  Design patterns▶  Test Driven Development▶  Aceptance test automationNote: List is not exhaustive, please ask about other courses available.
  6. 6. Coaching and consulting▶  Coaching in Agile methodologies: Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban▶  Coaching in Test Driven Development▶ Implementation of automated testing, continuous integrationand automated deployment▶  Evaluation and definition of software architectures▶  Object Oriented design sessionsNote: List is not exhaustive, please ask about other services available.
  7. 7. Success stories
  8. 8. Software development Alsea (Starbucks & Burgerking) – Argentina, Chile, Mexico Controller for daily operations on stores and business process manager for internal invoices and purchase orders 6 months Flex UI+J2EE backend (Spring 3, Hibernate 3.5, Tomcat 6) Citibank– Argentina Mobile application to access and geo-localize promotions and benefits offered by retail stores with credit cards issued by Citibank 2 months Android 2.3 Crown Imports – USA Knowledge base to manage U.S. states rules and regulations applied to sales promotions on alcoholic beverages. 3 months Ruby 1.8.7 + RubyOnRails 3.0
  9. 9. Training & coaching Dridco (ZonaJobs, DeMotores & ZonaProp)- Argentina Training and coaching in Scrum, TDD and OO Design. +10 months. +50 people. 3 trainers and 1 coach part-time MercadoLibre – Argentina Training and coaching in TDD, agile testing and OO Design. +115 people. 3 trainers and 3 coaches part-time Motorola – Argentina and USA Training in TDD. +30 people. 1 trainer on-site.
  10. 10. Training & coaching Axway – France and Romania Agile adoption applied to a new release program distributed around 3 development centers 6 months. +45 people. 2 coaches on-site Ladbrokes.com – UK Agile adoption applied to a pilot project. Training and mentoring in TDD and continuous refactoring. 3 months. +10 people. 1 coach on-site. Moneybookers – Bulgaria Training and coaching in TDD and acceptance test automation. Project chartering and agile coaching 6 weeks. +40 people. 2 coaches on-site
  11. 11. Technologies
  12. 12. Clients
  13. 13. Key consultants Hernán Wilkinson •  Object Oriented architect •  Leader in TDD at Argentina •  +10 years teaching at the university for graduate and post-graduate careers Emilio Gutter •  ScrumMaster and agile coach with experience in Argentina, US and Europa •  Specialized in Java and Ruby technologies •  Founding member of Agiles Argentina and Agiles 20XX conference Jorge Silva •  Teacher and trainer in Object Oriented design •  Specialized in Java and Flex technologies •  Usability and interaction design expert
  14. 14. Key consultants (cont.) Alejandra Alfonso •  ScrumMaster and agile coach since 2002 •  Specialized in Java Enterprise architectures •  Founding member of Agiles Argentina and co-chair of Agiles 2011 conference Federico Zuppa •  Sun Certified Java Architect (SCEA) •  ScrumMaster and coach with experience in Argentina, USA and UK •  Founding member of Ágiles Argentina Maximiliano Dello Russo •  Java architect, Ruby and RoR expert •  Specialized in Cloud architectures •  Focused on real-time technologies for web applications
  15. 15. Contact informationinfo@10pines.com Argentinawww.10Pines.com Tel.: +54 (11) 47 80 24 60twitter: @10Pines Paraguay 523 7th floor - Office No. ‘N’ (C1057AAE) Buenos Aires agile software development & services