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Storytelling online


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Storytelling online

  1. 1. Alternate storytelling Going beyond text
  2. 2. News pyramid
  3. 3. Make it extroverted• If you go to an interview – select the key quotes for your text, but offer a full audio file of the interview• Give access to the report you are talking about, or at the very least link to it.• Remember Online is a “lean forward medium and can engage”
  4. 4. News as a content cycle
  5. 5. More than words
  6. 6. More than audioNew York Times – The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
  7. 7. Baptism of fire
  8. 8. Capturing Wales• A Dog’s Life• Seren Wib• Photobus – Dr Daniel Meadows
  9. 9. More than just background• Gun and knife crime in Birmingham
  10. 10. Location, location, location
  11. 11. Flash (aha!)
  12. 12. Lean forward and engage• The Debt Trap• Goa Hippy Tribe• Waterlife• Katrina map
  13. 13. Living stories
  14. 14. Curation and collation