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Data journalism


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Slides from lecture at Cardiff University

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Data journalism

  1. 1. Data journalismWhy bits, bytes and stats are your friends
  2. 2. It’s nothing newThe Manchester Guardian 1821
  3. 3. Florence Nightingale – data journalist
  4. 4. Detroit 1967
  5. 5. Deprivation and Manchester rioters
  6. 6. How we’d look under AV
  7. 7. The War Logs – IED attacks
  8. 8. Go beyond obvious applications• Sport – BBC’s Ollie Williams has done visualisations around events• Fashion – I helped Grazia to track the spread of a social media campaign by Twitter scraping
  9. 9. Tools and ideasGETTING STARTED
  10. 10. CAR vs Data journalism• Computer-Assisted Reporting is an old school name for what is sometimes now called data journalism• Data was in spreadsheets, databases and surveys• Also social network analysis tools
  11. 11. Key things to note• Not a quick process• Too many numbers can confuse your audience• Know your sources of data• Check it back with the source
  12. 12. Some of the tools of the trade• Excel• Access• Many Eyes (wikified)• Wordle• Tableau• Google Fusion tables• Google docs spreadsheet• Yahoo pipes• Scraperwiki
  13. 13. Coding is becoming part of journalism• Some journalists are learning Python, Django, or Ruby to analyse data• But it doesn’t have to be difficult or hard to work with
  14. 14. Empty properties filetype:xlsBoltonMap it
  15. 15. Google Fusion tables• Location, location, location• The Lords
  16. 16. Some sites of interest• Where does my money go• Information is beautiful• Guardian data blog
  18. 18. Former JOMEC broadcasterData mining and data journalism
  19. 19. Datamineruk’sTop 10 Things for getting Started in Data Journalism
  20. 20. Data follows@paulbradshaw - Paul’s list of Godlike Geniuses@jamesrbuk@StephenGrey@DataMinerUK@psychemedia@Coneee@clairemilleruk@kevglobal@bbcsport_ollie