Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader


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Are You Smarter Than an Elementary Student interactive game.

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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

  1. 1. Directions• This game is designed to be played independently as a computer basics review for 6th grade students but can also be used with a class by pairing students up to answer questions.• Use the game menu on slide 3, the next slide like an “Index.”• Start answering the Kindergarten 1 question and then move onto Kindergarten 2, and then 1st Grade and so on.• If you get the question right, click the Menu button on the answer slides to go back to the Game Menu slide and double-click on the corresponding value button along the left hand side of the screen to add your score/points.• If you get the answer wrong, then your game is over and your score stops at the last question you got right.• **Teachers: Game over button can be copied from slide 5 and pasted on the rest of the answer slides if desired.
  2. 2. 1,000,000 All right, lets find out - Are You Smarter Than an Elementary Student? 6th Q2 $750,000 6th Q1 $500,000 Which Question 5th Q2 $250,000 6th Computers 1 6th Computers 2 5th Q1 $175,000 4th Q2 $125,000 5th Computers 1 5th Computers 2 4th Q1 $100,000 3rd Q2 $80,000 4th Computers 1 4th Computers 2 3rd Q1 $70,000 2ndQ2 $60,000 3rd Computers 1 3rd Computers 2 2nd Q1 $50,000 2nd Computers 1 2nd Computers 2 1st Q2 $40,000 1st Q1 $30,000 1st Computers 1 1st Computers 2 $20,000 K Q2 K Q1 $10,000 K Computers 1 K Computers 2
  3. 3. 5th Grade Question is an example of a __________.
  4. 4. 5th Grade Answer 1 URL or web address Game Menu Over
  5. 5. 5th Grade Question 2Which Windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
  6. 6. 5th Grade Answer 2 Windows Explorer Menu
  7. 7. 4th Grade Question 1If you accidentally deleted some text from a document, and you want it back, you should:
  8. 8. 4th Grade Answer 1Select "Undo" or press Ctrl + Z. Menu
  9. 9. 4th Grade Question 2What type of devices are computer speakers or headphones?
  10. 10. 4th Grade Answer 2 Output devices Menu
  11. 11. 3rd Grade Question 1What does USB stand for?
  12. 12. 3rd Grade Answer 1 Universal Serial Bus Menu
  13. 13. 3rd Grade Question 2Is a computer keyboard an input device or an output device?
  14. 14. 3rd Grade Answer 2 An input device Menu
  15. 15. 2nd Grade Question 1Reducing a window until it becomes a button on the taskbar is called?
  16. 16. 2nd Grade Answer 1 minimizing Menu
  17. 17. 2nd Grade Question 2What does www stand for?
  18. 18. 2nd Grade Answer 2 World Wide Web Menu
  19. 19. 1st Grade Question 1Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are all examples of what?
  20. 20. 1st Grade Answer 1 Internet Browsers Menu
  21. 21. 1st Grade Question 2What does PC stand for?
  22. 22. 1st Grade Answer 2 Personal Computer Menu
  23. 23. Kindergarten Question 1What is the piece of hardware that resembles a TV?
  24. 24. Kindergarten Answer 1 A monitor Menu
  25. 25. Kindergarten Question 2What is the piece of hardware that is used to enter information into the computer by using keys?
  26. 26. Kindergarten Answer 2 The keyboard Menu
  27. 27. 6th Grade Question 1The following file extensions are imagefiles except .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gig, .rtf?
  28. 28. 6th Grade Answer 1.rtf, which is rich text format and is a document file. Menu
  29. 29. 6th Grade Question 2 Windows 7 is a type of
  30. 30. 6th Grade Answer 2Computer Operating System Menu
  31. 31. Million Dollar Question Subject Computer Interaction
  32. 32. $1,000,000 Question This made interacting with yourcomputer easier through symbols and pictures instead of typing hard to remember commands.
  33. 33. $1,000,000 AnswerA Graphical User Interface or GUI Wrong Right
  34. 34. Thanks for Playing!